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Hide Accidentally Viewed Someone’s Instagram Story [WORKS]

View Instagram Stories Privately- Oh shit! have you watched someone’s Instagram story accidentally?  Now you want her not to get any information about your view. Know the best method of how to view someones Instagram stories anonymously, You can also check for how to save Instagram stories, story reposter, chrome IG extension get the solution if girl blocked me on Instagram.
Have you watched someone Instagram story accidentally?  now you want him not to know that you have watched his Instagram story.

Cool! the best and easiest methods are here:

Sometimes it may happen that you can’t stop yourself to see your closest one’s story and at the same time you want him not to know that, you have viewed their stories, for doing this you have to remove the viewing notification from their “viewer’s list”. 

Since we humans are so emotionally attached to our feelings. Maybe you do not want to see the Instagram story, because of trouble with your boyfriend or girlfriend or your EX. Maybe it’s a brother of your friend, whom you have slapped on wrongly, now you can’t block him for getting away from him and unfortunately, you have tapped his Insta Story. Maybe you do not want to see your roommate’s Insta Story because of so many disagreements with her, but accidentally you have watched it out.
It may be an old school friend or family member with whom due to a lot of problems, you never want to see their Insta story, but again accidentally you tapped their stories now and you want to “View Instagram stories privately”.
For girls, it becomes a problem when they have mistakenly watched any stalkers into the story and by viewing notification some stalkers starting to stalk girls, like too much irritating.

Wait…you can think it in another way, by using this trick you can easily fool your close persons by “View Instagram stories privately” and can also confused them in such a way that why you did not see their Instagram Story. Here are the best methods that will make it easy to understand how to “View Instagram stories privately“. i.e. Without giving him any hint that you are watching their Instagram story. The three best and easiest tricks are:

Trick 1. Simply block that Instagram profile from your profile

This trick is applicable for both Android and iPhones, respectively.
    1. Open Instagram and go to the stories section.
    2. Open the particular story, which you have just watched and tap the profile icon, which is in the top left corner of your phone screen.
    3. After opening that profile, tap the three “dot” icon, top right corner of your phone screen.
    4. Simply Tap on ‘block”. (Remember: Sometimes it seems like odd to block someone from your profile but if you want to unseen your viewed notification then you have to do it, man! )
    5. After blocking that profile your viewed notification will be automatically removed from that person’s “viewer’s list”.
    6. Now, unblock the person anytime. But it is suggested to unblock after 24 hours, so that, his or her story will be expired automatically.
    7. Simply “Follow” that account again.
(As you have blocked that account it means you have also “unfollow” the account well, so, you have to “follow” him or her again. )

    • Regretfully, as you have blocked the person, it means you’ve also removed him or her off of your following list.
    • And moreover, unknowingly you have got an unfollow from their account. it may also decrease your no of followers.
    • So yes, you have to follow this account if you don’t want to make any difference.
    • If that account is private then you have to wait for their acceptance of your “follow request”.
    • Absolutely, they will get a notification at the moment, when you follow that account.

Trick 2:(sliding method)

This method is very easy and if you can do it carefully, then no application will be needed to download in your phone for this purpose. This trick is also applicable for both Android and iPhones, respectively. All you have to do is just:
    1. Open Instagram and Choose the story which is just after that person’s story which you want to see without giving him any hint.
    2. After choosing, simply tap on that story and after opening the story, again tap on it for making it pause.
    3. Now you have to move the current story in such a way that, half of the story, which is right before, is visible to you.
    4. Don’t try to slide current story more, then your viewing notification will have appeared in their “viewer’s list”
    5. Now simply slide left and leave the current story in its previous condition
By this trick, you can easily watch someone’s Instagram a story without giving them any hint but the problem is you can’t see the entire story only, you can take an idea of what he or she has uploaded to their stories.

Trick 3. View Instagram stories privately using “Story Save” app

There are many applications for Android as well as iPhones which will provide you with the opportunity to  “unseen someone’s Instagram story after viewing it”. The best application is STORY Save.
This is so easy:
    1. Download the “story save” application from the above download link and open the application.
    2. Log in with your Instagram username and password.
    3. After this, you will get a page where your friends, as well as your Instagram stories, will pop-up. Simply choose that person’s story whom you want to see actually.
    4. Tap on the story and watch it. ( They will not get any hint, that you have watched their Stories. Cool, right ? )
    5. They will get you viewing the notification, only when you allow the mention option, by tapping the “eye icon” which is next to the username.
    6. Open Instagram and check that person’s Insta story for your safety. There will be a multi-coloured ring over their story.
And Yes!  that’s mean they will not get any notification of yours in their “viewer’s list”. This trick is pretty cool!
    • You don’t have to worry about they really get a notification or not.
    • The application sometimes contains adds, which can make you feel a little awkward.
    • You can unsee someone’s Instagram story after viewing it”.
If you don’t want to download any application on your phone then this method will be easier for you to unseen someone’s Instagram story after viewing it. Some online sites will help you to do this.

Trick 4. How to be Hidden if Viewed Instagram Story?

The steps are so simple and straightforward just follow them one by one.
    1. Open any of this above-given website from any browser from your smartphone or pc.
    2. Type the user name of that particular Instagram profile in the given section, whose Instagram story you want to see without them knowing.
    3. After this, Tap on the listed profile for viewing the IG Story.
    4. Now, you will get all the Media files and can directly watch or download Images or Videos from the given download links just below of these files.


    • Using online tools you need not to login with your Instagram account, as a result, you can only view Stories of Public Instagram profile.
    • If you want to see the story of any profile which is in a private mood, alas, you can’t see them.
The Techypaw’s Line:
Here in this article we have seen how to you can send someone’s Instagram story if accidentally viewed. Process one is the safest and easiest way to can follow I hope this article will be beneficial for you.Hope you like it. Thank you.
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