How to Delete Inactive/Deactivated Friends from Facebook?

People who are sitting far away from you can see you through video calling. You can text with groups with individuals and recently Facebook Messenger has launched small games which you will definitely like and everything for timepass so overall Facebook has become a great social platform, consisting of young age people to old age people.
But Facebook has its own system guidelines which wheel accept only 5000 people of each account so if you are a Facebook user and you have 5000 friends in your friend list then you won’t be able to add more friends in your account.
A Case Study:
Now the major problem is when you are adding lots of people after some time you may face that your Facebook post doesn’t reach that much amount of people, as a result, the comments and likes of your post are not appropriate, what you are assuming by your friends. And this problem occurs due to the presence of lots of inactive accounts present in your friend list of Facebook.
You can check the expert advice from here. So you should have deleted those accounts which are inactive. By doing this first of all you will get new friends who are really like to be your friends and secondly time your reactions to posts will be increased. So here I’ll discuss how to remove all inactive friends from Facebook.
Here we will get three best procedures to remove inactive friends on Facebook.

Procedure 1: Directly Unfriending from Facebook.

  1. Open your Facebook.
  2. Go to friends.
  3. Open all friends.
  4. Then scroll down.
  5. And in the end you will get all the friends, who are inactive.
  6. Now simply, click on the right-left corner and unfriend them.
  7. After that, all the inactive friends of your friends will be removed.
No need to download any external extensions for applications in your no third party application will be able to know your personal information. And you will not be locked out from Facebook. And your data will be safe.
It’s quite time-consuming and a little boring because all you need to unfriend all the friends who are inactive by scrolling down and checking one by one.

Proceeded 2: By using ” friends filter” extension

  1. Download friends filter applications on your PC or laptop.
  2. you just have to add the extension in your browser.
  3. Then open Facebook from your browser.
  4. In the new tab, open friends filter app.
  5. Click on scan friends.
  6. Your Facebook will be automatically open and this application will start scanning all your friends from your friend list on Facebook.
  7. then again open a new tab and open a friend’s filter app and click on scan photos.
  8. This application will start scanning your all photos and reactions from your friends.
  9. After that click on friends which is in the left middle portion of your screen.
  10. Then click on inactive.
  11. Then you will get all the inactive friends list.
  12. Now select “per page 500”.
  13. Then click on select all.
  14. Then click on unfriend selected friends.
  15. then it will automatically open your Facebook page and all the selected friends will be removed one by one.
  16. You are done.
The main advantage of the ‘friends filter’ tool is it’s the really time-saving and easiest way to find inactive friends and remove them. And your Facebook will not be affected due to it. You can tell me your photos of your friends your reactions and many more things buy simply scanning photos and friends so it is a great application that helps you to find your Facebook inactive friends within a minute. Isn’t that simple???
  • This application will not work on smartphones.
  • This application will only work on a laptop or PC so smartphone users will not get benefits from this application.
  • as you are using a third-party application, so your data is being seen by the application. So if you have a privacy problem, then I will recommend, not to use any third-party application.

Procedure 3. Using “YANDEX” browser

  1. Open your browser from your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Download the Yandex browser.
  3. Open the Yandex browser.
  4. Go to the search bar and search for that Chrome extension.
  5. Then a new page will be opened and just turn on developer mode.
  6. Now you will get an option that will show you load unpacks.
  7. Now open the new new tab from the Yandex browser.
  8. And download this extension.
  9. Now come to the main tab and click on load and pack.
  10. Then it will want the location where you have downloaded this extension.
  11. Now first you extract the download file then opening and select the manifest.json file.
  12. After selecting that file clicking on next in your index browser the multiple tools for FB will be added.
  13. Now open Facebook from the Yandex browser.
  14. After opening your Facebook now in your Yandex browser settings, click on extensions.
  15. Then click on “multiple tools for Facebook”.
  16. Then a new window will be opened just click on the upper small cross sign.
  17. Then it Google bar will be opened from there select activities.
  18. Then your FB account will be analyzed by this extension and you will have to select the number of rows, who are in the given box. Select 25 rows at a time.
  19. Then you will get a box its own reactions.
  20. In the reaction box type 0 from your keyboard.
  21. And click on.
  22. After that, the account of your friend list who are are inactive or given 20 comments like or reaction will be automatically selected.
  23. Now you just have to select them individually or click on the upper box to select all at a time.
  24. And then click on bye-bye.
  25. then it will take some time and all the friends of your friend list who are inactive will be automatically removed.
  26. You are done.
You don’t have to worry about anything because it’s so time saving and easy to find which friends are inactive,l. You can also delete them from your friend list at the same time.
There is a lot of disadvantages in this process
  • As you are downloading third-party extensions so your data can be hacked.
  • Do its time saving but if the friends which are inactive are not online in FB, at the time when you are doing this then this application cannot be removed from those friends it can identify only those friends.
  • After doing all these operations when you will open Facebook it will show that your Facebook account has been blocked temporarily.
  • after that, you need to reset your Facebook account by changing password friend’s questions mobile verifications.
  • So I don’t think this is a good option.
The Bottom Line:
In this article, we have seen how to remove inactive friends from Facebook. It is better to stay away from any third-party tool as those may lead to destruction. Try being safe while performing this action at your own risk. Thank you for choosing Techypaw.

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