How to Easily Combine/Merge Videos on your iPhone? [2022]

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

We all find ourselves delighted by watching videos for various purposes. Unsurprisingly, you’ve got a series of videos on your iPhone. Now how about combining your favorite genre videos into one video on your iPhone? for instance, you’ll merge all the funny videos and make it one video. In this manner, you’ll enjoy the videos … Read more

How To Increase Facebook Likes? [2022]

How To Increase Facebook Likes

While Facebook has provided a platform with over two billion audiences, the type of marketing strategy to increase Facebook followers and post likes entirely depends on individual businesses. How many likes does your Facebook page have? Whether it’s a personal or business page, you certainly know that these numbers are crucial if you’re engrossed in … Read more

Can I Use WhatsApp Without Accepting New Terms and Conditions ?

Can I use whatsapp without accepting new terms and conditions ?

WhatsApp may be a very fashionable and widely-used social media messenger. it’s installed by billions of individuals across the world. After installing WhatsApp on your Android or iOS phone, you’ll exchange messages using a lively internet connection. WhatsApp on January 5, started sending in-app notifications to its users in India and other countries, informing them … Read more

How to Change Birthday on FB?

4g Enabled Keypad Vs Qwerty Phone Which Will Support Facebook Messenger?

To check in for Facebook, you’ve got to provide a full birth date, including a birth year. Although you’ve got to supply the date for Facebook administrators, you do not need to share your birth year with the planet. Go to your editing menu of your profile to erase your birth year from your profile. … Read more