How to find friends on Instagram? [2020]
Want to find friends on Instagram? But doesn’t have any idea how to do it? Relax, Techypaw is here to guide.
Are you new you on Instagram you haven’t followed anyone or you doesn’t have any followers ok so here we go if you really want to connect with nearby friends as well as new friends on Instagram then you have to follow some some basic tricks by which you will be able to know How to find friends on Instagram.
Usually people use to follow those Instagram accounts, which are popular like actor,actress or entertainers, brands, technology related guider profile, social media influencers and many more. But most of the cases, they haven’t give you a follow back. So there is a negligible chance to be friends with them on Instagram.
We have already discussed how to get real followers on Instagram you can read it also 
Here in this article where, you will get to know how to get friends on Instagram.this article will also help you to understand how to find people on Instagram.

A case study:

I started using Instagram in 2018. At that time, I had zero followers, 0 followings and 0 posts. Then I started uploading post on a regular basis. But after one of few weeks I haven’t got in single follower on my profile then I started thinking that people only follow you when they will get if follow from your side so when you who started giving follow to someone known to you or unknown to you but a normal user there will be a huge chance that they will give you a follow back and when you both follow each other you will be friends. Then I started following, a lot of people known to me or unknown to me. But the way to know about them, on Instagram is the context of this article. The tricks which I had personally applied to find new friends, I will describe to you guys, so that you can get the best idea on how to get new friends on Instagram.
So without wasting time let’s understand the process.
basically there are lots of process present on internet but the most easiest and effective on is given below just go through it one by one to understand it better

How to find people to follow on Instagram?

The general method to find real friends on Instagram is given below. Searching from the search bar of Instagram is a very common way which can be done by every Instagram users. But to get more friends directly follow the Navigated arrows.
Step 1.
Open Instagram >> your profile.

Step 2.

Three lines to Drag more menu.
Step 3.
Discover people.
From suggested , Facebook , contact list follow users according to your choice to find new friends. If you want to understand the procedures in details, then you should go through the below methods.

Method 1: Discover people from phone contact

The first way to find people on Instagram, is to follow the people who are in your phone’s contact list. So to find them go through the below process.

How to find your contacts on Instagram 2020 ?

Step 1:
Open Instagram >> tap on your profile >> now tap on the three horizontal lines which is in the top right corner of your screen and then go to discover people.
Step 2:
Tap on contact which is on the right side of your discover people page.
Step 3:
Now tap on connect contacts.(it will ask you to allow Instagram to access your contact just touch on allow and if you have already allowed permission then keep the process)
Step 4:
Android users iPhone get started and iPhone users that just click on allow access and after that Instagram will search the people from your contact and show you on the Instagram contact list.(in that case you will have to turn on the location so that Instagram can access the nearby users also).
Step 5:
Now ,open Instagram follow list and you will get a lot of contacts who use Instagram. Just find the people you want to follow and yesterday. Them simultaneously or you can just Follow all to follow everyone of the contact list .
Step 6:
Now tap on the profile of the particular users you want to follow and after opening their profile will get a follow option you can just follow them to get their updates.

How to find someone on Instagram by phone number 2020 ?

Here, you have seen how to find someone on Instagram by phone number but  if the account is private then we will have to send a follow request and once the other person accepts your follow request you will be a follower of them if they also give you a follow back then you both will be friends on Instagram.

Method 2: Discover people from Facebook contact

The way you find someone on Instagram from your phone’s contact list, is similar to that of discovering people and connecting them from Facebook’s friend list. As Facebook and Instagram are connected with each other, so it’s a great benefit for the users to find friends who are using Instagram and Facebook simultaneously.

How can I find someone from Instagram on Facebook?

Here are the steps, let’s give a look.
Step 1:
Open Instagram >> tap on your profile >> now tap on the three horizontal lines which is in the top right corner of your screen and then go to discover people.
Step 2:
On the discover page tap on Facebook which is in the middle.
Step 3:
Now you will get “Connect to Facebook” option just tap on it. (If you have already connected your Facebook with Instagram then you don’t have to do anything but those who haven’t had connected their Instagram account with Facebook dosa requested to to connect your Facebook account with Instagram.)
Step 4:
After that you will get a sign in option to sign in on Facebook you can open Facebook throw your phone browser or directly from the Facebook app. Just select from where you want to sign in. Providing your username and password just login in, else if you already logged in, then you will get “Continue as [name]” option, just tap on it.
Step 5:
Now you have to wait 2 or 3 seconds depending upon your network connection. Instagram will automatically can your Facebook friends list and show you the result of the users who use Instagram.
Step 6:
Once you get the list then you have to find the profile you want to follow, scroll down and just tap on their names to go to their Instagram profile. You can follow all the people from the search list or just tap the follow all option to follow them simultaneously. 
Note: If the account is private then simply give follow request, when they will accept your request and give you a follow back, you both will be friends on Instagram. 

Method 3: Get friends from suggested users.

Instagram itself provides a suggested user feature, from where you will get the suggested users whom you can follow. let’s see how it works.
Step 1: 
Open Instagram >> go to your profile >> go to 3 horizontal lines >> tap on Discover people.
Step 2: 
Inside discover people you will get suggested option after tapping on 8 the page will refresh and you will get the suggested profiles one by one.
Step 3:
You can follow all or or you can tap on their names and then go to their profile to follow them from the suggested list. When they will give you a follow back, you both will be friends
General QNA’s:

How to find someone on Instagram by picture?

When you see someone in any picture and then you want to follow them on instagram, then there is no such Street prosedure to do so but you can search about the person on Facebook Twitter on social media sites and once you get the name the person in the picture, you can put their names in the search bar of the Instagram and from there follow them to get connected.

How to find someone on Instagram by location?

On Instagram inside discover page, you will get a contact option to sync your contact with Instagram and when you  turn on your location, from your phone,then Instagram will show you the list of people using Instagram in your phone contact list, as well as the people nearby to you.

Wrapping it up:

In this article we have seen how to get friends on Instagram. After being friends I’ll recommend to chat with each other for a strong connection. Hope you like this article.Thank you.

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