Fix This site can’t be reached error ERR_TIMED_OUT [Step-by-step]

Everything is ok still ‘This site can’t be reached’? Or ‘Error 404’ is coming, right?
It is a very common thing usually occurs, although you have an active internet connection still your browser can’t reach the desired website. If you are facing ‘This site can’t be reached’ issue then you are in the best place, where we will suggest the best idea on how to fix ‘This site can’t be reached’ issue on your browser.
As you have an active internet connection so you might be aware that internet connection is not the main problem, which prevents you from opening that particular website through your browser. There are so many conditions that trigger this kind of error in your browser.
Table of contents:
  • Methods of how to fix issues.
  • Introduction.
  • A case study.
  • 1. Scanning your device.
  • 2. Reinstall Google Chrome.
  • 3. Reset TCP/IP.
  • 4. Google Chrome profile sync reset.
  • 5. Reinstall network adaptor driver.
  • 6. Uninstall unwanted extensions.
  • 7. Updating Google Chrome browser.
  • 8. Enter correct URL.
  • 9. Clear browsing data.
  • 10. Change the date and time of PC
  • 11. Update TLS version
  • 12. Experimental QUIC protocol settings
  • 13. Reset Google Chrome setting
  • 14. Update IPv4 DNS Address
  • 15. Correctly plug Wi-Fi router wires.
  • 16. Fixing static IP
  • 17. Refresh the webpage
  • 18. Resolve DNS client
  • 19. Using VPN
  • 20. Network Troubleshooter
  • Wrapping it up
A case study:
3 days earlier I was trying to reach a website through my Google Chrome browser. Although I have an active internet connection still it showed that ‘This site can’t be reached’,(you may face ‘Error 404’ statement also)
I was in a very bad condition as it was very important to me. Although I have refreshed this webpage as well as the link multiple times.
I become helpless and leave that site then I realize it would be a very great opportunity if I can fix this and ultimately I tried and I fixed that website through my browser. Meanwhile, I thought it would be a great opportunity if I share the tips and tricks with you all on how to fix ‘This site can’t be reached’ issue in Chrome.
These tricks and tips are completely comparable with the new and older versions of your browser. There are many ways through which you can fix this kind of problems like ‘Error 404’ or  ‘This site can’t be reached’ with some basic and advanced hacks.
I have mentioned a couple of steps that are accessible through your PC just it follows steps one by one and it would definitely be beneficial for you.
The reason behind fail to open:
Here is the table where the name of the rocks and the reasons behind it are given.
ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Server Rejected Your IP Address / Change internet service provider (ISP)
Change static IP address
wrong URL input / Server is not responding
Failure of host/tries after some time.
Banned in your country
No internet connection.
Google Chrome page unresponsive error.
Use the local AppData folder to fix it.
In most cases, your internet setting, error in ISP, or ‘DNS lookup’ are reasons behind failure to open websites.
ISP is ‘Internet service provider’ if there are some errors then it may happen at the same time DNS is ‘Domain Name System’ which is the contact book of the Internet.
As we know the Web browsers connect to the internet through IP addresses in that case DNS helps to translate that particular domain name to the proper IP addresses. Through these procedures, the browser loads its resources and opens that particular website in front of you.

How can we identify the actual reason?

You’re my face that a particular website is not opening through Google Chrome but you can open it through any other browsers so in that case, your computer doesn’t have any problem rather you should look after your browser.
Because when you have a proper internet connection and a site is not opening from the Google Chrome browser, then some technical issues may be there in your browser which prevents the web address to connect with the particular IP address of the server through DNS.
Due to huge traffic, the server may not respond sometime. But in that case, I will prefer to just wait a while and try after some time so that the server can reload itself.

How to fix ‘This site can be reached’ issue in Google Chrome?

There are a lot of methods by which you can solve the problems here are the best ones just go through it one by one.
Method 1: Scan your device
If your computer is affected by malware then you might face “This site can’t be reached” issue in Google Chrome. Most of the cases the malware which is installed in your system takes a lot of data to gain real traffic into their Malware proxy server. So in that case, the general data transfer between DNS and IP address becomes slow and this may lead to error issues in Chrome. Scanning your device with a strong antivirus can fix that issue.

Method 2: Reinstall Google Chrome

You can reinstall your Google Chrome browser, in that case, any problems in the old Google Chrome will be fixed because you are uninstalling it and reinstalling. All the old settings will be changed to default. To reinstall Google Chrome you have to follow the steps.
Click on the start menu from your PC
Step 2
Open control panel.
Step 3 
Click on uninstall a program and select Google Chrome to uninstall from your PC.
Step 4
Now follow the path Users >> %your_name% >>  AppData >> Local >> Google >> now from keyboard press ctrl + A and ctrl + Z (everything in the file will be deleted from your computer).
Step 5
Download Google Chrome (latest version recommended) and install it into your PC and restart your computer after the successful installation of Google Chrome.
Method 3: Reset TCP/IP settings
This is a quite good procedure to fix “This site can’t be reached” issue in Chrome. In that case, you have to reset your TCP or IP address, just follow the below steps to understand it better.
Step 1
Open a command prompt from your PC.
Step 2
Right-click on the command prompt option from the start menu and click on “Run as administrator”. (If your computer has security setting enabled, then for any changes you have to put the password to run command prompt as administrator)
Step 3
After successfully running, in the command prompt type “netsh int ip reset” and press the enter button from your keyboard.
Step 4
Wait a minute so that the command Prompt can run the TCP/ IP reset setting.
Step 5
When the process is done just reboot your computer and open that particular website again it will definitely fix your issue.
If again you face “This site can’t be reached” issue in Google Chrome browser on a particular side then you can follow the next method.
Method 4: Fix it using “Google Chrome profile sync reset”.
In the Google Chrome browser, there is an option by which you can save your every web page data and site login information for further use. This is called the sync profile. But you really need to clear the “cache” file otherwise due to synchronizing the cache file list “This site can’t be reached” issue in Google Chrome will appear.
Follow the steps one by one,
Step 1
Open Google Chrome from your PC.
Step 2
Open Google dashboard.
Step 3
Click on the Reset Sync button, which is on the bottom side of your screen, and click on OK.
Step 4
Now turn on the sync option again.
Step 5
now go to Google Chrome search bar and search for that particular site that you want to open.

Method 5: Reinstall network adaptor drivers from your PC.

Network adapter drivers play a great role in the case of network connections and reaching the servers. To install network adaptor drivers you need to follow the steps.
Step 1
Open my computer from your PC and click on Manage.
Step 2
From their open device manager and search for network adapters and click on it to expand.
Step 3
Now right click on that particular network driver connection which is controlling your device.
Step 4
Now click on uninstall.
Step 5
Restart your computer after successfully reinstalling the network driver automatically just open your browser and that particular website the problem will be fixed.

Method 6: Uninstall extensions from Chrome

Usually, unwanted extinctions that we install in Chrome generally take a certain amount of data and send this data to their server to gain traffic. So, in that case, if you uninstall those extensions from your Google Chrome, then it may surely fix “This site can’t be reached” issue.
To install follow the steps,
Step 1
open Google Chrome browser and click on the three dots which are in the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser screen.
Step 2
From more tools click on the menu option.
Step 3
Click on settings then click on extensions.
Step 4
After that, you just need to drag the slider switch which will disable those extensions. Now, check multiple Times whether the uninstalled extension is still connected to your browser after uninstalling or not.
Step 5
Now restart your Chrome browser and open the particular website.
In the case of Chrome extensions sometimes they block the web service as well as your DNS also I personally face this kind of problems so, here I recommend you disable all the extensions.

Method 7: Update Google Chrome browser

It is very essential that if you are doing regular work on any browser and you are not updating this browser then the new HTML or PHP of that website may not be compatible with your browser so updating your browser can support all that new updates and the workability of your browser will be increased.
The update procedure is very simple, just follow the steps one by one.
Step 1
Open the old Google Chrome browser.
Step 2
Search for Google Chrome.
Step 3
From the authority, the link downloads the latest version of Google Chrome and install it into your computer.
Step 4
After a successful installation restarts your PC and then open the Google Chrome browser and search for that website the issue will be fixed.

Method 8: Input the correct URL.

In most cases, the common mistake is putting invalid URLs. The wrong URL doesn’t make any sense, because when you’re putting any wrong URL in the search bar then the DNS won’t be able to connect to the server IP address.
Suppose you have entered an invalid URL. Each character, each word represents another domain so when you put one URL like and the original web address is this one character change can make a huge difference. They are completely different domain names. So you might be aware of putting the correct URL at each time.
However, this is a silly mistake but you need to verify the URL each time before entering the search bar.
Method 9: Clear browsing data
If you are using any browser and not clearing your browsing data then sometime it may cause some lags or “This site can be reached” issue in your browser. So to clear your browsing data you need to follow the steps
Step 1
Open your Google Chrome browser from PC
Step 2
Click on the three dots which are in the top right corner of your screen then go to more tools and click on “Clear browsing data”.
Step 3
Click on the checkbox and select the things which you want to delete.
Step 4
According to your choice delete the history, cookies, catches, and saved websites. It would be a very great thing for your browser if you delete everything so that your Chrome can run fast.
Step 5
After clearing all the browsing data now restart your Google Chrome browser and open that particular website you want to see.

Method 10: Change date and time of your PC

Usually for a particular site if your browser is not responding then you can follow the upper process but if all the sides are not opening from your browser then you have to think about the internet connection and secondly your date_time of the PC.
You can set your date and time of the PC directly by doing these steps
Step 1
Open your PC
Step 2
Click on the right corner of your taskbar via date and time are mentioned.
Step 3
After right-clicking click on change date and time.
Step 4
Set the time zone to your own country time zone and if you are connected to the internet then set the internet time provider.
Step 5
Click on ok
I would recommend setting the date and time to the network time provider because in that case, you don’t need to change it manually every time when you are connected to the internet the time and date will be automatically updated in real-time.

Method 11: Update TLS version

This is a great idea that can fix errors in Google Chrome is to update the TLS version and change it to the maximum. Usually, it is a cryptographic protocol that connects a computer to computer security. If you are using a lower version of TLS then the communication between computer networks may be distracted or slowed.
The update procedure is quite simple and goes through the process below.
Step 1
Open Google account from your PC.
Step 2
On the search bar click on Chrome://flags/
Step 3
Search for the maximum TLS version enabled.
Step 4
From default setting changes to version 1.3 or maximum.
Step 5
After that restart your Google Chrome browser and search the particular website.

Method 12: Turn off the “Experimental QUIC protocol” flag.

It generally helps the clients to bypass the proxies which are transparent. To disable experimental QUIC protocol follow the steps.
Step 1
Open Google Chrome from your PC in the search bar type Chrome://flags/
Step 2
Now search experimental QUIC protocol and open it.
Step 3
Then, in the settings of experimental QUIC protocol, change the settings from “default” to “disable”.
Step 4
At last, restart Google Chrome and search the particular website you want to open.
Method 13: Reset Google Chrome settings.
Any change which you have made can be restored by resetting Google Chrome browser Google Chrome itself provides the option to reset the browser itself with just one click. After resetting starting from the browser history and ending up to advanced settings i,e the entire browser settings changes to the default settings.
Now how to reset Chrome settings follow the steps.
Step 1
Open Google Chrome browser
Step 2 
Now, at the upper right corner in the three dots option just click on.
Step 3 
Now, select more options >> From there select menu >> click on advanced.
Step 4
Find the reset and clean up option and click on Reset settings.
Step 5
At last restart the Google Chrome browser and search for the particular website you want to open.
Method 14: Update IPv4 DNS Address
if you are connected with the Internet from your PC then ipv4 DNS address is one of the very important things which you have to take care of. property changes in ipv4 DNS address can fix if you Google Chrome are not responding to any of the websites.
To change the IPv4 DNS address you need to follow the below steps.
Step 1
Click on the start menu.
Step 2
From there open control panel.
Step 3
Then click on the change adaptor settings option which is in the left portion of your screen.
Step 4
For your internet connection just double click on that icon and click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) >> goto properties.
Step 5
In the preferred DNS server address enter the below digits:
In the alternative DNS server address enter:
Step 6
Give a tick mark on the “validate settings upon exit” and click on “ok”, then restart your PC and after opening the PC open Google Chrome and search for the website.
Note: this is the Google public DNS server address which is mentioned above.
Method 15: Correctly plugged the Wi-Fi router wires.
If the wire of your router is not connected properly then due to the fluctuation of connection you’re my face this site can’t be reached issue in Google Chrome or any other browser as well so to fix the Wi-Fi modem manually follow the below steps.
Step 1
Unplug the wire which is connected with the router.
Step 2
Press the reset button and hold the button up to 10 to 15 seconds so that the router can reset itself.
Step 3
After 10 to 15 seconds, the route light will start flickering then release the reset button.
Step 4
Wait 4 to 5 minutes until the internet light changes to green.
Step 5
If you are using a broadband connection then after opening your Google Chrome set the internet connection from your browser and start Internet surfing.
It will definitely fix the fluctuation of connection issues as well as the “This site can’t be reached” issue in Google Chrome.
Method 16: Fixing static IP
Static IP is generally provided by the internet service provider depending upon whether the website blocked it or load it. It is actually the IP settings that are provided by your ISP and the router as well as your PC should have the same static IP.
When a particular website is blocked by the server then you can access the website by using a different IP address. If you change the static IP that can fix the issue.
I would recommend you to contact your internet service providers to change your IP address or static IP address. so, this unique static IP can’t be changed further. And the previous IP which was blocked by the server can be unlocked by a new IP address.
Method 17: Refresh the page
When a web page takes too long to load then it is a great process to refresh the web page multiple Times some of the pages have inbuilt settings that allow the page to refresh itself continuously until it is connected to the server.
But in most cases, you should have to refresh the web page manually. To refresh the webpage you should do,
Step 1
Open the Google Chrome browser
Step 2
Right-click on the web page
Step 3
Click on refresh
You can refresh the page by pressing  Ctrl + shift + R
This process is not too effective because after 4 to 5 times refreshing if you face “This site can be reached” issue on that browser then you have to follow the next process.
Method 18: Resolve DNS client.
This is a very effective method to fix many common issues in the Google Chrome browser. Resetting a DNS client is a very quick and easy method. Just go through the below steps.
Step 1
Open the run tab from the Start menu of your computer
Step 2
Write down “cmd” and click ok.
Step 3
After opening command prompt write down “net stop dnscache” >> press enter >> after 2 to 4 seconds it will stop the DNS service.
Step 4
Then, again type “net start dnscache” and hit the enter >> when the DNS service will start on your system again.
Step 5
Now, to reset the DNS cache write: ipconfig/flushdns >> wait 2 or 3 seconds and at last, you will get “successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache” message.
Method 19: Use a virtual private network or VPN
Nowadays everyone knows about VPN. VPN or virtual private network generally provides greater security to internet users because it creates a private network from a public internet connection. Your internet IP address will be converted to a different IP address and that IP address which will reach the server. And every time the IP address will be changing.
VPN generally helps when ISP is blocked by the webserver. It generally connects the DNS to the IP address with different IP addresses and hence the server can’t understand, either it is blocked IP or not.
Now let’s come to the point you need to download the VPN software from the internet. Both paid and non paid versions are available. So after downloading and installing it, open any website and run it and surely will not face “This site can’t be reached” issue on Chrome.
Method  20:   Network troubleshooter solver
Your system has a tool itself to fix such problems, which is called network troubleshooting.
Step 1
Click on start menu from your computer >> go running
Step 2
In the address bar type ncpa.cpl >> and hit enter from your keyboard.
Step 3:
Just right click on the active internet Wi-Fi connection and select diagnosis>> click on it.
Step 4:
If there is a problem then we will get a message
DHCP is not enabled for “Wireless Network Connection”. >> Now just click on “Try these repairs as an administrator”.
Step 5
At last, you will get a prompt and just click on “Apply this Fix”.
Wrapping it up:
So, in this article, we have seen how to deal with “This site can’t be reached” error in Google Chrome. I have described 20 best tricks by which you will definitely be able to fix such errors. districts are helpful for all Windows Linux Mac assistance the main procedures are the same for all. Hope you like this article. Thank you.

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