How to Easily Combine/Merge Videos on your iPhone? [2022]

We all find ourselves delighted by watching videos for various purposes. Unsurprisingly, you’ve got a series of videos on your iPhone. Now how about combining your favorite genre videos into one video on your iPhone? for instance, you’ll merge all the funny videos and make it one video. In this manner, you’ll enjoy the videos in one go.

It’s possible to quickly and simply merge different clips into an outsized movie on iPhone by employing a decent video editor. Once the merging has been finalized, the resulting video is often copied to the camera roll or photo library.

The video can further be opened with relevant iOS apps like video editors, players, and even published on other websites or shared on social media and YouTube.

How to Easily Combine Videos on your iPhone?

For those people that have many video clips on their iPhone and need to merge those into one, we’ve come up with some amazing and useful apps to mix videos on iPhone. Let’s get to the bottom to find out the methods.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

# 1: Combine Live Photos to Videos with Photos app on iPhone [iOS13]

The newly released iOS 13 added some cool features within the Photos app, and now you’ll combine several Live Photos and save them as a replacement video or slideshow. Here is the way to combine Live Photos with video in iOS13.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app then tap the Select button at the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Step 2: Select the taken Live Photos, tap the Share button within the lower-left corner of the screen and choose Save As Video.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

# 2: Combine videos with Videoshop

Videoshop may be a great video editing app and is the next app to mix video clips within the list. This app possesses all; from trimming, cropping videos to adding sound effects, recording one’s voice also as resizing the video frame, and lots more features. Here is how you’ll add videos together on your iPhone via the Videoshop app.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Step 1:  At first, download the app from App Store. Launch it post downloading.

Step 2: Hit on the plus signed icon to start out adding your videos.

Step 3:  you’ll now choose the choices given above the videos. you’ll select different settings or editing options like adding transition, typing texts, speed changes, adding an audio track, and lots more.

Step 4: Once done, you’ll move to tap on the “Next” button.

Step 5: Subsequently, move further by giving the title of the video, author, place, and date if you would like. Also, you’ll customize videos with filters and themes.

Step 6: Once through with the merging videos on iPhone, tap on the Sharing button and store the file. you’ll also upload your file to YouTube, Vimeo, or send it via e-mail, save it to Dropbox.

# 3: Combine videos with iMovie

iMovie is one of the apps within the list which will assist you to merge videos on your iPhone. you’ll yourself create beautiful movies with the help of iMovie. Once you mix videos on iPhone, this app will allow you to transfer your videos between various iOS devices via AirDrop or iCloud Drive. Here is how you’ll add videos together on iPhone via iMovie.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Step 1: Launch the iMovie app and obtain it under the “Project” section available on the highest of the screen.

Step 2: Now, tap on “Create Project” then select the video type out of the 2 options available, i.e. “Movie” or “Trailer”, select “Movie” during this case. Next, tap on “Create” from the subsequent screen. otherwise, you can import the video from File.

Step 3: Your project interface has now been successfully loaded on your screen. Now, to feature the source video file, tap the “Media” icon on the left top of the timeline and your video gallery will load on your screen. Select the specified source video and tap the “Add” icon to feature it on the iMovie’s timeline.

Step 4: Once your preferred video is added to the timeline, you’ll scroll the timeline to left or right to let the vertical line referred to as “played” appear on the screen. Now, place the played by scrolling left or right, exactly at the place where you desire to mix the video.

Step 5: This is often the time when you would like to feature another video that you would like to mix with the source video. Follow an equivalent process mentioned above to urge your video added to the timeline. the closest position to the player, be it before the prevailing video clip or after the clip, will let the fresh clip be added to the video.

Step 6:  Now, if you would like to preview the 2 added videos during a combined playback, simply hit on the “Play” icon available just above the timeline in the middle of the screen.

Step 7:  You’ll also use the transition effects from the presents to use the specified effect when your first video is switched to a different one. Or, you’ll use the normal fade in or out (default transition) also.

Step 8: Once you are satisfied together with your video, simply hit the “Done” on the left top corner of your screen. And, the subsequent interface will bring you up to a screen where you’ll simply save the merged video file on your local storage or can directly upload them to varied cloud storage platforms. Moreover, here on this screen, you’ll give your video a custom-defined title too.

# 4: Video Merger – Music Editor Crop

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

This is a free app that permits combining multiple videos on your iPhone. Featuring an easy interface, the app will enable you to feature effects and filters to your file to make a stimulating clip. The option for adding a music file is additionally available, and you’ll even change the background color if needed.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

The app supports portrait, landscape, and square orientation modes once you want to merge two videos iPhone. Options for trim, reverse, flip, and other editing tools also are supported. The merged videos are often saved or shared on social media platforms.

# 5: Using Filmora

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Besides merging several videos into an extended one, Filmora also allows you to place two videos side by side and make a split-screen video easily.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmora on Windows and click on the Import button and choose “Import from a Camera or a Phone”.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Step 2: within the pop-up Import for Device window, you’ll see the photos and video on your iPhone on the left side, click one to preview then select it to import. Filmora will load it directly within the Project Media library.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Step 3: Select all photos and videos you would like to mix within the Project Media library and drag and drop them to the timeline. Once you are doing this, you’ll spot that the video files you’ve dragged are going to be aligned within the same timeline.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

Step 4: Filmora is full of an excellent deal of powerful tools with the assistance of which you’re allowed to switch contrast, color, add effects, filters, elements or background music, etc. to video. So after merging, you’ll edit your videos if you would like. you’ll check our ultimate guide on the way to edit video in Filmora.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

 Step 5: Once you discover yourself contented with the creation, you’ll export it to your device. For this, choose the “EXPORT” option available within the toolbar and choose iPhone because of the target device.

How to easily combine videos on your iPhone

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Here ends the discussion about the way to combine videos on iPhone and we hope that you simply got a pleasing experience reading this post. Thanks for the time for browsing through the post. Techypaw offered you some refined apps like Filmora video editor to mix your videos. So, which was the simplest video merger app consistent with you? we might wish to get conversant in your choice and knowledge.

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