How to Add Whatsapp Account In My Facebook Business Manager?

To grow your Facebook business, adding a WhatsApp number is necessary. But worried about how to Add Whatsapp Account In My Facebook Business Manager, I assured you, this article will definitely help you to do so.
Facebook is a highly reputable site and is the godfather of trending social media houses. If you have an active Facebook page and you are running a business through it then WhatsApp business number can give you an extra benefit to interact with real customers which Can help you to make money.
When you add your WhatsApp number with the business manager as well as your Facebook page, the potential audience who has followed you on your Facebook page will be redirected to your WhatsApp business account and you can convert those audiences into your active customers. Which will definitely help you to grow your business.


A Case Study:

How to Add Whatsapp Account In My Facebook Business Manager? [Pro Tips] I started using Facebook when I was in class 9 and from that time I started thinking about developing my own business. I joined a lot of WhatsApp groups and save the numbers but I didn’t work well.

Then, I had realized Facebook could give me a potential audience with whom I could deal with. Meanwhile, I had created a Facebook page and after a couple of years, my so-called Facebook business manager or actually Facebook page started running successfully.

I also wanted to know H”to share the Facebook page on WhatsApp” then got the idea. Now, this page has potential traffic. Where through WhatsApp number they can interact with me for buying my products. I think, It would be a great opportunity to share with you, how you can add your WhatsApp business number with Facebook Business Manager to grow your business.

How to Add Whatsapp Account In My Facebook Business Manager?

Adding a WhatsApp account number with a Facebook business manager is an easy process. But firstly, you have to download the WhatsApp business app from Play Store. Let’s understand how to sort it out. The entire workaround is given below in detail. Go through it step by step.

  • Step 1: Open Facebook then go to the facebook page (Facebook business manager) and open settings.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap on WhatsApp than in the popped tab, put your Country Name and your WhatsApp business account Number, respectively.
  • Step 3: Tap on Send Code, to receive code in your Whatsapp business app. Now, Open WhatsApp business, you will get a Code by Facebook shortly.
  • Step 4: Copy the code from WhatsApp business and paste it on Facebook, then tap on Continue followed by Add Button.
  • Step 5: After that WhatsApp business account number will be added to (Facebook business manager) Facebook page.

Further, you can modify your WhatsApp number and can also use the number as a page button. To make the number private change the privacy settings from the setting page. After following this you will be able to add your “WhatsApp Account with Facebook business manager”.

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Can I Use Default WhatsApp Account For Facebook Business Manager?

Most of us use WhatsApp Messenger but adding WhatsApp with Facebook is not the solution. You have to add the WhatsApp business account number with the Facebook page so that the integration can be effective.

Personal WhatsApp number if spreads, then you will get a lot of random messages, calls, or can be abused on WhatsApp. To secure your privacy I’ll recommend you not to use the personal Whatsapp numbers with Facebook. A proper WhatsApp business app should be used to maintain any business, “Facebook Official WhatsApp Number” should be used for every business and Facebook business manager is not an exception. So always use WhatsApp business account for Facebook and default WhatsApp account for personal use.

How To Add WhatsApp Link to Facebook Profile?

Interlinking of WhatsApp with a Facebook profile is so easy that anyone can do it. Just go through the process to understand it way better.

  • Step 1. Open Facebook go to your profile.
  • Step 2. Edit public details then scroll down to go to the link section.
  • Step 3. Tap on edit and from there select WhatsApp and in the URL section put….Countrycode 10 digits followed by WhatsApp Number/
  • Step 4. At last tap on safe to add WhatsApp link to the Facebook profile.
After that your “Whatsapp linked to Facebook”.  As it is a clear cut way so everyone can do it. Here are some others and searches are also given you can check it out.

How To Add a WhatsApp Group Link to a Facebook Page?

WhatsApp group link is essential to communicate with a broader audience so you can use this link to grow your business and You can also add “Your WhatsApp group link in your Facebook page” by understanding the steps one by one.

  • Step 1: Open Facebook, go to your account and open your Facebook page.
  • Step 2: Simply tap on more than, open page Edit page info.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and on the website, section put your WhatsApp group link URL and save it.
  • Step 4: After completing this process your WhatsApp group link will be added to your Facebook page.

In this way you can add the group link with a Facebook page and which can make your “Facebook Click To WhatsApp” available and also your “Facebook WhatsApp Number” can be used for a broad amount of people to share your information.


Techypaw’s Line:

This entire article will definitely help you if you follow this day as mentioned above. In this article, we have seen how to “Add WhatsApp Account With My Facebook Business Manager“. as you are adding the number with your Facebook business manager so make sure that you are using this number for business purposes only personal numbers can be spread. Be aware of this. I hope you like this article. Comment down if it has helped you or not Thank you for choosing Techypaw.

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