Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk (No Root) [Version 8.5]

Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk 2020

At present Spotify is #1 top music application on Play Store. If you are a music lover then you would also like to listen to your songs without any interruption. Music is one of the best therapy for depression, nowadays most of the time we use it to listen to songs on online platforms. This app contains advertisements so it might interrupt your listening experience. This problem can be overshadowed by using Spotify premium Mod Apk. Just go through this article, plug the earphone into your ears and feel the music.


In Contents
1.  Spotify apk
2.  Spotify premium apk
3.  Spotify premium mod apk
4.  Features of Spotify premium mod apk
5.  How to turn off shuffle play on Spotify without premium?
6.  How to download songs on Spotify Premium hack mod apk?
7.  Spotify premium mod Apk download 2020
8.  Install Spotify Premium Mod apk
9.  Platform Availability


(a)  Android & ios
(b)  PC
10.  Listen to songs on Spotify premium mod apk
11.  Related Queries
12.  End Lines

Spotify premium mod Apk is an online streaming music platform for music maniac people around the globe. This application has a collection of 1B user Playlist and  50M+ tracks, music, podcasts, etc. Both iOS and Android versions are available but the mod apk is available in the black market only. The download link along with the procedure of “how to download Spotify premium Mod Apk” is given below.

Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk  :

Spotify is an online music streaming application that provides the users more than 1 billion+ user playlists, 50 million+ music, songs, podcasts. Spotify was launched by

Daniel Ek Martin Lorentzon (CEO), [Industry- Streaming on-demand media] on 7 October 2008. Due to its popularity, currently, Spotify has a collection of 271 million+ users and it is continuously increasing.all the songs are DRM protected which makes this application more awesome. In Play Store as well as apple store it is available more than 500 million downloads of this app in Play Store makes it worlds #1 best music streaming app. At present, the authority has a collection of €6.764 billion (2019). This application has both premium and free versions.

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Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk


Though Spotify is the best application for online streaming if you are not a premium subscriber then you would face 
(a)  Frequently advertisements are coming in at the time of listening to songs.


(b)  I cannot access all the premium features.


(c)  Cannot download songs in your storage.


(d)  Cannot access all the host podcasts music which are exclusively available on the Spotify app.


To overshadow such problems you may shift to Spotify premium application.

⬛Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk  :

Spotify premium application is the premium version of Spotify apk having all the premium features by paying a monthly subscription of $9.99 for general users and $4.99 for students, which is approximately Rs.179/month in India. But if you can’t afford that much money per month then you can download Spotify premium mod APK and get access to all the premium features absolutely free of cost.

Spotify Premium Apk 2019 :

Spotify premium apk is the older version of Spotify premium 2020 lots of versions of Spotify 2019 are available but the bugs and user issues have been fixed in the new Spotify premium apk 2020. This application is available on Google but it is not available in the Play Store due to the new version having already been updated in Google Play Store or I store.

Spotify Premium Apk 2018 :

It is the older version of the Spotify premium application. This application contains a lot of bugs. Spotify premium application 2018 has upgraded to Spotify premium application 2019 and then again it’s upgraded to finally Spotify premium app 2020 and as we all know 2020 update is really awesome. Old versions are not used nowadays. you can download the new version from the below download button.

Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk  :

Spotify Premium Mod APK is actually the cracked version of the official Spotify application which is available in the Play Store or Apple Store. this is actually the modified version of the original app. Spotify Premium Mod APK is not available in Play Store or Apple store but you can do “Spotify premium Mod Apk download free” through this article. Through Spotify premium Mod APK you can access


(a)  Unlimited access to all songs.


(b)  Advertisement free music.


(c)  Quick access to new updated songs.


(d)  Unlimited downloads with 320kbps quality.


(e)  Party, POP, JAZZ, MIX, EDM, DJ, Hollywood, all types of playlist.


(f)  Listen to all types of Spotify host podcasts.


Spotify premium mod APK 2020 is the best solution for music lovers. The separation and professional look genre album makes this app world’s best music streaming app in 2020. If you don’t want to pay money for a monthly subscription of Spotify premium APK then then “Spotify premium hack Mod APK” is the only option.

Features of Spotify premium Mod apk
App Name
Spotify premium mod apk
28 MB
Android support
4.0 above
Offered By
Spotify Pvt. Ltd.
Modified features
1.  Free Access
2.  Unlimited Downloads
3.  No Advertisements
4.  Interruption Free Music
Premium Encryption
Platform Support
PC, Android & ios
Streaming on-demand media
Dark Mode
Streaming Quality
Up to 320 kbps
App Compatibility
Google Maps, Waze


Best Features of Spotify premium Mod Apk 2020 :
If you are feeling hesitant to download this application then the features of Spotify premium Mod APK will definitely help you to make a proper decision. The best features of Spotify premium modified application are given below just go through the features for better knowledge.


Ads-free listening:
The best part of this application is Spotify premium mod apk contains no advertisement. Usually, the Spotify free version contains different types of advertisements in between songs. Which is really irritating. Generally


(i)   Banner ads – Timing continues.


(ii)  Display ads – Timing 30 secs.


(iii)  Popup ads – Timing after closing or before starting any songs.


(iv) Overlay ads – Timing for returning users.


(v)  Video takeover – Timing between video commercial ads breaks.


Using Spotify premium mod apk all types of ads are removed. All popup ads, display ads, overlay ads, etc are detected and blocked for the users. Which would give you the best experience of listening?

Spotify Premium
Unlimited Tracks:
Spotify premium mod apk contains 1B+ user Playlist, 50M+ tracks, podcasts, music and many more. Which makes it worlds #1 online music streaming app. At the time of setting up its AI technology, it will ask you to choose your favorite categories and then according to your selection, it would bring the best songs for you. So awesome right?


(a)  You can create your own playlist.
(b)  Search particular songs from the search bar.
(c)  Voice search present.
(d)  Songs search history present.
(e)  Streaming Quality 320 kbps.


Unlimited downloads:
Using Spotify premium mod apk you can download your favorite songs and can listen to them later on offline. It would also cost low data. And if your internet connection is not fast then also you can listen in offline mode as you have downloaded songs.


Spotify premium mod Apk Download music :


Spotify gives the access to download unlimited music, so if you want to download music from Spotify premium mod apk offline then just go through the process one by one.


Step 1: Open Spotify premium mod apk from your smartphone.


Step 2: Select your favorite tracks >> Click on three dots. ( Upper right corner of your screen)


Step 3: Click on Add to playlist.


Step 4: Come on home screen >> go to the playlist.


Step 5: Tap on download >> all the songs of this playlist will be started downloading.


How to Download Songs in Spotify premium Hack Mod Apk :


If you want to download songs from Spotify premium mod apk you can follow the above process. There are 62 different channels from where you can select your favorite songs and download the selection in offline mode for listening to them afterward. The download link is given below. Follow this 


Spotify premium mod Apk Download songs :


Open Spotify premium mod apk >> Select songs >> Tap on there dots >> add to playlist >> open playlist >> Click on download >> Done!!

HD Quality:
If your internet connection is fast then you stream to HD quality, which is 320 kbps. Five types of qualities present in this apk.


(a)  Automatic
(b)  Low
(c)  Normal
(d)  High
(e)  Very High


Automatic, low, normal and high quality are applicable for Spotify freemium apk. Very High quality is only applicable in Spotify premium and Premium mod apk. That will give you the field of awesome beats, proper eco, sound difference, travels. But you can control your trim data from 120 kbps to 320 kbps. HD quality will cost more data. All these features are available in Spotify premium mod apk. Which will make you feel with music.

App compatibility:
Spotify premium mod apk is the same as Spotify premium apk but you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription amount. So like the Spotify premium application, in Spotify premium mod apk you will get
I) Google maps 

II) Waze

Spotify Premium

Navigation app supports. if Bluetooth is on in your smartphone then it will automatically be detected in car mode and the music will play according to the location. This is one of the best features of this app. Don’t worry e about any region. It is so cool, right? Download it from the below link.


Spotify Connect:
Spotify connect is actually a feature that will help you to listen to your favorite songs on Bluetooth, portable speakers, smart TV, laptops, etc .using Spotify connect you can share your favorite tracks podcast music to your favorite person. Spotify premium mod APK has the entire details about those devices. When you will connect your Spotify app with other devices, the entire guide from set up to play songs will be provided to you.


How do I set up Spotify Connect?


Step 1: Open Spotify Premium apk.


Step 2: Play any song from the app.


Step 3 Tap on the “device ” option. (left bottom of your screen) 


Step 4: Choose a particular device from the available.


Step 5: With the help of the installation guide download and install Spotify premium apk on that device and enjoy Hessel free listening.

Free Shuffling:
Shuffling is a feature which plays different kinds of songs continuously in autoplay. Suppose, you want to hear old and new generation songs, then turning on shuffling you can list one old and one new song on after another continuously while being bored. Spotify premium mod APK provides such beautiful features absolutely free.


How to turn on shuffle play on Spotify Android?


If you are looking for turning on shuffle play on Spotify Android then just follow the steps one by one,


Step 1: Open the library from the app.


Step 2: Select a particular playlist.


Step 3: Tap on the playlist, which you have already selected.


Step 4: Tap on “shuffle play “.


How to turn off shuffle play on Spotify without premium?


The most searched question is how without using premium how you can turn off shuffle play on Spotify apk. Here is the trick for you,

Step 1: Download Spotify premium mod APK.


Step 2: Install and signup absolutely free.


Step 3: Open any playlist.


Step 4: before the previous song of Shan e will get a green shuffle button tap on it to turn off.


✴️ Alternate method : 


How to turn off shuffle play on Spotify Android?


Step 1: Install TuTu apk from the playstore.


Step 2 : Open the app select Spotify mod cracked version >> Download >> Install


Step 3: Open cracked version signup for free.


Step 4: Done, your Shuffle play will be automatically off.

Platform Availability: 
Spotify APK and Spotify Premium apk works on Android, iOS. In the case of computers, you can browse, Spotify and listen by logging into their server. But the Spotify premium mod APK is only applicable for Android devices. To install it on ios and computers, you need to use android emulators. So, compatibility 


i) Android
ii) iOS
iii) Windows [PC]


Spotify Premium Mod APK is really very user-friendly. Proper lighting, visualization, brilliant interface, dark mode support, easy to use, beautiful themes, categories, quick access make this application worlds #1 online music streaming app.

Unlimited Skips:
Per hour you can skip 6 songs in Spotify premium application but if you use Spotify premium mod APK then like Spotify premium, you can skip unlimited songs per hour. Isn’t it so cool?


We have seen the best features of this application but there are some other features, which really improves the visualization quality, at the time of using Spotify premium Mod Apk,


(a)  Crossfadibility
(b)  Gapless play
(c)  Automix
(d)  Listen to podcasts
(e)  Create a favorite playlist. 
(f)  Explicit content
(g)  Unplayable songs
(h)  Volume normalization
(i)  Auto Play
(j)  Canvas


Spotify Free Vs Spotify premium


Spotify premium mod apk download 2020 :

The above article describes the features and use of Spotify apk, Spotify premium apk, and Spotify premium mod APK. Now, the process of “how to download Spotify premium mod APK”  from is given below. The download link is given below. Go through the process one by one. Spotify is accessible in Android IOS and computers so without any confusion know the steps.


i) Spotify premium mod Apk on Android :

Spotify Premium Mod APK is basically an Android-based application so it will work best for Android devices.




Step 1: Click on the Download link below.


Step 2: Download Spotify premium mod apk.


Step 3: Go to the file manager.


Step 4: Tap on downloads.


Step 5: Open the downloaded file.


ii) Spotify Premium Apk on ios :


Precautions : 
Spotify Premium Mod APK is made for Android users only. So if you want to use this application in Apple devices then you have to use an Android emulator. Android emulators make Spotify premium Mod Apk suitable for iOS devices.


Requirements :
i) Computer.
ii) Cydia Impactor android emulator.
iii) iOS device.


Process :


Step 1: Open your PC >> Download Cydia Impactor android emulator.


Step 2: From Cydia Impactor search for Spotify premium mod Apk >> Download.

Step 3: Mount your Apple smartphone with PC from the menu.


Step 4: Open the Spotify premium mod APK from the download folder >> Drag and drop into Cydia Impactor emulator >> Provide iOS id to hide the apk from Apple server >> Install the apk.


Step 5 : Now, open settings >> then, general >> profile >> Android device file manager >> select Spotify >> allow trust option >> login and enjoy.

Spotify premium hack Mod Apk Download  [For PC] :


Precautions :
If you are a computer user then you can also use the premium version of Spotify Mod APK absolutely free. As this application is android based so you need to have an Android emulator like the previous one to download this application. 


i) BlueStacks Android emulator.
ii) Fast processor.
iii) Fast internet connection.
iv) Desktop or laptop.


Process : 


Step 1: Download the BlueStacks Android emulator on your computer.


Step 2: Through this emulator browser search for Spotify premium Mod Apk from our website.


Step 3: Click on the download button.


Step 4: Spotify premium mod.apk will start downloading.


How to install Spotify Premium Mod Apk?


As you have downloaded the Spotify Premium Mod APK. Now, the installation process is super easy. In we verify each and every application then provide links for the users. So don’t worry just install it following the steps allowing the permissions.


i) Spotify on Android :

We have already seen how to download Spotify premium Mod APK on Android now will look forward to the installation process on Android.


Step 1: Open the file manager from your smartphone.


Step 2: Go to downloads.


Step 3: Tap on the Spotify premium Mod apk.


Step 4: Click on install and install it on your device.


Step 5: After that simply open the APK from your smartphone and enjoy the hassle-free music.

ii) Spotify On PC :

After downloading Spotify premium Mod. apk through blue stack emulator, 


Step 1: Open the Spotify premium mod.apk file


Step 2: Tap on install to download it on your computer.


Step 3: Come to the home screen of the Bluestack emulator.


Step 4: Click on the installed Spotify premium mod apk.


Step 5: Enjoy the music.


You don’t have to pay a single amount of money as this apk is already cracked, unlocked and modified.


How to Listen to songs on Spotify premium Mod Apk Free :


After downloading and installing Spotify premium Mod APK you will be able to listen to interaction-free music on your smartphone, smart TV, Bluetooth speakers, laptop, desktop, Apple devices, etc for free. In older versions of this app, there were a lot of bugs and issues which are completely overshadowed by Spotify premium apk 2020. If you can buy the subscription then you can enjoy all the facilities but at the same time if you are looking for premium pictures absolutely free then install Spotify premium Mod APK from the above download link. After that


Step 1: After installing, open Spotify premium Mod APK from your smartphone.


Step 2: In your home screen you will get different categories of songs.


Step 3: Choose any of them >> Tap on it.


Step 4: The song will start playing.

✴️Related Queries :

The entire details from “how to download”,” what is the app is” to ” how to listen to songs” is given above. But still, several questions may appear in our minds regarding this topic. So here some frequently asked questions.




What is Spotify Premium Apk Offline Mode?


In case your smartphone doesn’t have enough data then Spotify Premium Apk Offline Mode works. When your smartphone has a proper internet connection, then you can download your favorite songs from Spotify premium application. Those songs will be saved in your phone storage. Using “Spotify premium mod apk download offline” you can listen to songs offline mode without any internet.


How do I get Spotify Premium APK for free?


Spotify Premium apk is present on Google Play or Apple store. You can download and install it on your smartphone.
At the same time if you want to enjoy all the features of premium apk absolutely free then Spotify premium mod APK is there. Follow the downloading steps above and enjoy it. 


What is the latest version of Spotify premium apk?


The latest version of Spotify Premium apk is given above you can download it through the link. v8.51.941 works really well but recently v9.5.57.957 has launched the size is approximately 22 MB.



Why does my Spotify say no Internet connection available?


Due to the Non-US region, this type of problem may occur. If you belong to any other country except the USA, then use a VPN for the best alternative to overshadow such internet issues. This may be due to the unsupported region, IP issues, wifi problems, low bandwidth, etc. You can fix it by following the process.


For smartphones :


Step 1: Download any VPN from Play Store.


Step 2: Open the VPN and select the region in the USA.


Step 3: After that download Spotify premium Mod APK from the above download button


Step 4: Install the application.
Step 5: Internet issue will be solved, enjoy the music without any internet issue.


For PC :


Step 1: Install a good VPN on your computer.


Step 2: Open BlueStacks emulator.


Step 3: Search for Spotify premium Mod APK and download it.


Step 4: Install the apk file which you have downloaded.


Step 5: Open Spotify premium Mod APK from BlueStacks emulator and enjoy the music without any internet connection issue.


Is Spotify Premium APK safe?


Yes, Spotify premium application is absolutely safe. That’s why it is present in Google Play Store and Apple store. But due to some reasons, in many countries, Spotify applications are not available. You can use a VPN in your region for better support. All the problems of Spotify apk can be overcome by Spotify premium apk and if you can’t afford monthly subscription then Spotify premium Mod APK is the best option.

How do I download Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium apk download is very simple. You can simply go to Play Store or Apple Store and download the latest version of Spotify Premium apk which is the world’s number one online streaming application. But if you can’t afford the monthly subscription amount, then you should try Spotify premium mod APK absolutely free of cost. The entire procedure of download to install is given above.


How do I use the Spotify premium mod?


You can use the Spotify premium mod APK after installing it in your device. This application is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC after downloading the apk, install and do the setup. The entire procedures from downloading, installation to setup are given above.


TechyPaw’s Line:
Here, in this article we have seen, how to download Spotify premium Mod APK absolutely free. The Spotify normal app is absolutely free for all and its user’s density is also huge  But due to some advertisements and interruption issues you can shift from free to the premium version without paying a single amount of money by downloading Spotify premium Mod APK from the above download button.

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