FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark

FREE Stock Photos Websites
In today’s Era, we really need some free good photos which, we can use for multiple purposes,  starting from blogging, making your thumbnails for YouTube,b-roll, l marketing, projects, PPT presentation and many more.
If you are looking for the best free stock footages or some professional pictures then you are in the right place. Here I’ll discuss the best 10 websites, from where you can get free stock photos, videos, and graphics.
You can use those in your public domain for professional use and this stock video loops will make your website look, more commercial at no cost to you.

No. 1: Pixabay

Best place for multipurpose copyright-free content.
  • Variation of quality.
  • Massive collection of stock photos.
  • HD quality photos.
  • User-friendly.
  • Can upload your own.
  • Provide a searching toolbar.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark
Courtesy- PIXABAY

Pixabay is a collection of 1.6 million+ copyright-free high-quality photos, videos, graphics designs, illustrations, vectors templates. It was founded by computer experts Simon Steinberger and Hans Braxmeier. The community provides copyright-free images and videos having different genres. In May 2019, it’s acquired by Canva. Worldwide audiences are gathered in this domain for their royalty type free stock contents.
All the content of this community is provided by their own license. It contains a great collection of landscape photography, which I personally like the most. You can use those images or videos without taking any permission or you don’t have to give any credit to any photographer. Sometimes depicted content may be protected by privacy rights. You can distribute, copy, modify those images or videos. Even you can use these images to Facebook WhatsApp Instagram like social networking platforms. Sometimes you may get some Shutterstock logo images in this website, but it is actually used to support financially to pixabay. Shutterstock is working as a sponsor for pixabay. The best part is, pixabay is providing you with an enable safe search option, by clicking this you will get near about 99% filtrate results to avoid explicit or unusual contents. Mostly by activating this, you can avoid adult kinds of stuff. There providing no hotlinking also, so you can’t directly show the images of the website to your own websites for doing this you have to upload pizza base images to a server. Otherwise, the URL will not be working directly on the external sites. Sometimes server reaching issues may occur due to some updates of this site but it will take hardly a few minutes or an hour to fix. The best part is this website offers an API.
License: CC0 – creative commons zero, free usable attribution doesn’t require.
  • The proper search bar helps to find your content easily.
  • Safe search option present.
  • For support, can donate by PayPal to the photographer.
  • A huge amount of video pictures with its templates present.
  • All high definition pictures of present.
  • Sign up options present for creating your own account.
  • It offers an API.
Major issues:
  • NO HOTLINKING: As pixabay’s content URL will not work in external sites, so it’s better to upload your necessary content to a server in order to show it on your website.
  • Chances a photo declination at the time of sharing your own content in pixabay, if it’s not matching the quality guidelines agreement of the community.
  •  Without signing up, you can’t directly download those images. You have to go through by CAPTCHA, sometimes it’s quite irritating.

No. 2: Pexels

Worldwide commercially usable stock photo site.
  • Search toolbar present.
  • Arranged by theme.
  • For the designer, they provide UI mockups.
  • Photo limiting barriers present.
  • HD images.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark
Courtesy- PEXELS

Pixels is the best know for its copyright-free photos and video sharing by talented creators. The community is developed by twin brothers with Bruno and Ingo Joseph. This website provides new a huge collection of high definition royalty copyright free stock images. Different categories of images are present. This website is sold to canva in May 2019. 
The entire website contains images with different tags, so it’s easy to find pictures of different genres. The website also contains video login and backgrounds which really helps the audience to use different content in different platforms like YouTube marketing, stock marketing, thumbnail, videography etc.bartaman problem all the images are not really copyright-free because in some cases you may face some problem like you have to buy some pictures for download, so there are some limitations which I personally don’t like.this site really provide the facility of searching by theme including emotions, locations, pastimes etc.the best part of this website is they have a category of space pictures which is really stunning.
Providing the option to directly upload your pictures to help this community.
License: CC0 – creative commons zero, free usable attribution doesn’t require.
  • Handpicked images present for the audience to provide the best one.
  • Proper search bar present.
  • Search my theme facilities available.
  • Vast majority pictures are original and creative.
  • Photos are nicely tagged.
Major issues:
  • Some pictures you can’t download directly.
  • Limitation of pictures.
  • they not only take pictures from the theatres but also collect pictures from other websites that may contain some copyright issues.

No. 3: Stocksnap

Hundreds of quickly added high-resolution images for free.      
  • Search bar present.
  • Weekly upload.
  • Tag-based category.
  • Easy to search.
  • High definition images.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark
Courtesy- STOCKSNAP is a copyright free stock image site where images uploaded weekly and images are so nicely customized and so versatile that one can ” falls to the rabbit hole”. The community was established by two entrepreneurs Christopher Gimmer and Marc Chouinard, they also developed a graphic design tool, named “Snappa”.
This site claims to provide very authentically, trendy, modern images, which you will definitely like. All the images are in high definitions so you don’t have to face any quality issues. The website claims to provide no tricks with no fine print no gimmicks only beautiful images. They really collect the number of high definition images from the pool of submissions. Besides also so have the option to upload your images directly to this site and that’s their collection. In stocksnap, there is a category called people, which I really like. it contains the different, versatile, high definition, creative theme images related to “people”.
when a photo is uploaded by in creator in this site the website leaves the author back for appreciation that’s a really good point. But at the time of uploading images in stocksnap, you must have to maintain the strict guideline of this website you have to upload 5 images gif if these images are matched with the quality guideline of stocksnap then they will upload this image with a backlink for appreciation.
License: CC0 – creative commons zero, free usable attribution doesn’t require.
  • Up to date images present.
  • You can upload this to your social media.
  • Pictures of so current that you really love it.
  • Proper tax present in images.
  • Most search categories at present in the last of the web page.
Major issues:
  • CCC-license is not the best combination with crowdsource images.
  • Here you can get a variety types of images but the community claims to provide hundred and thousand types of images only, but you can get more images from any other sites, like in million.
No. 4: Unsplash
Cool edited high-quality images by professional creators.
  • Search bar present.
  • The mobile application is available.
  • User-friendly categories present
  • Stunning edited images.
  • Pictures are nicely tagged.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark
Courtesy- UNSPLASH

Unsplash is a free stock photo website, where the images are donated by professional photographers and semi-professional photographers. The site has a collection of 550,000+ images. This site connects freelancers to the customers. At first, it was a Tumblr blog but then it became famous by the audience and turns into to stock photo site.
Some photos, you will find in unsplash which are present in pixabay, but the quality is more good as compared to pixabay. The search tool which, you will get in Unsplash is the fastest way to search because here proper customizable that we measure present proper searchable present and proper categories present which you can move slowly one by one. You can upload your pictures on this site. The website has a mobile application which is a great plus point, according to me. The site also provides a credit for the photographer for appreciation.
License: Own customized license ( like CC0), free usable attribution doesn’t require.

  • Modern photos.
  • Great collection of editing.
  • Proper license present
  • Great tags and customizable categories.
  • The most used search option present, which is very user friendly.
  • API present.
Major issues:
  • There are no major issues in this website but sometimes it not safe to use crowdsourcing images as it may contain copyright claims.

No. 5: Life of pix

Artistic updated high definition images for free.
  • Proper search bar present.
  • The professional theme of the website which you obviously like.
  • Featured category.
  • Weekly photo contest.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark
Courtesy – LIFE OF PIX

Life of pix is the home Om for high definition great and artistic collection of free stock photos. The website is maintained by LEEROY creative agency. All the photos of these websites are uploaded by photographers that are really awesome.
All the images of this webpage are provided to the public domain for users in a commercial for on purpose. The great thing of the site, besides stock photos the website also has another website called the life of vids, where you will get copyright-free small video clips which you can use for making YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentation, projects, marketing and many can download those to its Vimeo account. Like the other websites in my puppies, you can share your own videos or pics if those are matched with guidelines of this website then your videos will be published on this website and they also provide a backlink for appreciation.
License: Their photos are present in public domain so no copyright claim issue is there also images and videos are freely usable, attribution doesn’t require.
  • Artistic images.
  • User-friendly web page.
  • Proper search Tak present.
  • Daughter website life of vids is present.
  • The curation level is really good.
Major issues:
  • The about page is so complex to reach.
  • Sometimes it’s very tough to find any picture.
  • The webpage can be more user-friendly.
  • As the photos are provided to the public domain so you might have to understand the rights which they waived.
User-friendly website for copyright-free images.
  • Very user friendly.
  • High-quality images.
  • Proper search bar present.
  • Weekly updated.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark

Negative space is a beautiful high-resolution free stock photo website which is really user-friendly. The website is also very professional by appearance. This website is based in the UK.
Negative space is a site where the photos are given by various coming upcoming photographers.the goal of this website is to provide the photographers with a platform where they can show their talent. Any photographer is welcome to this website if you have a camera you have a passion for photography then you can join negative space it’s absolutely free. Several architectures of London and the scenic beauties of the UK has made the websites more attractive for the audience.
License: CC0 – creative commons zero, free usable attribution doesn’t require.
  • Contain PSD.
  • Contain web designs.
  • Tools for web development like JSONLint, JSCompress, JSONCompare, RandomKeygen, and DNS-Lookup.
  • Collection of abstract, architecture, animals, black, people-like-categories really great.
Major issues:
  • Lack of information.
  • As the license is CC0, the user-submitted images are not reviewed by legal authority.
  • The website design could be more improved.
  • Some images are very simple which you may not like.

No. 7: Rawpixel

Authentic design resource for everyone.
  • Proper search bar present.
  • Daily updated.
  • Current images present.
  • Rich in creativity.
  • High definition images.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark

Rawpixel is an authentic design resource for everyone from where you can download copyright free stock images. The community is founded by Robert Churchill.
The website brings on hundred thousands of unconventional, high-definition images for audiences, which are contributed by talented contributors. The major issue of this website is per month you can download only a hundred images. As the site provides premium contents so if you are normal days are there in every time you must have to enable ” free filter in every search” option.
License: Custom license, free usable photos without resale.
  • The library is super trendy where you can choose your favorite one.
  • Rich with high definition images that’s a great point.
  • Updated images that can we upload to FB Instagram and social media.
Major issues:
  • Some of the pictures are copyrighted.
  • The website could be developed more good way.
  • Limitation of downloads.
  • both for premium and normal the search engine is the same.
  • As the license is customs so there is an issue for reselling so so it may occur some problems in some cases.

No. 8: Pik Wizard

Stunning library for 1 million free stock videos and photos.
  • 1 million+ collections.
  • Search bar present.
  • Great resource.
  • Royalty-free and safe for commercial use.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark

The stunning collection of 1 million Plus images and videos the site pikwizard is owned by Wavebreak Media, it is copyright-free photography and video production company which is lead by Sean Prior, the Irish videographer and entrepreneur.
This site is lead by videographer and entrepreneurs so it looks very professional and rich with royalty-free photos. They provide the search bar along with photos, videos of the most popular categories. Also, movable categories of tags present which is really good for the audience to select or choose the best image for their needs.
License: Custom license, free usable without resale, attribution doesn’t require.

  • Stunning library for millions of free stock videos and photos.
  • Great combination of collections.
  • The website is so professional.
  • A mixture of artistic and commercial images.
  • Customizable tools present, like image editing, quick-on page, etc.
Major issues:
  • As the license is custom so resale can’t be possible.
  • Some pictures are premium. Which I personally don’t like, because most of the users need free photos.

No. 9: Gettyimages

Royalty stunning images to move the world.
  • Massive resources.
  • Collection of royalty images.
  • Search bar present.
  • High definition images.
  • 25 glorious years.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark

Gettyimages is a royalty stunning images website to move the world. It is at 25 years glorious stock images website. It was started in 1995 and was the first stock image website in the business of copyright-free marketing.
Gettyimages provide its content worldwide and from more than a hundred countries, the site gets its resources. At present ‘Gettyimages’ is the world’s best reputable free stock image website containing illustrations, videos, photos, designs, etc. You can easily find your favorite images and can purchase them individually. It has its brother website i-stock (gettyimages), which also at the same time provides the best royalty-free high-quality images.
License: Three types of licenses are being provided by the authority which are rights-free (RF), royalty-free(RF) and rights-managed. No sensitive use of the content without a disclaimer.
  • Images are really so good in quality.
  • Offers brother website I stock.
  • Proper search bar present with movable category tag which is really user friendly.
  • You can choose among editorial, video, music, images.
  • The website design is really professional.
Major issues:
  • You may have to purchase some of the pics.
  • You have to buy pics which I don’t like.
  • The pictures are so good but sometime you might have to pay a lot of money on this.
  • Very costly.

No. 10: Picjumbo

Stock photos, graphics, backgrounds, videos provider world-wide.
  • Creative images.
  • Proper search bar present.
  • Photo tags present.
  • High definition images.
  • Huge collection.
FREE Stock Photos Websites without Watermark
Courtesy- PICJUMBO

Picjumbo community is developed by stock photographer Viktor Hanacek. Picjumbo host offers 2000 plus photos by Viktor Hanacek.
The website consists of multiple categories of stock content with variable themes. The choice of a collection of photos is really brilliant. The website provides a proper search bar along with most searched tags,  by which, you can easily find any picture of your choice and can use those for your particular work like, YouTube, b-roll, web design, commercial use, personal use, PPT, projects and many more. Inside Picjumbo the category of nature is really brilliant its rich with awesome edits natural beauties and stunning views which I personally like the most.
License: CC0-, free usable, attribution doesn’t require, you can trust.
  • Collection of designs photos videos.
  • Photos come from stock photographers.
  • Quality and creativity are maintained in every image.
  • If you understand the stock market and the use then this site is best for you.
Major issues:
  • It’s fully commercial.
  • The website design could have been better.
  • If there some artistic touch present then it could have been better.

Techypaw’s Lines:
So here we have seen 10 best stock image websites from where you can download images without any copyright and which you can use in your professional commercial or personal purposes. I hope you like this article! Do comment and share with your friends. Thanks for visiting Techypaw.

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