5 BEST Ways Of Instagram Followers Tracking Used By Professionals

Instagram, one of the best platforms to advertise on – a Forrester report has shown that engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and an astonishing 84 times higher than Twitter. So if you are looking for followers’ search on Instagram then this article will definitely help you to know about “Instagram Followers Tracking | 5 BEST Business Ideas On Followers Tracking”.

Gradually, you can build up a large number of followers on Instagram. But it can be laborious for even a casual Instagram user to keep track of who has followed and unfollowed them. Surprisingly, there are several Instagram analytics tools available to help brands understand what resonates with their audience and how they can optimize their content output.

A Case Study:

I am a college student. Besides, I have an Instagram account as a food blogger. I love to make a variety of foods and post pictures and videos of it. After 2 years, I have more than 12500 followers in this account. One day, from my curiosity, I searched the analytics site for the followers and unfollowers of my account. After so much research, I have found some of the tools which are very helpful for Instagram Followers Tracking. This blog is about those important tools. Let’s see them! 

Best Instagram Followers Tracking Apps:

To choose from so many free Instagram follower apps, it’s hard to know which apps to use and which ones will waste your time. To save you from downloading and deleting a few sub-par apps, we’ve tested them for you. Let’s see our recommendations for the best, free follower tracker apps.

Brandwatch Consumer Research

Instagram Followers Tracking | 5 BEST Business Ideas On Followers Tracking

Brandwatch Consumer Research is a social listening product that can be turned into a powerful Instagram analytics tool. One of the Brandwatch Consumer Research’s strongest features is that you can track and analyze accounts that you don’t own. This means you can easily benchmark yourself against opponents and compare your performance and posts directly, along with demographic data.

Thanks to the channels set up, you can just plug your Instagram account in and the tracking begins. It’s as simple as chucking in the names of other accounts you want to track too. From follower count to mentions to interactions, you’ll be able to chart this data all the time, with viewing your top Instagram posts. This means a few years down the line, you won’t be limited on how far back you can go. You can even pull in a year of ahistorical data straight away too (this will be available in Feb 2020).
On top of that, you can make use of Brandwatch Consumer Research’s powerful dashboards and components, segmenting by sentiment and emotion, and combining it with other data sources. This means insightful data visualizations you can share with your team, and a better ability to find insights in the data.


Instagram Followers Tracking | 5 BEST Business Ideas On Followers Tracking

Socialbakers offer a free Instagram analytics tool. You can create your own dashboards, and while there are lots of areas to look at, the period is fairly restricted with the free version.

You can see what your top posts are, most used hashtags and tagged accounts, plus general stats on your number of posts, and followers. You can see impressions, reach, and interactions too.
The fact you can build your own dashboards is a big plus, while the UI is easy to navigate and simple-to-use. It’s not massively in-depth, but it’s good for top-level insight and analysis. Socialbakers come in $20 per month per profile, but you can hook up accounts from loads of different platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Instagram Followers Tracking | 5 BEST Business Ideas On Followers Tracking

Social rank is a tool novelle on better understanding your Instagram audience. Think follower patterns, demotic words used in your followers’ bios and posts, and popular emojis used among your target audience. This will not only help you better understand your audience, but it will also set you up to tailor your content more effectively. Not too shabby!

Whether or not you regulate to use a tool to help with your analytic tracking or stick with Instagram’s native insights, I hope this guide has inspired you to make fine use of the data at hand to grow your business via this powerful platform.

Why Should I Care about Instagram Analytics?

For 25 million+ Instagram business profiles globally and over 200 million Instagrammers visiting at least one of these days, it is absolutely clear that in this platform, businesses are finding value. Now, if you don’t get to know who views your profile or sees your ads, how your posts and stories are performing, and what value your account is actually driving, then passing time posting on the platform could be a waste.
Instagram Followers Tracking | 5 BEST Business Ideas On Followers Tracking audience analysis

If you’re not assessing your Instagram analytics regularly,  then you could be:

• Targeting the wrong audience.
• Posting too frequently (or not frequently enough).
• Driving irrelevant visitors to your website.
• Leading calls from an ad type that you only used once!
• Overpassing mentions that could be leading to future partnerships.
• Posting during non-jake hours of the day or days of the week.
• Missing scopes for brand engagement in your comments or stories.
This is just a list of the things you could be doing better if you were diving into the data on Instagram more regularly. The information that you glean from the data is going to help improve the way you use the platform so you get more value for your business, which could make Instagram an even more ticklish component of your online marketing strategy. Without further ado, let’s dig into the data!

🎯 Instagram Audience Analytics

Here are the main factors to pay attention to:
➼ Top locus: This information allows you to see the top five cities and countries where your followers are located.
➼ Age range: How old are your followers? This is an easy way to find out.
➼ Gender: The ordination of your followers separated by men and women. 
➼ Follower hours: A very helpful statistic to see the average time of day your followers are on Instagram.
➼ Follower days: Likewise helpful, this section shows the days of the week your followers are most active.

🎯 Instagram Stories Analytics

Last but not least, we have Instagram stories. If you are not posting Instagram stories, you are missing out on a substantive opportunity. This Snapchat-like feature of Instagram continues to grow in vogue, and it gives you another opportunity to get your brand in front of more people or increase the exposure of your running audience. Once your story has gained attraction, here are the statistics you can track:
• Convictions: The number of times your story has been viewed.
• Get at The number of unique accounts that viewed your story.
• Egress: The number of times someone exited your story mid-way through.
• Response: The total number of replies to a video or picture on your story.
• People stuff: This will list the accounts that have seen a particular component of your story.

Which Data Should You Track?

To help you feel less overwhelmed by the sheer volume of statistics available, below are some tips for what you should focus on. Before you start analyzing data, it is critical to be aware of your overarching goal for the platform. Is your strategy to drive more website visitors? Maybe, your Instagram was made as a community for customers to share ideas.
Maybe you’ve made an Instagram presence to raise brand awareness among your target audience. It is even possible that you have varying goals for your account. Some posts might be set up to drive awareness, while others might be trying to drive sales. You have to know what you’re looking for to use Instagram analytics to your advantage. Here are some of the goals with the three main metrics to track under each one.

Build brand awareness

If you’re a new business professional looking to make a name for yourself or an established business trying to enter a new market or launch a new product, then Instagram might be the best place to build your brand awareness. This is a great goal for this platform because it’s more than likely that your target audience is on Instagram somewhere. These are the tips you’ll want to focus on:

⦿ Follower count: Growth in followers assembles to growth in brand awareness (and brand enjoyment!). If you’re seeing a benefit in new accounts following yours, then this is a sign that your brand is resonating on Instagram. Some proper ways to arise your followers are by running ads with this objective, partnering with relevant brands on joint campaigns, and holding contests where you encourage individuals to follow your account and like your post to enter.

⦿ Impacts: The more people who see your posts and stories, the better! If you’re looking to raise brand awareness, then you should make sure your post, story, and account impressions are growing, as well.

⦿ Reach: Reach also tracks the number of visibility for your posts, stories, and accounts. The variety between reach and impact is that reach refers to unique accounts (not the same account viewing your Instagram post multiple times). When it comes to brand sensation, Instagram reach is critical.

Generate leads/sales

This is a very common goal among marketers. Who doesn’t want more sales? There are multiple strategies you can use to drive sales through Instagram, including running targeted ads and posting special offers for followers. But how can you evaluate their success?
There are the top three metrics to track:

⦿ Website clicks: In your ads, posts, and stories, you are likely cheering viewers to go make a purchase or fill out a form on your website. Tracking how many individuals actually do this will help you figure out if your efforts are paying off.

⦿ Call clicks/email clicks: Phone calls and emails are great indicators that conversions are coming. An increase in these touchpoints is a sign in the right lead-converting direction.

 ⦿ Follower hours/days: Paying outlook to when your audience is more engaged will help you improve your Instagram strategy. You can design to run your ads when your audience members are most active, in turn, increases engagement.

Build a community

With so much pleasure, visually engaging content on Instagram, there couldn’t be a better place to build an interactive community. If this is your actual goal, then you need to be continuously monitoring, responding, and evaluating the following metrics:

⦿ Comments: A community talks. What better way to do this than by having a conversation on your posts? This will also allow you to respond and engage with community members. As a rule of thumb, do not ever ignore remarks, even if you just like them.

⦿ Story Replies: This is another great way to appreciate how active your community is. Stories are a great tool to use if you’re trying to embark with followers to create a community. If your story viewers are taking the time to reply, this is a great sign.

⦿ Engagement: Lastly, engagement is critical when it comes to community building. Tracking the tendency of your ads, posts, profile, and stories will ensure your working towards your goal. 

Who is your targeted audience?

I’d bet you have an ideal demographic of followers you are pursuing. But does that align with the isolate who is seeing and interacting with your Instagram posts? Surprisingly, there’s an entire section of your Instagram analytics dedicated to informing you about your audience.


The Techypaw’s Line:

We are all busy, and sometimes mining through Instagram Insights in several locations across the platform can feel time-consuming and frustrating. Good news! There are tools to make tracking and assessing your Instagram analytics quicker and easier for you. Here is the top news that I recommend looking into.
So, in this article, you have got an entire idea on “Instagram Followers Tracking”. Just go through this blog and compile the best Instagram follower trackers. I hope, this will help you and your business a lot to track your Instagram followers and engagement. This article is contributed by Arpan Mukherjee, Koustav Ghosh, and Anisha Ghoshal. Thank you!

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