How to Fix Instagram Login Issues – 100% WORKING TRICK [2020]

Are you facing issues, regarding Instagram login? Nothing to worry about, if you want to login on Instagram but can’t reach the Instagram server or forgot password, then you are in the right place, where I’ll tell you how to fix Instagram login issues.

Presently, Instagram is one of the leading social media, owned by Facebook, has become the heartthrob of the internet of the current generation. Boosting of followers on Instagram has become a trend. Starting from teenagers up to old ages celebrities, from social workers everyone is there on Instagram.

But due to some issues like forgotten password or server down are facing problems at the time of log in your account has not been accessed and an issue is found and it’s a common matter.this tutorial will definitely help you sort out such problems at the time of login on Instagram.

A case study:

Last week I was using Instagram and suddenly I logged out from my account due to some issues and when I had put my password and user ID to login back, it’s saying, the wrong password, the message couldn’t refresh and there was a problem with loading like this. Although, I had put the correct user id and password. After a while I found the trick to deal with this type of issue and then realized it would be a very good opportunity to share with you this trick. So, you wouldn’t have to face any problem in the future. So, stay tuned, this article will definitely help you.

Why does the Instagram login problem occurs?

Instagram is a very reputable and super famous social media app. There are multiple reasons which prevent you from a login on Instagram. The common reasons are

⛔ Forgot an Instagram password.

⛔ Forget username.

⛔ Doesn’t receive a password reset email.

⛔ Lost phone linked phone number or email id.

⛔ The password reset email is not working.

⛔ Can’t log in due to account disabled.

⛔ Receiving password reset email for different accounts.

⛔ Issues regarding Email address is not found.

⛔ A problem in sign in after creating an account.

These are the major reasons for which most of the cases we can’t access Instagram so in this article I’ll describe how to deal with this type of issue with a step by step guide.

How to Fix Instagram Login issues?

How to Fix Instagram Login Issues - 100% WORKING TRICK [2020]Here, I’ll be giving you three methods through which you can sort it out. The trick which I’ll be giving you is the same for Android IOS and PC. You just need to deal with it smartly. 

Issue : Forgot Your Instagram Password

if you lost your Instagram password and can’t sign in on Instagram then you can login to Instagram by using your email address, Facebook ID or your cell phone number. Just go through the process.



1. Open Instagram and tap on Forgot password.

2. Choose your phone number or username and put it into the blank box.

3. After that tap on next.

4. You will be receiving a password reset email / SMS code in your mail address / cell phone.

5. Atlast, put your new password and reconfirm it and tap on tick .


1. Open Instagram and go for Get help signing in.

2. From there choose login with Facebook / send an SMS / use email or username and put the necessary details.

3. Now, will be receiving a password reset email / SMS code in your given email address / phone number.

4.  Enter the new password and confirm it and tap on tick.

5. Done! Your Instagram password is successfully changed.



Note: if you are logging in through FB then you can change your password also but in this case you don’t have to put any e email address or number your Facebook account will be used in case of verifying your Instagram account.

Techypaw’s Lines:

In this article, we have seen how to fix “Instagram login issues” with 100% working trick. Although sometimes the server may jam you can log in to Instagram by simply using the sign in the help or checking the internet connection. If you like this article then, do comment and share it with your friends. Thank you for visiting Techypaw.

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