12 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021[Security Update]

With quite 1.9 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is that the world’s favourite messaging app. Facebook’s assets of WhatsApp in 2014 left privacy experts and security-conscious users concerned. After all, Facebook and its 3rd party apps were involved in multiple security breaches, leading to thousands of users’ private information being leaked. However, WhatsApp has always insisted that they’re a separate app, dedicated to making and maintaining a secure messaging service. Here are Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021














That’s close to change. Recently it is announced by Facebook that they’re considering merging three separate messaging platforms. They decide to combine Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram‘s message functions, allowing users to message one another between the three networks.

A  Case Study:

A source confirmed that current plans would come with rolling out end-to-end encryption across all three platforms. This can – in theory – make Facebook Messenger and Instagram as secure as WhatsApp. However, this might also make WhatsApp much less secure, bringing it in line with the opposite platforms’ standards.

WhatsApp provides you to send text messages, images, and video files, make free voice and video calls and send voice messages. You’ll use it on your smartphone or desktop because of the multi-platform feature, all of your data are going to be available on all devices.

However, WhatsApp had some significant privacy issues within the past, and Facebook doesn’t have a clean blotter thereon. Also, many users don’t desire to be a neighborhood of the vast Facebook ecosystem. This has paved the way for several alternatives to WhatsApp to return up.

Whatever concerns you’ll have about WhatsApp, here may be a list of 21 of the simplest WhatsApp alternatives you’ll try in 2021.

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Why Should you Use WhatsApp Alternatives?

WhatsApp promises end-to-end encryption – an excellent security feature. However, there are several loopholes that the corporate must address.

Its legal disclaimer states, “As a part of the Facebook family of companies, WhatsApp receives information from, and shares information with, this family of companies. We may use the knowledge we receive from them, and that they may use the knowledge we share with them, to assist operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services and their offerings.”

Major Security Issues on Whatsapp?

“Facebook and therefore the other companies within the Facebook family also may use information from us to enhance your experiences within their services like making product suggestions.”

“We don’t retain our users’ messages within the ordinary course of providing our Services. We do, however, host our users’ account information, including our users’ profile picture, profile name, or status message, if they plan to include them as a part of their account information.”

In short, this suggests that while your messages are probably secure, WhatsApp stores user data on private servers. The corporate can use this information for marketing purposes.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021


1. Telegram

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

With quite 200 million active users, Telegram may be a popular alternative to WhatsApp. The cloud-based app works across multiple platforms. Almost like WhatsApp, it uses a double-tick system to ascertain when someone received a message.

The features of that application are default end-to-end encryption for voice calls, ensuring that no one can ever listen in on your calls. However, encryption for messages must be manually turned on to stop storage.

Telegram offers the power to automatically delete a message after a particular time. It also supports multimedia file sharing.

What’s more, the info stored on their servers is often given to the govt just in case of an “out-of-ordinary” event. Hackers also can force an entry to WhatsApp servers and gain access to the phone numbers and account details of users.

2. Signal

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

The signal is a free application with strong encryption and works on all mobile platforms. Like most other messaging apps, Signal is essentially simple to use. It also offers voice and video calling, so you won’t miss WhatsApp.

The signal includes desktop installation files so you’ll use the app on your computer also as your telephone. Every message is encrypted, so only the sender and receiver can read them. Messages are completely unreadable to hackers. Signal uses open-source encryption, which allows experts to see it and find bugs. This makes the app even safer.

Users can like better let messages disappear by setting an interval for automatic deletion. This guarantees privacy, albeit somebody else has the access to your phone. The signal doesn’t have animated emojis. However, you’ll import your device’s emojis into the app.

3. Discord

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Discord is not any longer just a platform for chatting together with your fellow gamers. While you’ll explore a spread of Discord servers to interact together with your interests, Discord’s DM functionality is usually overlooked by many. You’ll use Discord’s personal messages feature to send messages, emojis, emote (if you’ve got Discord Nitro), GIFs, images, and even documents. Furthermore, you’ll make voice calls, video calls, or maybe browse together after sharing your screen.

Combined with neat integrations from Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Battle.net, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub, Discord possesses you covered for all of your messaging needs and is arguably better than WhatsApp.

You can also create group chats on Discord with a complete of 10 members. If you would like more capacity, you’ll always create a server. If you inquire from me, I’d recommend uninstalling WhatsApp directly and installing Discord. You’ll find the link to download Discord below and that I can assure you that you simply won’t regret the choice.

4. Session

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

The first line of Session’s privacy policy reads, “Session never knows who you’re, who you’re lecture, or the contents of your messages.” the very fact that it’s an end-to-end encrypted messenger that focuses on reducing your sensitive metadata makes it one among the simplest WhatsApp alternatives in 2021 for users who want absolute privacy and freedom from any sort of surveillance.

The session doesn’t store any identifying information like your IP address or your user agent, your telephone number (yes! it works without number), e-mail ID, or the other information which will be tied to your real identity or wont to create a user profile supported your activity. So you’ll always remain anonymous on this platform.

This alternative to WhatsApp is open-source and offers a gorgeous dark mode for users. You’ll do everything like group calls, voice notes, send attachments, etc., like WhatsApp. For a smooth multi-device switching experience, it uses a special solution from Signal’s session management algorithm which protects your anonymity on a greater level.

5. Threema

Three, a messaging app like WhatsApp, takes security very seriously and encrypts all the info, including messages, shared files, and even status updates. It doesn’t even require you to enter an email address or telephone number to make an account. This offers a good higher level of anonymity.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

What makes Threema one among the simplest WhatsApp alternatives is that the incontrovertible fact that it’s open-source and doesn’t log IP Addresses or metadata that helps in tracking users or profiling them. However, unlike the apps mentioned above, Threema isn’t a free app, and it doesn’t offer a free trial either. You’d need to pay a monthly fee for the power it provides.

6.Google Hangout


Google Hangouts are often an ideal Whatsapp replacement.

You can connect and chat with all of your friends who have a Gmail account. It’s a separate app for sending messages on a smartphone, otherwise, you can use it inside Gmail.

However, you can’t use it to talk with friends who don’t have a Gmail account. With this app, you’ll create group chats, send files, and search text messages.

7. Snapchat


While Snapchat technically isn’t just a messaging app rather a social media app, I exploit it more and more as a messaging application because of some unique features that no other messaging application offers. for instance, I can send messages which may self-destruct after a group period of your time. It also notifies me when someone takes a screenshot of my chats with them. Finally, it offers the simplest mask collection of all the apps that I even have ever used which makes this app fun to use.

Other messaging features also are here like the power to make group chats, voice calls, group voice calls, gifs, and more. I also love Snapchat because it’s one of the foremost innovative chat services on the market. The features that users on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger normally enjoy are generally copied from Snapchat. So, if you would like to access these cool features and be the primary to receive the newest chat features, Snapchat is that the app to use.

8. Skype


Skype is without a doubt one of the simplest business chat applications on the market. With the facility of Microsoft behind it, Skype has left all the opposite business chat applications within the dust.

However, that progress has worked against Skype when it involves personal chats because the business moniker that it’s earned keeps normal users away. But let me tell you that Skype is one of the simplest chatting applications on the market especially if you create tons of video and voice calls.

9. Viber


Just like Whatsapp, Viber is a webchat that uses contact numbers to spot users.

When you register, you get a code sent to your mobile number. You’ll call users free of charge, send messages, images, and videos.

Unlike Whatsapp, Viber offers tons of funny stickers to boost your chats.

10. Element


You might have previously encounter Element under the names Riot or Vector. aside from end-to-end encryption, it also offers decentralized storage, so once you check-in, you get to settle on a server to host your messages– either pick a free one, host your own, or buy one (mostly for enterprise).

Apart from that, you get all the features you would like during this WhatsApp alternative, like public and personal rooms, file sharing, extensive control over notifications, read receipts, audio and video calling, and more. The simplest part is that it also runs directly on the browser if you don’t desire to use the app on your smartphone. You don’t need any personal identification details like email ID or telephone number to check in, thus maintaining your anonymity.

You get a secret key once you check in on Element, and this key’s needed to log into new devices (along together with your username and password), so confirm you don’t break down. Aside from this, a bit like Slack, you’ll integrate other platforms too, like Google, Facebook, SMS, Skype, etc., for a seamless experience. Now, this is often just another feature but if you would like to stay anonymous, I’d suggest not integrating any of those apps as they track you.

11. Line


Another WhatsApp alternative you’ll use is LINE, which may be a highly popular cross-platform messaging app that packs a ton of features. Like WhatsApp, the app features end-to-end encryption, support for voice and video calls & messages, and more.

It also brings quite a few unique features in comparison to WhatsApp like LINE Out (which lets you create international calls to non-LINE users), a sticker store, a cool Keep feature (lets you save your favorite messages, photos, etc.), and more. It also features a timeline within the app, where you’ll see any status updates and photo changes from your friends.

Other useful features of LINE include passcode lock, filter messages, themes, LINE buy payments, and more. There’s little question that LINE may be a very capable and feature-rich messaging app, however, it does feel a touch bloated. So, fans of WhatsApp’s simplicity won’t like LINE much but if you aren’t bothered by that, you ought to give LINE an attempt.

12. WeChat


WeChat may be a popular chatting app. almost like how you register to Whatsapp, you would like to use your telephone number and verification code. Hook up with your email or Facebook to seek out people that also use WeChat.

It also allows you to share files, location, make video and voice involve free, or send messages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What am I able to use rather than WhatsApp?

You can inspect apps like Telegram or Signal rather than using WhatsApp on your smartphone.

2. Is there a far better app than WhatsApp?

Yes. If you would like a feature-rich app that gives all the features you would like, I’d recommend going with Telegram or Discord.

3. Which is that the best app for video calls aside from WhatsApp?

Discord’s video calling is great if you regularly video call with friends. you’ll also inspect Google Duo, a fanatical app from Google for video calling.

4. Which is that the most private messaging app?

If you value your privacy, you ought to install and use Signal.

5. What messaging apps are related to Facebook?

Other than WhatsApp, the messaging option of Instagram, Instagram’s Threads, and Messenger are related to Facebook.

The Techypaw’s Line:

There are plenty of other messaging apps that are pretty decent, like talk, wire, boxer, slack, on talk, Kik, etc. However, if you’re trying to find an app to exchange WhatsApp, the aforementioned apps are the simplest ones you’ll use. While none of those apps will match the user base that WhatsApp boasts of, they’re quite ok to exchange it as far as features privacy are concerned. So, try these WhatsApp alternative apps and allow me to know your favorite instant messaging app within the comments section below.

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