5 Smart Ways To Extract Email Addresses From A Facebook Group [2021]

Facebook may be a massive platform with billions of users, making it unique in our time. Businesses that want to urge ahead often prefer to use it as a resource or a tool. Sometimes it’s for marketing, sometimes it’s for growth hacking, and sometimes you would possibly want to require a rather darker path.

One such path is email harvesting. Facebook has been entrusted with personal information for billions of individuals, starting from simple name and email all the thanks to incredible personal details.

Facebook themselves have a rocky history with user information security and privacy. what percentage stories does one hear about people losing jobs due to their social media posts? That’s small scale stuff, too.

Despite this, Facebook has made it relatively difficult to easily gather user information. A business owner running a Facebook Page isn’t getting to be ready to simply export their audience contact information, for instance. If you would like to reap email addresses, you’re getting to go to employ some tricks.

A case study:

Requirement of Extracting Emails from Facebook

  • Building an email list is that the priority lately for any business. Because they need to approach with their product and content to the people.
  • And because of that, there are several email services providers also, and many of third-party Email Extractor paid tools.
  • People buy email address also, but initially, it’s not affordable to buy each and each services for brand spanking new startups. But there’s always ways . So, let’s see how to extract email address from facebook!

Extract Email Addresses From a Facebook Group:

#1. Email Extractor

Email Extractor

This Google Extension works efficiently and may be found in Google Web Store easily.

Step 1: To put in, click thereon Email Extractor, then click on increase Chrome, it’ll be installed during a few seconds and may be seen within the right top corner.

Step 2: Click on the extension icon and attend any Facebook group, which is your audience.

Once you get into the group, you only got to scroll the page towards down. in order that the extension could detect all the users and extract emails from Facebook.

And by scrolling few seconds you’d be ready to obtain enough email addresses from one Facebook group.

5 Smart Ways To Extract Email Addresses From A Facebook Group [2021]

You can get more in few mins as long as you follow an equivalent process with 5- 10 Facebook groups. And doing so on for you’d be ready to build an excellent email list.

Note: This extension will extract emails from the users, who haven’t kept their email private. As Facebook allows the user to cover their email from the privacy settings.

Step 3: Once the method was done, you’ll export all those emails address in.TXT or.CSV format just during a click and may be stored for a lifetime.

#2. Email Exporter

Email Exporter

In our next recommendation, this extension is Email Exporter. But,  it Extracts emails also as phone numbers related to the Facebook account.

This extension works great and will be useful, who wants to try to to the telemarketing also. It also can extract email address on excel sheet by clicking on the export button.

#3. Email Hunter: Extract Emails From Facebook

Email Hunter

Email Hunter is that the next extension, which does an equivalent job and extractss all the emails from all the pages open in your browser in only one go. Hence, saves tons of your time.

5 Smart Ways To Extract Email Addresses From A Facebook Group [2021]

Caution: Facebook has provided many user’s privacy features, a number of the users might hide their emails from their profile. Hence Facebook will restrict such email extractions.

#4. Mailbiz Email Extractor

Mailbiz Email Extractor

It may be a Must Have tool For Any Professional Marketer to Extract Fb Uid, Full Name, Public Email Addresses, Public Phone numbers, Group Members! Fast and Accurate.

From FACEBOOK GROUPS, It extracts all MEMBER’S public email addresses (3%~5%), telephone number (3%~5%) altogether groups you take part or Any Public Groups.

Automatically removes duplicate uid, and intelligently flies false public email addresses (3%~5%), phone numbers (3%~5%).

#5. Atom Park : The way to Extract Emails From Facebook:


The Atom Park , Atomic Email Hunter is yet one more email scraper, except this one works a touch differently. It’s not a Chrome extension, for one thing. It’s a stand-alone app.

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to use. Launch the program and attend the Search menu. From there it asks you where you would like to look, so connect the URLs of the groups or pages you would like to scrape. Tell it how deep you would like it to scrape, and set any advanced scraping settings you would like to stay.

5 Smart Ways To Extract Email Addresses From A Facebook Group [2021]

Unlike a number of the opposite tools on this list, this scraper will keep the e-mail address, the source of the address, and therefore the name of the user all related to each other, whenever possible. this manner you’ll know where specifically you bought the e-mail addresses, not just an inventory with no names or labels.

5 Smart Ways To Extract Email Addresses From A Facebook Group [2021]

The email scraper also features a Facebook-specific plugin you’ll use. you’ll got to authenticate the app using your account, which is unfortunately, so take care. Any time you’re authenticating an app together with your account, you’re giving access and control to an entity you would possibly not fully trust. confirm you’re willing to try to to this – which you’re getting to review your profile afterwards to ascertain if it posted or made any strange changes – before you start.

The plugin allows you to look for contact information specifically using keyword or name search queries and other Facebook search options. It also can access groups and other hidden locations that your account can reach, but a public viewer cannot.

The Techypaw’s Line:

Facebook is the largest social network. So there’s a legitimate scope of extract emails from Facebook. People like it due to several reasons, as every individual can put their point of view without fear.

So you’ll find individuals with a spread of interests on Facebook, which may be became an incredible platform to extract emails and build your email list easily. Hope, this blog will be helpful to you to understand ways of extracting emails from Facebook. Thank you!

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