BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media has grown to become an important tool for the marketing departments of many business organizations. But if you don’t know where to start together with your campaigns, you can’t make the foremost out of social media marketing.

Without a process, you would possibly be posting on social media platforms for the sake of posting. Without understanding what your motivations are, who your audience is, and what they need, it’ll be hard to understand results on social media.

We sleep in an ever-growing world, where businesses have a lively social media presence. Marketing strategies are really very important for all types of business and if it’s on Instagram, then strategies should be more adequate and unique. Today a variety of companies have flourished, especially thanks to Instagram which may be a trendsetter. It has become a hub for marketing various brands.

Whenever we enter another year, it’s good to require a stock of all of your current marketing efforts. What does one view if you reminisce at your 2019 Instagram Strategies, for example?

Do you want to possess a transparent idea of what worked last year, and a good more clear vision of what are you planning on doing differently moving forward?

A lot has changed on Instagram, have you ever kept up? These developments impacted how consumers and businesses use the platform, shifting best practices within the process. Here, we’re getting to check out some Instagram techniques that ought to be shaping your content in 2020, and therefore the best tools which will assist you to tackle the task.


Being an engineering student, I am a code lover. This means that I love to do codes a lot. Using this coding love, I made an Instagram Business account where I post many types of coding solutions, it’s related post, news about many types of examination based on coding. When the number of posts was over 100, I thought about how to make it a business standard platform. After a lot of searching, I found some ways to make it a business platform successfully. Here, some of them are written. Let’s see!

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

All right, before getting into depth, first, you’ll consider it this way: away is where you’re headed, a thought is how you’ll get there. One of the only ways to make your social media marketing strategy is to ask yourself the 5 Ws:

• Why does one want to get on social media?
• Who is your target audience?
• What are you getting to share?
• Where are you going share?
• When are you going share?
• Why does one want to get on social media?

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

The very first question to answer is the Why.

This relates to your social media goals. Are you on social media to market your products? To drive traffic to your website? Or to serve your customers?

• Increase brand awareness
• Drive traffic to your website
• Generate new leads
• Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)
• Boost brand engagement
• Build a community around your business
• Provide social customer service
• Increase mentions within the press
• Listen to conversations about your brand
• You’ll likely have quite one social media goal, and that’s fine.

Who is your target audience?

Once you’ve got found out your Why, the subsequent thing to think about is your audience. Understanding your audience will assist you more easily answer the subsequent questions on what, where, and once you are getting to share. A great exercise to undertake here is to create marketing personas.

There are much variety of ways of building marketing personas. My favorite access is to, again, use the 5Ws and 1H.

• Who are they? (like job title, age, gender, salary, location, etc.)
• What are they curious about that you simply can provide? (like entertainment, educational content, case studies, information on new products, etc.)
• Where do they typically hang around online? (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc. or niche platforms)
• When do they appear for the sort of content you’ll provide? (like weekends, during their daily commute, etc.)
• Why do they consume the content? (E.g. to urge better at their job, to become healthy, to remain up so far with something, etc.)
• How do they consume the content? (like read social media posts, watch videos, etc.)

What are you getting to share?

We’re talking about your social media marketing strategy here so let’s take a step back and think on a better level. rather than the kinds of content to share, “theme” could be a far better word.

If you scroll through some of the social media profiles, you would possibly have noticed that the brands have quite one main theme. Having a couple of themes is perfectly fine because it gives you the space to share a variety of content to stay your audience engaged without being seemingly unfocused.

This is where an honest understanding of your audience is going to be helpful. check out your marketing personas and consider the subsequent questions:

• What goals and challenges do they have?
• How are you able to help solve them?

Where are you going to share?

The next step is to work out where you’re getting to share your content. In other words, which social media platforms does your brand want to be on? Again, your understanding of your audience will are available handy here. Which platforms are your followers most active on? What makes them visit that platform? for instance, teenagers and young adults might like scrolling through Instagram once they are bored to ascertain what their friends do or whether their favorite brands have new products.

When are you going to share?

The last key a part of your strategy is deciding once you want to share your content. you would possibly be tempted to leap into a search for the simplest time. Let’s take a step back and appearance at this from a better level again. Before deciding exactly which era of the day and days of the week you would like to post, consider the behaviors of your audience.

When do they typically use social media to seek out the sort of content that you’ll share?

Here are some examples to consider:

• Sports fans are likely on social media just before, during, and just after sports events to seek out and interact with content about the event.
• Athletes could be on Instagram while they’re cooling down after their morning or evening workouts.
• People who like to travel could be more active on social media during the weekends once they are planning for his or her next trip (or during their work breaks once they are dreaming about their next trip).
• Mothers of babies could be scrolling through social media once they are breastfeeding within the middle of the night.
You might have inferred from these few examples that there won’t be a universal best time to post. It depends on your audience. So for this step, specialize in the overall behavior patterns of your audience.

What Is an Instagram Marketing Strategy?

An Instagram marketing strategy may be a set of goals, actions, and processes defined by businesses to use Instagram as a channel for achieving its marketing also as business goals. An Instagram marketing strategy may be a part of social media marketing and is aligned to its goals and processes.

Over 25 million businesses have already got a profile on Instagram and are using it as a channel to market their brand, products, or services, and also for employee engagement. The struggle on this platform is extensive and marketers try to beat their rivals by creating content that’s more creative, authentic, and relatable. Some common goals that marketers want to realize via Instagram are to create a community, increase brand awareness, generate leads, enable conversions, and enhance customer service.

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

An ideal way of achieving these goals is to make a business profile on Instagram and post relevant and interesting content on your Instagram feed also like stories to extend audience and engagement through likes, comments, direct messages, and get in touch with links.

Instagram started as an image-sharing social network and has now become a primary source of leads and revenue for several businesses. With an efficient strategy and its execution, Instagram can assist you to build an enticing community that will guarantee an improved brand identity, audience engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio may be a small area below your username on your page that’s wont to share information about your brand, also because the content that you simply shall share. This area generally includes the name of your brand, product, or service description, profile details, and get in touch with information.
Your Instagram bio is that the very first thing that users will see once they land on your profile. to form sure that you simply engage these users, you would like to create a bio that’s informative, captivating, and interesting.

In your bio, confirm to share a correct and concise description of your brand or product. Also, include a line or two about the content that you simply shall share on your page. Use emoticons that are in sync together with your content and brand language. you’ll also add a hashtag and a link within the bio aside from your primary URL to drive traffic to a different social media page. But remember, a link within the bio that’s not a primary URL won’t be clickable.

Lastly, add a relevant URL where you would like to drive the traffic to – it is often your website home page, a landing page, or your product demo page. Also, confirm you employ a trackable link to research the traffic sourced from your Instagram page.

2.Share many UGC

This isn’t necessarily fresh, but it’s as important as ever before, and with more brands catching on, you would like to stay up.
User-generated content is the sharing of content that others have created for you. this will include your customers or other complementary vendors or businesses.

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

3. Use Stories Daily

Instagram Stories are insanely popular, and you would like to be using them regularly. Ideally, you’ll be using them daily, but you’ll want to share Stories a couple of times every week at absolutely the minimum.
Stories are among the frequently used features of the platform; many users are even clicking on their Stories feed before they scroll through their conventional feed, and viewers are watching them carefully. Stories offer multiple engagement-oriented features, like clickable hashtags and therefore the choice to answer or ask questions.

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

This meant to be fun, and it’s an excellent thanks to sharing everything from time-sensitive information to more UGC in a simple, interesting way.

A good practice to follow, though, is to undertake to upload multiple Stories at a time to make a more cohesive, engaging narrative. You’ll keep viewers interested.
The importance of Instagram Stories for brands are truly endless. For new-comers, Stories are displayed at the highest of follower timelines where users already look daily.

4. Keep Using Hashtags, But Correctly

Hashtags are still playing a crucial role on Instagram. this is often why you’ll typically see an enormous chunk of hashtags attached to many posts from businesses; they’re one among the simplest ways to extend your reach overall and obtain your posts ahead of interested audiences.
That being said, you would like to use hashtags correctly. Choose the incorrect ones, and you won’t get any enjoy them whatsoever.

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

Here are a number of the essential Instagram hashtag best practices that you’ll want to follow in 2020:

  • Try to keep it around 10 hashtags.
  • Using around 11 posts seems to offer you the perfect balance of increased reach and engagement. If you re-evaluate, some studies show that engagement may decrease slightly.
  • Use a mixture of hashtags on every post.
  • You don’t want to use an equivalent list in every single post, because it doesn’t assist you consistently reach new audiences. you’ll create an enormous list, and pick and choose for every individual post to stay things fresh and interesting.
  • Use hashtags that will connect you to potential customers.
  • This will assist you to attract people that may very well become customers.
  • Always place your hashtags towards the top of the post.
  • Ideally, separate the caption itself from the hashtags with a minimum of 1 line of space to assist break things up and make it more visually appealing.

5. Consider using hashtag research tools

Create a Content Calendar for Instagram. An important step toward getting the utmost output from Instagram as a channel is to be consistent in publishing content. It allows them to forward plan, and automate the method of publishing it when their audience is most active.

BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies | Epiphany of Instagram Marketing in 2020

Your Instagram content calendar must have the first fields of content type, caption, hashtags, graphic or video link, and therefore the day, date, and time of publishing. Plan your content a minimum of a fortnight before time so that you’ll keep your calendar flexible for alterations.

To keep your audience engaged, use the proper mixture of content types and formats in your calendar like images, videos, text graphics, quotes, memes, and infographics. A content calendar also will assist you easily access your historic posts just in case you would like to republish your earlier content.

The Thechypaw’s Line:

Instagram has proved to be an excellent tool for marketers and businesses to succeed in and connect with audiences to create a community. it’s a platform where you’ll showcase your brand personality and obtain users to love, comment, share, and have interaction together with your brand. This article gives proper ideas on BEST Social Media Marketing Strategies.

To stay before your competition on Instagram in 2020, remember, you would like to make sure maximum engagement. Implementing each of those ten tips in how is certain to assist you to create your Instagram marketing strategy for 2020 a huge success.

How does one decide to engage together with your audience on Instagram in 2020? Tell us. This Article is Contributed by Anisha Ghoshal. I hope, you like this blog. Share it with your friends and thank you for visiting Techypaw.

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