Download Instagram Followers List Free in 2020 – [Export as csv]

Instagram is the appropriate and perfect platform for keeping up with your friends and getting to know new ones, but it is also fun to see who is staying up to date on all of your latest posts. So, if you are curious whether someone’s following you on Instagram, you can bet you are not alone.

I have already shared with you about “How to increase your Instagram followers”. Now after enhancing your Instagram followers, you have to see your “Instagram followers list”. So, it will be benefitted for you if you go through our articles.

A Case Study:

One of my college friends had at about 324 followers at first, after 2 years he got 400k + followers then we became surprised to see his growth of followers on Instagram. Next, we asked about this topic in a very serious way as only in 2 years he got 1000 times followers. 
According to our questions, he gave proper replies in a very efficient way. We already disclosed his tips in our “How to increase your followers in Instagram” article. He also gave tips which we going to share here. According to him, to maintain a follower circle around you, you have to check followers list regularly. 
Through this way, you can find out who are your real or true followers. So, the “Instagram followers list” plays a vital role to enhance or to uplift your Instagram followers and it also helps you to analyze your profile.

Why Should Download Instagram Followers List?

It is always been possible to check and see if someone is following you on Instagram. When a person starts following you, you will get a notification, thus, you can find it if you click on the little heart icon at the bottom of your profile page. 
But if that person started following you before more than 20 to 25 days or a few weeks or even months, the process takes a little more finessing if you don’t know the right strategy. First, you have to head to your profile to find your list of followers. 
Then you have to scroll through hundreds (or maybe thousands, if you are a popular fellow) of usernames in search of a specific person. Depending on how many people follow you, this can be a huge matter, and you always run the risk of missing their names on the list. 
The alternative is even worse: You’d have to slog through their list of followers to see if your username made stuck. Basically, both of those options are less than the original view.

Download Instagram Followers List Free in 2020

Here we are going to share how to see “Instagram followers list” with a very easy way

Method 1: The Manual Option

This first option is user friendly: just go to your profile on Instagram – the URL – and click on the “# followers” label up a top. This will pop up a lightbox that will show you several pieces of information.
➼ The account name of Instagram of each user who follows you.
➼ The display name of any user who follows you.
➼ The profile picture of each person who follows you.
➼ You follow back to that person or not.
A list of people that Instagram recommends you follow and this case may happen if that user is in your direct contact list.
Now, there’s no other path to disclose this data. It is not a separate page of its own; it is just a lightbox, so it is difficult to interact with. You can use a browser-based separate program to crack the data, but you may need to manually babysit the program.
If you have a lot of followers means that is, more than like, 20 – the box will only show a few at first. You need to scroll down to get it to load the rest followers. This means if you have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers, you will be scrolling for a long time to view all of this data.

Best Part:

On the positive side, as far as I know, this will show you every follower you have, even if you have millions of them, so long as you don’t crash your browser trying to trigger the script-load more for a few hundred or thousand times. 
It is just unfortunate in that case which will take a long time to load all of that data. Some scrapers might allow you to make that process automatic, in which case you can just set it and walk away until it is done, but that might also not be user friendly when you get into the millions of followers as many wastages of time occur here.

Method 2: Professional Tools

There are a handful of professional management platforms or processes that work with Instagram, manage many complexities, helps with broad aspects. Iconosquare and Later are two such ways that we often recommend in this article here. 
They have some follower viewing and management tools, but they also cost money to use, so they are not choosy for most of the users. Feel free to have them a look, though to get the advantage or to enhance your account’s growth.

Method 3: Helper Tools

Helper Tools is a browser extension of Google Chrome. It gives you a handful of tools through which you might find useful for Instagram, without needing to use your authentication info or link to your account in any way. 
So, the outcome will be fruitful and productive for you. With this tool, you can discover data to a CSV, with some limitations which I’ll cover momentarily. You can also pick this data about any public profile that shows you a follower list. Now have a look at the best parts of it.

Best Part:

One of the most interesting and unique features are covered by helper tools, those are, 
a) The ability to compare two accounts 
b) See the list of people who follow both of them.

Overall Instagram Followers List Overview

On Instagram the Real Instagram followers want you to be perfect, deterministic, genuine, and consistent. Instagram makes limits on how many accounts you can able to follow per day to protect users from inappropriate behavior.
However, if you consistently and actively post good-quality content and dedicate just a few minutes several times each day to following others. The number of followers you attract will continue to grow without raising flags.
Because you are being creative, thoughtful, and deliberate in your approach and the effort is worth it because the people who follow you back are doing so because they have a genuine interest in your content. 
When the time comes that, you start to follow more people and have them follow you back then you have to be active in the community, come to live, interact with them, enhance engagement. 

The Techypaw’s Line:

In this article, we have seen how to “Download Instagram Followers List Free” in 2020. Go through your feed and “like” the photos that catch your attention, and comment on the ones you love. This engagement will give you rewards—the more you reach out, the more people will come to you.
Lastly, I can say you that, you will get success with 100% after following our mentioned tips, steps, ideas, and strategies. So, stay connected, support, and read our articles to get more new ideas.
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