Top 11 Best Social Media Engagement Tools

From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, one can be amazed at the work that social media marketers have to do every day. Thanks, there are plenty of great social media management tools available to help. These tools can streamline your workflow, help you save some time, and even ensure that your content reaches the right audience at the right time. With lots of the Best Social Media Engagement Tools out there, we thought it would be nice to show you some of the top ones to choose what works best for your business.

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Best Social Media Engagement Tools

Best Social Media Engagement Tools: Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps you provide efficient and personalized customer service on social media. Hootsuite’s social inbox helps you monitor and respond to messages from different networks. You can set permission levels for team members, quickly create and schedule tasks. With a single dashboard, members of any group can instantly respond to messages, comments, and mentions.

Hootsuite is one of the best and most used social media engagements on the market right now but it has several issues such as data interface and steep learning curve.


Socialbakers is another social media engagement software that uses AI (artificial intelligence) for its inbox automation features. SocialBakers has engagement features like conversion tracking, contact management, sensing analysis, multi-account management, and much more.

Socialbakers have many features that will help you manage your social media efficiently, but they come with a huge price tag. It is quite expensive for small and medium businesses, which prevents them from using it.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools: Zoho Social

Zoho Social is one of the social media engagement tools. This is a real-time social media monitoring tool for your business. Zoho Social lets you monitor hashtags and keywords, look for new leads, and listen to what customers have to say about your brand on social media.

Zoho Social offers many features for the price. If you’re conducting social as a team, it doesn’t provide enough hours and whistles. It also lacks YouTube and Pinterest integration, which can be off-popping for many.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools
Best Social Media Engagement Tools

Sprout social

Sprout Social is another popular social media engagement that helps brands socially build meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers. It also offers third-party integration with many apps like Salesforce and UserVoice that allow you to manage customer support and interactions through a single inbox. But if you decide to add 3-5 users to your Sprout social plan, it will be expensive. Also, the team member needs a lot more clicks for common actions in the application, such as scheduling conversations.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools: Brand 24

Brand 24 is the next social media attachment tool on our list. Brand 24 gives you access to brand references across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, reviews, and more. Brand 24 focuses on helping you manage your brand reputation online. It is a great monitoring tool that comes with features like hashtag tracking, automatic sensing analysis, and competitor tracking.

As its name suggests, Brand 24 lets you always be on top of every brand. It lets you go beyond your social feed to hear what people are saying about your brand. There is a learning curve for this tool and it can be a bit harder to use than the few other tools on this list.


Sendible helps you to manage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can answer comments and messages in one place. Sendible analysis of transmissions helps prioritize your response for immediate response by highlighting whether the message and reference are negative, positive, or neutral.

Sendible is one of the top social media engagement tools for agencies to manage social media engagement more effectively for their clients. However, it lacks some in terms of reporting specific engagement metrics such as response time, etc.


Napoleonic helps you manage social media interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and Google My Business from a social media inbox. It helps you recover your response rates by checking all incoming messages in real-time and managing them quickly.

Napoleonic provides some fantastic helpful features to help you track the performance of your own social customer service team. By using these reports, you can increase the performance of your social media team and get better results. Napoleon’s Google automation features give it an edge over some of the other tools on our list. It also provides outstanding decent team collaboration utilities and cares for all major social media networks.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools: Agorapulse

Agorapulse syncs all your incoming conversations for all your profiles so you can review, assign, reply to or label them. You can easily connect all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube profiles. Agorapulse social inbox comes with helpful features like filters, bulk actions, saved answers, one-click translation, and team assignments.

While Agorapulse provides several features that will help you respond socially to customers, it does bring a few flaws. There is no unified stream of engagement for different social profiles in a single network. It also lacks timely notifications of third-party integration and team collaboration.


If you prefer to connect with customers via Twitter, TweetDeck may be a suitable option. It lets you organize multiple Twitter accounts and track and share searches with your team members while controlling who is viewing important information.

Tweetdeck helps you categorize and aggregate conversations, topics, groups, and threads. You can split the screen into multiple columns which make monitoring more manageable. Tweetdeck can be a great option if you want to focus your engagement efforts on Twitter. The platform is free to use as well as provides good features.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools: Facebook Creator Studio

If Facebook and Instagram are your default channels for connecting with customers, then Facebook Creator Studio may be a suitable option. You can manage all kinds of engagements like comments, mentions, messages, reviews, etc. from Facebook Inbox. For businesses that have just started socially providing customer service, Facebook Creator Studio can do just that.

All your busyness has been synced in one place on Facebook and Instagram. You also get the option to manage appointments as a team and assign different roles to team members. Facebook Creator Studio is Facebook’s own native dashboard that you can use to manage engagements across Instagram and Facebook. It’s completely free and can be a good choice if you don’t get too busy. Once you get interrupted and start making thousands of comments, you may want to move on to a tool that will help you manage everything easily.

Social Media Engagement Tools: Sparkcentral

SparkCentral helps you listen, support, and engage your customers on multiple social channels. It focuses on providing customer service on WhatsApp with other channels like Messenger, Viber, Instagram, etc. Sp productivity and optimal customer experience. SparkCentral offers a unique price if it aims to use automated chatbots to provide customer service on platforms such as WhatsApp and other dedicated messaging platforms.

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