Git and GitHub :5 Astonishing Facts you should know about

GitHub is one of the leading hosting git services across the globe as of today. Microsoft has purchased GitHub recently, which is a very big deal.

So in this blog, I will be telling you what is give and get have and what actually GIT and GitHub do. You will have a very good idea for git. so read this article completely together information so that in future you can use git and GIT have without having a single problem.

Why should you learn Git and GitHub?

There are multiple reasons for which you should consider learning GIT and GitHub today are 

1. Better workflow for software development

If you want to be a software developer at then you should know how to handle different software scenarios different path different algorithms, how to work with a better workflow? And GitHub and GIT are provided you with exactly that feature.

2. Security and ease of use

The ease of use will attain using GIT and GitHub is enormous. You will not find any single challenge during working with a team. Apart from that GIT and GitHub also provide you super-secure environment so that you can work on your shop program without any damage or loss.

3. Industry-standard

If you are not working in git hub now you should start working because it has become the industry standard. Software industries using GIT and GitHub to develop software. 

So if you are a very good programmer you know everything about coding but you don’t have any experience before on working GIT and GitHub so you might face problems in the future when you will be selected as a software developer inside in IT or any software company. It will be a downside for you and you mail loss this shop as well as this position.

4. Grab the universal codes

Trust me if you are a student and you are into software development, then through GitHub, you can get a lot of codes or projects as it is open source you can for this project to your repository and use them it’s like creating a sub-branch from origin master of that particular project. You should definitely start working on Git and GitHub for software workflow.

What is git?

According to Wikipedia Git is a distributed version control system that is used to track changes of source codes at the time of developing software. It is actually designed to help are co-ordinate among the developers of any e software they can communicate with them through the git. Programmers can co-ordinate using git today to lock any particular project using teamwork method.

There are a proper branch and sub-branch through which they can easily do their particular work and then merge these branches inside a master branch to make a proper project and the best part is one can track the changes which are made during developing the project inside any branch.

What’s the goal of Git?

The main goal of git is to integrate data progression, nonlinear workflows including speed and it supports distributed workflows. It also saves your data which you have prepared like quote images videos anything you want but 1GB is the highest limit. You can remove these quotes from your computer and these codes or documents will be stored inside GitHub lifetime.

I think it is a bit tough to understand if you are a beginner let me clarify.

Version and source control:

Version control is a kind of system which helps to record the files over time so that you can go back or access the previous files whenever you want.

Version control is one of the

It is actually taking snapshots of the software that you are developing.and if any mistake happens you can go back to the previous version of your software. This is what version control is.

Example of Version control:

When you are taking data in your Google sheets you will find a version history where are you have edited these shades so in each time these edited sheets are saved whenever you want to go to the previous sheet you can go by clicking on this what version control does.

Bug Tracking:

suppose you have made a mistake in your recent quotes and you want to shift to the previous version of your code then you can easily shift using get and from there you can track the bug which you have made in the recent code and by coding from this previous version you can reach to the present version so it helps to track bugs in your code.

Collaborative development:

When you will use kit you won’t be alone of any particular project definitely your colleagues or teammates will be there who will work in real-time with you so so there is a great chance of collaborative development inside git.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is actually a product of git. It’s using git to provides the hosting for software developers.GitHub is actually is service or company or website.

If you have a website and you are working on a project then after uploading it on git by making repositories you can host the project inside your website which will be hosted by GitHub.


Let’s take an example you are working on a project on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on a website. Now one of your colleagues or friend asks you about your project and you have given him all details about this project through your website.

Now you have seen that he is a keen interest in this topic and he is very good on Bitcoins and cryptocurrency. So you will get valuable feedback from him. Now you can offer him to work on this project with you.

Now at the time of working on the same project on the same folder on the same time, you should have required a system which provides an atmosphere where one file can be used by two persons at real-time so you can do it by USB copy this code from the owner of the court or project and insert in your system to continue your work but it is a bit tough process because sometimes you are far away from your friend to send pen drive. Each time he will take your data to pen drive and insert in his computer he changes this code and send it to you again you will see what changes you made and then again you send the pen drive to him and he made some changes and again send it to him. 

Can you imagine how painful, how much complex the processes are to achieve in short of efficiency?

Now you can think Mail can be an option to do this. But there have also some major problems. Just imagine if you are sharing mails between two people then it’s easy to handle the code but if it is among 10 or 20 peoples then it would be a very tough job to maintain the codes after they have corrected it or they have changed it. You can manage these situations by using GitHub.

How GitHub is used to manage your project?

The GitHub helps in pushing and pulling code among multiple users. Let’s understand it step by step.

  1. Create a central repository or folder for your project.
  2. Then you host it on the GitHub server on the internet.
  3. As it is open-source so the client can make changes to this court on his own computer.
  4. You will push the changes to the GitHub server.
  5. The GitHub server will get the push request and the main court will be changed. It will be an updated one.
  6. If you want to make some changes inside the code then you can check the GitHub server if there is any update made by your friend or colleague or not.
  7. Then do a pull request from the server and inside your machine code will be there this time it will be an updated port which is made by your friend and colleagues or the client.
  8. Now I will change the court and again push it to the server and this change is running continuously for multiple users for the same project.

What is the difference between Git and GitHub?

  • Geet is actually the place where you can n.k. it the snapshots of the single coat changes which you have made during creating a project. It is actually a version control system where if you stuck inside your present code of the current project, then you can Rio into the previous code which you have made, and from there fixing bugs you can code that project to reach the present version of the code.
  • GitHub is actually hosting service of git which provides the developers with a platform where they can use the same code from multiple systems in real-time.

How to use GitHub: From scratch to Pro

It is very simple to use GitHub, simply follow the steps one by one to understand how to sign in, how to edit profile, how to delete the profile, how to create a repository, how to change the username, readme file, pull and push from your PC, update your codes, Run websites, change domain names, forks, change repository privacy, and many more.

1. How to sign in to GitHub?

  • First of all, go to which is the official GitHub page. 
  • Then open the main link and from there click on the sign-in option. 
  • If you have already a GitHub account then just simply log in. 
  • To sign in to GitHub will require your email address, your username through which you be accessed, and a password.
  • A verification code will be sent to your given mail address, after signing in, just open the mail and click the verification link to verify GitHub profile.

2. How to edit a guitar profile like a pro?

  • After signing into GIT have to go to the profile icon which will be the top right corner of your screen.
  • Inside the account section, you will get a lot of features that can be edited to make your profile like a pro.
  • At a first tap on the edit profile to edit your GitHub. In the avatar section, you have to put your image, there is a name section where are you have to put your name. Then a little bio, about yourself,
  • Then add some social links like website your country, your workplace, and your Twitter account.
  • Now your profile is ready. You can customize these features whenever you want by clicking the edit profile option.

3. How to Change the username of your GitHub profile?

To change your username of current GitHub profile you need to

  •  Open your GitHub, providing an email address and password and need to login to the GitHub account. 
  • Then simply click on the down arrow next to the Avatar icon, which is in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Inside this down arrow select settings.
  • Insight settings you will get a lot of features from there select account.


  • Inside account the fast option you will get change username.
  • If your username is not suitable according to you then you can put any username inside the box and if this username is available then you will get a green tick next to your username after selecting proper username click on change username.
  • You are done your username will be changed successfully.

4. How to delete the GitHub account?

Deleting a GitHub account is as simple as creating it. To delete your GitHub background you need to follow these steps.

  • Open the GitHub profile.
  • Go to the down arrow which is next to your weather top right corner of your screen.
  • From there select settings.
  • Inside settings, on the left side, select the account.
  • After opening the account you will get some features like change username export account data success settings mobile settings and at last delete account.
  • Click on delete your account option which is red in color to permanently delete your account.

Note: once your GitHub account is deleted, there is no chance to get it back so please be certain before deleting your GitHub account.

5. What do you mean by repository [repo] and how to create a repository?


If you are new to GitHub follow the steps to create a new repository inside GitHub.

  • Login to GitHub
  • You will get a green icon after repositories text.
  • Click on new to create a new repository.

After creating a new repository you have to follow the given steps one by one.

1. Give a proper name of your repository. (eg. Price Predictor)
2. Give a suitable description for this repository, do it is an optional step but you should provide a proper description so that when others will visit your GitHub profile, they will easily understand what kind of projects you have made by reading your descriptions.

Note: the name of your repository and the description will be e added inside file of your repository if you delete the file from your repository then there will be no description for that particular repository.

3. Select the privacy settings that’s mean if you want to make your repository public you can select the public option otherwise select a private option. 

  • If you make your repository public then anyone from the internet can access your repository data as it is an open-source system.
  • But if you make your repository private then no one will be able to view your repository except you.

4. Now, tick beside initialize this repository with a

5. At last, click on

6. After that, your repository will be created and there will be no file inside it accept a readme file.

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