How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

Your smart phone is missing. You recognize it’s within the house somewhere, but you had it in silent mode so you cannot ring from another phone and locate it. Well the normal method is straightforward – search and search till you discover it. But within the new world, it’s much easier if your device features a data connection or is connected to your home network via Wi-Fi.

Making a Silent Android Phone Ring:

Google gives you a web device manager which involves your rescue. Follow these simple steps-

    1. Click on to Google’s android device manager which is in your any kinds of desktop browser. Confirm to login with an equivalent Google account that’s related to your android phone.
    2. You will now see an inventory of all devices which you’ve got used with this account. Select your device and click on the “Ring” button.
    3. Your device will now start ringing. You’ll find the phone and press the facility button to form it stop.

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

It might take a while for the phone to ring once you press the “Ring” button. So if you do not hear it ringing immediately, don’t panic. Just await half a moment or more and it’ll start ringing if online.

The worst time is that time when you lose your phone—except losing your phone when the ringer is silent. Even if when you’re alone, it is often extremely hard to hunt out your lost device albeit the ringer is on, considering most people don’t have landlines anymore. So, subsequent time you discover yourself trying to find your phone, don’t tear your house apart until you’ve tried variety of those quick tips.

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent?

Here are few ways you can follow whenever your phone is on silent mode.

I Can not Find My Phone:

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

You have no phone to call your missing phone from? Don’t worry; you’ll use a site like “I can not Find My Phone” to ring it for you. All you have to do is just type in your number and tap on “Hello?” without taking any kinds of stress.

Using Google Voice:

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

Don’t trust sites just like the one above? You’ll also use the Google Voice call feature. If you’ve got an account, enter any telephone number and Google Voice will call your phone first before calling the amount you entered. As thief acknowledged, it’ll still call the opposite number if you do not find your phone and answer before voicemail takes over, so make certain to settle on wisely.

Usaing Smartphone Apps:

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

If you’ve got a smart phone, there are variety of apps you’ll use to seek out it. There is an application which is McAfee’s WaveSecure app that allows you to to trace your device online via GPS or text message, and allows you to remote lock or wipe your phone, albeit the SIM card is modified. But it isn’t free, costing $19.99 annually. You can use this application in Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Symbian and Java Platforms.

If you do not want to spend the cash, there are many other apps for Android devices, and PCWorld tested and reviewed three tracking apps specifically for iPhones, including Apple’s own Find My iPhone app.

Play Really Loud Music:

This sounds a touch counterintuitive until you find out how it works.

All you would like may be a set of speakers. Call your phone, then walk around with music blaring from the speakers. That annoying noise you sometimes hear once you make a call works to your benefit here. If you’ll get on the brink of where the phone is hiding, the speakers can devour the interference. If you hear a crackling sound, you recognize you’re close. The closer you get, the louder it’ll sound. You’ll be a real-life Hansel or Gretel—just follow the breadcrumbs.

You can use Google’s official Android Device Manager to locate your phone, here are the straightforward steps:

  1. Go to Android Device Manager by Google in your desktop browser.
  2. Login with an equivalent Gmail account you won’t to activate your Android Device before and registered in Google Play.
  3. Now you’ll see your device name and last login date. Also, you’ll be seeing three options i.e. Ring, Lock and Erase.

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

  1. By clicking on Ring, your device starts ringing at high volume which assist you discover your phone in seconds. This function works even when your phone is in silent mode.
  2. You can also lock your device with a password just in case device is lost. You’ve to input a message and variety to form sure whoever finds your phone, can call you back at that number.

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

  1. If things services of the device are turned on, you’ll find the precise location of the device by clicking on locate service which is at the proper side of the device name.

How To Find My Phone If It Is Silent? [FIND/TRACK]

You can also wipe off the info by clicking on Erase. It’ll perform a factory reset on your device. Your apps, photos, music and settings are becoming to be deleted. After you erase the device, Android Device Manager won’t work. Factory reset setting will start working automatically when your device is online.

The Techypaw’s Line:

I have discussed in step by step about getting your smart phone even if it remained silent or in vibrated mode. There are several kinds of applications and websites and most of all google is the first stoppage of your smart phone searching route. So, try those useful applications and sites with fruitful manner and follow my steps and easy techniques. Thus, again you will get your leisure time’s best friend immediately. Thank you everyone for reading this article. Ask many more queries, we are here to reach our hands to help you as much as possible.

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