How Some Posts With Less Likes Get Featured on Top Position of Hashtags?

How Some Posts With Less Likes Get Featured? At the top of a few hashtag pages, you will see a section called Top Post. Some of the most popular posts tagged with hashtags appear in trending hashtags to show you. In the recent section, photos and videos appear the way they were posted in. Whenever you browse the hashtag on Instagram, the first thing you see is three grids of ‘top posts’ for hashtags. Because of their visibility, being featured can provide a lot of exposure, possibly helping you engage a wider audience and get more followers in the process.

The secret of Instagram Top Posts Working Technique

Basically, Top Posts on Instagram is sorted by an algorithm that tries to rank posts within those hashtags. Unlike the user-specific Explore page, each visitor sees exactly the same top posts for a given hashtag. More precisely, it tracks both the likes and comments a post receives, as well as how much they’ve grown recently. Just a post that has recently gained more likes and comments and has a better chance of appearing on Instagram’s ‘Top Posts’.

Since the ‘Top Posts’ section is hashtag-specific, you may want to look for hashtags that are not popular. Popular hashtags have more audiences, but the competition is fierce and if you don’t have a lot of followers, you’ll have a hard time gaining enough likes or comments to get into the ‘top posts’. While you may want to aim to be in the ‘top post’ for less popular hashtags, that doesn’t mean your popular hashtags should be completely ignored. In fact, you should make sure that you also mix popular hashtags into your posts so that you can benefit from their wide audience and gain more likes and comments.


Hashtags That Helps in Increasing The Number of Real Followers Quickly

Increase Engagement to Appear on Top Posts

Another way to increase engagement is to try to encourage comments by calling activity in your caption. In this case, you want to use a caption that will probably arouse feedback. By asking questions directly to your audience, or through more subtle requests. It may take some time for tracking and testing, but you should try to figure it out when your audience is most active and time your posts accordingly. You can repost other people’s content using the screen capture tool. It is usually said that it is better to post in the evening but it may vary from case to case.

An account needs to be reasonably popular to appear in the top post box, but it doesn’t have to be extremely popular. Not only have I seen posts from accounts with half a million or more followers, but I’ve also seen posts from accounts with less than 500 followers. In fact, there are often accounts of 1000 followers who dominate the top spots. The less active the hashtag, the more likely you are to reach the top post for that hashtag. The hashtag is old or new, it is not considered until it is active. The less competition you have, the better your chances are.

Try to appear on Top Post in active Hashtags

The less active the hashtag is, the more the top posts change. Very active hashtags are refreshed every day or even after 12 or so hours. Posts with less active hashtags can stay long at the top for 3 or 4 days at a time. In very inactive hashtags, well, let’s just say in the top posts of a niche hashtag having low competition, then you can surely get the top position by getting quick engagement on Instagram. Even if you’re at the top, it doesn’t matter if the hashtag doesn’t get traffic.


The secret to Appear on Instagram Top Post

Perhaps the first thing you can do is make your content better. I’m talking on a technical level here. Buy a better camera. Learn how to manage images beyond just basic filters. Smooth spots, balance colors, edit confusion. For videos, use scripts whenever possible and make sure your audio is high quality. If you can’t do these on your own, consider hiring a photographer or videographer to do the job for you. Of course, it is expensive, but ideally, the return on your investment will be enough to balance it

The Techypaw’s Line:

When I say you should give something for free, it can be anything. You can offer a gift card for free and get a ton of choices from people on the way to the discount. Or you can offer a free e-book, follow a link to your profile to download it. Or you can give free advice. Some photographers post about their image editing process, while bakers can post recipes.

If your audience has something of value, even if it’s too simple behind the scenes information, provide that information and draw people. Lots of people use likes as a saving feature to browse a lot later and come back again. You get more engagement from the deal if you can deliver something they want. So you can get featured on top position by not having fewer likes, just work upon your account.

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