How to FIX Google Chrome Untitled Problem in Windows 10? [solved]

Your Google Chrome ‘crashed’ or ‘freezes’ and it’s continuously buffering? Are you facing this kind of problem, then here is the right place where you will get the real solution on ‘How to fix Google Chrome Page Unresponsive Error in Windows 10’. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers nowadays, first of all, it is safe and second very friendly to use.

The recent version has a lot of themes, fonts security updates but there although this browser is continuously updating some problems are also there which you can’t deny one of them is the Google Chrome page unresponsive error in Windows 10.

A case study:

Recently I used Google Chrome but suddenly I feel that the browser is crashed and it takes too much time to open a page in Windows 10 after that when I try to open and another webpage then again it is buffering continuously so so I was in trouble but I discovered a lot of ways to fix such errors if you are also facing this kind of problems in your Google Chrome browser then here is the ways to fix Google Chrome page unresponsive error in Windows 10. Although I have tried this in Windows 10 these tricks and tips are compatible with all the other Windows versions.

Okay, so let’s, see how we can fix it,

Why do pages become unresponsive?

Basically, Google Chrome pages become unresponsive due to exam extensions which load multiple ads in real-time and slows your prayers to connect to the IP address through DNS uninstalling such unwanted extensions main solve this kind of unresponsive problem. This article here will teach you how to solve the Google chrome untitled problem.

Method #1: Google Chrome cleanup tool

It is a great tool provided by Google itself, you can download it from the given link it’s really awesome.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome cleanup tool from your PC, after downloading it from the given link.

Step 2. Then it will check your Chrome browser and you will get an option ‘Continue’.

Step 3. After that, it will be redirected to the Google Chrome settings.

Step 4. Now you will get a prompt, click on Reset settings.

Step 5. After resetting you will get the original Chrome settings back.

This is it, you are done. If you were facing such problems regarding the Google Chrome page unresponsive error in Windows 10, then it will definitely be resolved after following the above steps. If you feel it is not suitable for you then try the next one.

Method #2: Using Google Chrome properties

You can fix the ‘Google Chrome page unresponsive error in Windows 10‘ through the Google Chrome properties themselves. You just need to,

Step 1. Go to start on your PC and in the search box type Google Chrome.

Step 2. Then right-click on the Google Chrome icon and click on the open file location.

Step 3. You will get a list of files, choose Google Chrome, and right-click on it >> go to properties.

Step 4. Then click on the shortcut tab and go to the target field there you will get the link ok just add a space Just after “chrome.exe” and write “-no-sandbox”.

Step 5. After that just click on apply and then ok then you will get a continue prompt which will appear because for administrator permission so after clicking on continue to restart your Chrome browser and you are done

This is a kinda good process and simple also because they are you don’t have to download any other third-party application and all. still, if you are facing problems then try the next method.

Method #3: Using Local App Data folder from your program files

This is also a very good process it’s time-saving as well as from your ‘run’ bar you can directly access the AppData folder. The steps are given below.

Step 1. Press Windows + r how to open run command from your PC and then in the search box type ‘%localappdata%’ after that click on ok.

Step 2. After opening the local AppData folder navigate the arrows, AppData>>Local>>Google>>Chrome>>User Data.

Step 3. Click on the default folder >> then right click on it  >> then click on rename >> change the name from ‘Default’ to ‘Defaultold’.

That is it you are done. After all the steps just simply restart your Chrome browser you can restart your computer also for hassle-free performance.


How to fix Chrome Page Unresponsive 2020?

Google Chrome page unresponsive issue is a very common type of error. Generally happens due to installing some bad extensions. After uninstalling such extensions the system automatically fixed the problem and if not fixed then use the above procedure where we have described the trips and tricks on How to fix the Google Chrome Unresponsive Error in 2020 on Windows 10.


How to fix the Website’s unresponsive issue?

Website Unresponsiveness may cause by multiple reasons. Here are a few which we are mentioned.

1: DNS lookup.

2: ISP problems.

3: Internet setting problems.

4: Browser issues.

Read more.

How to fix Chrome Unresponsive Mac on issues?

In the case of Mac the same procedure can be applied, I would recommend using the Google Chrome reset tool. The link is in the above procedures, through the tool you can reset Google Chrome, and after resetting you will get back the original settings and the unresponsive issues will be fixed.

How to solve Macos chrome page unresponsive issue?

Mac users can fix their Google Chrome page unresponsive error in multiple ways. You can solve this kind of problem by simply uninstalling unwanted extensions, which are installed in your Chrome. They are basically taking a lot of data and preventing the DNS to connect with the IP address of the Main server.

Why do Google Chrome Tabs Unresponsive?

If you open multiple tabs in Google Chrome then it may sometimes freeze, due to low RAM in your system. If you are using a high-end system, then you can open multiple tabs like Mac. In Mac such problems usually do not occur as the system is so high-end that it can do multiple tasks at a time. But in the case of Windows, you may face some lag at the time of working with multiple tabs at a time. So I would recommend, don’t open multiple tabs at a time, open 3 or 4 tabs at a time and finish your work then open another tab.

Techypaw’s Lines:

Here we have seen how to fix the Google Chrome page unresponsive error in Windows 10. The first method is quite cool the second one is better and I really prefer the third one because here changing the filename the system allows you to solve unresponsive errors. I hope you like this article. Thank you.

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