Why is Facebook Automatically Translating English Links to Local Language?

Facebook Automatically Translating English Links to Local Language

Back in 2016, Facebook introduced a ‘multilingual composer’ tool with the aim of removing language barriers across the social network. Although it was first made available only for big companies and brands, later it was set out for general users as well.

Among the total of around 269 million users currently on Facebook in 2020, more than half of them do not speak English as their first language. Thus a huge language barrier arises while people from different countries or communities try to interact and widen up their social network. To avoid this, Facebook planned to use this ‘multilingual composer’ tool to improve machine translation capabilities and reduce the language barrier in this virtual world to some extent. Hence, a new feature of automatic text translation was introduced by Facebook.

A Case Study: Translation of languages was determined by a number of factors, which included, the languages given under the languages you know, which languages you do not want to be automatically translated, and the languages you mostly use in your own posts. Though these features were made to help users, in reality, they do no less than annoy us, with wrong machine translations, which you may understand if you speak or know at least some bits of that translating language.

Why Facebook Automatically Translating English Links to Local Language, I don’t want such translation to happen?

If FB is automatically translating your English links, then this means that those links are being detected as some languages by Facebook. If you’re not interested in automatically translating, you can always switch off the automatic translation option on Facebook. When you come across a post that has been translated automatically in your News Feed, what you can do is,

1. Click on the Settings icon

Why is Facebook Automatically Translating English links to local language?

2. Select Disable Automatic Translation For. This option will turn off automatic translations for you, but you will still have the option to translate it back again.

Why is Facebook Automatically Translating English links to local language?

3.  However, if you click on Never translate, you would never an option to translate this particular language. So, if you don’t see any translations for a particular language, make sure that translations are turned on for that language.

4.To turn off translations, you can go to Settings on the right side of your Facebook website or app and then Language.

Why is Facebook Automatically Translating English links to local language?

5. In Language Settings, you can click on Which languages do you want automatically translated. Here you can mention the languages which you always want to be translated in the language mentioned under Which languages do you understand and finally click on Save Changes.

Why is Facebook Automatically Translating English links to local language?

Note: Mind you, these languages now will not be automatically translated. Instead, it will always carry an additional option to translate the post. If you never want a language to be translated, you can always mention them under languages you know, this way, they won’t ever be translated for you.

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The Techypaw’s Line:

Thus, I would say, if your Facebook is changing your Whatsapp links to some unknown random language, then take a proper note, to which language your links are being translated to. This is because your links are identified as some texts in that language. The easiest way to cope up with this problem is to turn off translations for that local language.

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