How To Increase Instagram Video Views 2020? [Explained]

Nowadays Instagram is a very popular and interesting application by which users can upload media (images, videos) and show their talents. Now I am going to share some tips about increasing “Instagram video views”.
So if you are looking for how to increase the Instagram video views then you are in the right place, where I’ll be discussing with you how to implement the best strategies which will surely be beneficial for you. These ideas will not only help you to gain video views but also helps you to achieve organic followers like comments and shares as well. So without wasting time let’s jump into the article.

A Case Study:

As you guys know that I am a professional blogger and I use Instagram to increase my followers likes comments and shares so that I can reach the maximum amount of people. Now in 2017 when I was just started doing Instagram then I had a very tiny amount of followers. Then applying proper strategies and following some incredible tricks I gained a quite good amount of followers.
Now at first, I did not upload any videos on Instagram. But day by day I realize including pictures videos is also give a good impact on followers. They will definitely be connected with you if you upload videos as well as photos on Instagram.
Now at first, my Instagram video views are very poor but then eyes started doing some tricks through which at present I get more than a thousand views on every Instagram video. Isn’t it so cool? So so it would be a great opportunity to share those strategies with you so that you guys can be able to to use these tricks to gain a good amount of Instagram video views.

What Counts as a video View on Instagram?

On Instagram, when a user views a video for more than three(3) seconds then it will count it as a video view and your video will get one view count. That means, if you want to see the video views on Instagram then it exactly means that how many users watched your video more than three seconds. It is called “Instagram video views”.
How to increase Instagram video views?
Generally, it happens that when you use a countdown sticker on your Instagram story then your followers when land on your profile then give you your status and constant uploading countdown status can give them a lot of excitement they will be thinking what gonna happen next? In this way, they will be engaged the entire countdown period. and that will give you a very good impact on your engagement strategy.
A complete and compact list of tips is herewith a full-fledged description by which one can get more views on their Instagram videos.

Best dimension for video:

Most of the people are not able to understand what should be the size of the video which affects more to get more videos but it’s essential to know the best video size for the post. The following questions may be asked

1️⃣ Which Video Size Ratio is Most Preferable on Instagram?

There may be three types of video posting size on Instagram like square, vertical and landscape, according to many observations for
How to increase Instagram video views?
  • Landscape videos, it’s dimension and aspect ratio are respectively 1280*720 and 16:9;
  • Square videos, it’s dimension and aspect ratio are respectively 1080*1080 and 1:1;
  • Vertical video, it’s dimension and aspect ratio are respectively 1080*1920 and 9:16.

2️⃣ Video size is important for increasing “Instagram video views”?

Actual Instagram mobile users are 70% more than Instagram desktop users. So, following Instagram using mobile with comfort is essential. Publishing square or vertical videos without a black border can fill the space on the screen. A landscape video is not suitable for Instagram but it is suitable for TV advertisements or blogs or websites etc. For posting on feeds it’s better to keep the size in square and for posting on stories it is better to keep in vertical.

Posting in groups and stories:

According to the survey most people enjoy watching videos on the story more than watching videos on the feed. So, be active in the story part and it’s better. Well, you know, sharing videos in groups also helps to increase the number of viewers. It will worth focusing on Instagram video marketing.
How to increase Instagram video views?

Use proper tag: 

There are three ways for hashtagging
🔰 Use Instagram Nametag: Your nametag on Instagram is also a great way to get more views.
🔰 Tag location: It is one more way to find your content on Instagram. If you add proper  location, it can help to enhance the number of views
🔰 Tag relevant users: Tagging to relevant users of Instagram is one of the brainstorming ideas to uplift your “Instagram video views”
How to increase Instagram video views?
To create a hashtag on Instagram you have to follow the following steps:
  • Put # at the end of your text
  • Write your words without space or use underline (_) to make the words separated.
  • You can use up to 20 to 30 hashtags, but for each post keep it around 4-5, it’s enough.

Consistency in posting:

Your existing followers want to see your content from you. That’s why they followed you. So you have to be consistent with your video posts. You have to post your content on a regular basis. I can say that views will increase four times faster than posting less than once a week. So, from my experience, I always say to be a consistent creator.

Not only Instagram Facebook Google LinkedIn Twitter every social platform has the same algorithm about consistency. You will be e glad to know that as I am a blogger and I have to upload one blog birthday so that Google’s algorithm system can understand that I am consistently posting contents so I am an active user. Inside Instagram, these rules are work. So always try to be consistent try to post at least one photo of videos or stories per day so that Instagram can understand that you are an active user.


Use The Countdown Sticker

If you want to pique the interest of your followers and get more traction of your views then, When you share a story about an upcoming something, you can add a countdown sticker that counts down to a date and time that you set.
Your followers can then subscribe to your countdown event, which will send them a reminder when the time is up and your countdown is complete!
This is a great strategy for engaging with your Instagram followers and getting your audience to opt-in to exciting special events or promotions.

Upload Instagram Posts When Your Followers Are Online

If some great content is posted on Instagram and nobody is online to engage with it, is it seriously there? Who knows for sure. However, if you asked the Instagram algorithm, you’ll get a firm and resounding “NO.”
That’s why it’s important to post content when you’re followers are most likely to be online.
Instagram will show your post to a small percentage of your followers at first. If it generates more engagement than your average post, then you can expect that it will get prioritized higher in feeds. If it gets less engagement then it will get lower priority.
How to increase Instagram video views?
So if you post at a time when only a few of your users are online, then you’re already starting with one strike against you in terms of engagement. It’s not likely your post will get pushed to the top of people’s feeds.
On the other hand, if you post at a time when the lion’s share of your users is online, then you stand a better chance of getting engagements. When that happens, you can expect more impressions.
Of course, this advice arises the question: how do you know when your followers are online?
There are a few ways that you can answer that question (BTW: I wrote a whole post on timing Instagram posts a while back. Check it out if you’re looking for more info.) including the following:
  • Start by looking at Instagram analytics. How have your Instagram posts have performed over the last several months?
  • Is there a block of time when you seem to get most of your engagements? If so, then that’s a good mark that your followers are online at that time.
  • Also, use common sense. If you’re a B2B brand, you might find that most of your followers are too busy to be online during business hours. They might browse Instagram after 6 PM when they get home from work.
If this is you, I recommend looking into who is engaging in your IG content, how does that compare to other platforms, and is Instagram the best use of your time.
There are several ways to fix notification, not working issues. I’ll be giving you the walkthrough, to fix within 2 minutes. Just go through it without skipping a single point.


The Techypaw’s Line:

Hopefully, you’ve learned some appropriate and proper tips for Instagram’s success. You don’t have to be a savvy, hidden-in-a-dark-room kind of hacker to crack the Instagram algorithm. The bottom line is this: the more you utilize every opportunity for engagement, the more likely you are to rank higher in the feeds and get views for Instagram. I hope this article will definitely help you to “Increase Instagram Video Views”.If you like this article then give it a big thumbs-up and share it with your friends. Thank you for visiting Techypaw. This article is contributed by Arpan Mukherjee and Koustav Ghosh.

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