How to Change Birthday on FB?

To check in for Facebook, you’ve got to provide a full birth date, including a birth year. Although you’ve got to supply the date for Facebook administrators, you do not need to share your birth year with the planet. Go to your editing menu of your profile to erase your birth year from your profile. The changes become very fast, and your friends are not notified once you alter whether or not your birthday shows.

Our DOB(Date of Birth) plays a crucial role in Facebook. We add our date of birth on Facebook to tell our friends about our birthday. On our birthday, our friends get the notification to remind our birthday and need us on Facebook.

How is your birthday assailing in Facebook?

You may have noticed that Facebook doesn’t really ask you when your birthday is while signing up. That’s because if you linked your Gmail ID to your Facebook account, Facebook will automatically use your birth date related to your Google account.

If you probably did not check in with a Gmail account, Facebook simply uses your date of birth that you simply got to enter for age verification to calculate your birthday on the app.

Well, you will be surprised by what percentage steps it takes to really change your birthday on Facebook. This is often actually because Facebook tries to discourage you from changing your birthday too repeatedly to prevent users from faking their age.

If we’ve recently changed our date of birth on Facebook, we may need to wait before we will edit it again. These are the subsequent steps wont to change the date of birth on Facebook:

Change birthday on Desktop:

Step 1: Login into Facebook Account.

Firstly, we’ll open the Facebook official website by pasting the within the address bar of our preferred browser. If we are already logged into Facebook, we’ll directly reach the News Feed page. But if we aren’t login, then we’ve to enter the username, telephone number, and email address, followed by the password within the given tab.

Step 2: Attend the profile.

Now, we’ll click on the profile button at the right-hand side of the search bar to travel to our Facebook profile.

Step 3: attend the about section.

After entering our profile, we’ll attend the about section of our Facebook account by clicking on the “About button”. The About button are going to be visible below the profile name.

Step 4: Click on the date of birth.

We will scroll down the page and look for our date of birth. After finding the DOB, we’ll click thereon to edit our contact and basic information.

Step 5:  Click on the Edit button like the date of birth.

Now, we’ll edit our date of birth by clicking on the Edit button like the date of birth.

Step 6: Set a replacement date of birth

Now, we’ll set the new date of birth by using the date, month, and year selector. Here, security fields also will be visible.

Step 7: Save updated DOB

After setting new DOB, we’ll check the checkbox to verify our age, then we’ll click on the Save Changes button to save lots of our new DOB.


Change birthday on Smartphone:

Step 1:  Login into Facebook Account

Firstly, we’ll launch the Facebook app. doing this; we’ll directly reach the News Feed page. But if we aren’t login, then we’ve to enter the username, telephone number, and email address, followed by the password within the given tab.

Step 2:  Open Facebook menu

After login successfully, we’ll open the Facebook menu by clicking on the menu icon located at the top-right or bottom-right corner of the Facebook page.

Step 3:  Open profile

After opening the Facebook menu, we’ll click on the profile button to open our profile. Our profile contains all the essential information regarding us.

Step 4:  Click on the three dots.

We will open the about section of our profile by clicking on the three dots with the name “See Your About Info”. These three dots are going to be located below our college or school name.

Step 5:  Attend the essential info section.

After opening the about page of our Facebook account, we’ll attend the essential Info section of it. Basic info includes Gender, Birthday, Language, and curious about information.

Step 6:  Click on the Edit

We will click on the Edit button located on the right-hand side of the essential Info. This click will show all the essential information in editable mode.

Step 7:  Set new birth date

In the birthday section, there are three selectors, i.e., date, month, and year. By using these selectors, we’ll set the new birth date. Within the birthday section, the privacy option also will be visible with these selectors.

Step 8:  Save modification

At last, we’ll click on the Save button located below the page to permanently save the modification which we’ve done on the birthday. If we do not save the modification, our old birth dates are going to be visible in our profile.

How to hide my birthday on Facebook?

You can set the audience for who you’d wish to be able to view your birthday on Facebook. By default, the setting is close to ‘Friends of Friends’ which suggests that albeit someone features a mutual friend, they’re going to view your birthday on your profile. You can set different audiences for your birth year, and birthday. Facebook gives you the selection to choose between the next audience settings.

  • Public: Everyone on Facebook
  • Friends of friends: Users with a mutual friend
  • Friends: Only users in your Friends list
  • Only me: Only you and no-one else
  • Close friends: Custom close friends list that you simply have created

What happens once you change your birthday on Facebook?

The time, when you change your birthday on Facebook, your account will immediately reflect that change. So if you set your birthday to subsequent day (tomorrow), your friends will receive a notification letting them know that it’s your birthday subsequent day.

Your friends aren’t notified once you change your birthday, so you are doing not need to worry that. Additionally, the change isn’t displayed as an occasion on your timeline.

How many times are you able to change your birthday on Facebook?

You should take care and keep a calculation what percentage times you’re changing your birthday on the social media app because Facebook definitely is. Facebook only allows you to change your birthday 3 times before it starts to urge suspicious.

If you would like to vary your birthday even after you’ve got changed it 3 times, you’ll got to contact Facebook with the shape linked below. However, there’s no guarantee that Facebook would even oblige.

How to prevent Facebook notification to your friends on your birthday?

While some people find the birthday notification extremely helpful, others might want their friends to recollect their birthday without having Facebook remind them. You will be able to prevent Facebook from announcing your birthday by simply changing the privacy on your birthday.

Follow the guides above to vary your birthday audience on Facebook, and set it to ‘Only me’. This essentially hides your birthday from everyone on Facebook.

If your birthday privacy is about to ‘Only me’, Facebook won’t notify anyone when it’s your birthday.

My final line:

I hope, my techniques will help you to change your birthday easily. If you have any sorts of problem, feel free to connect with me through the below comment box.

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