How to Increase Snapchat Streak Extremely FAST?

Besides Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat also becomes a great social media platform for us. Where you can chat with friends by uploading daily photos, videos. And the best part is Snapchat offers you awesome filters, which makes it crazier to use. The most basic thing is, people, try to it.
This article will help you to score up longer Snapstreak on Snapchat. It actually teaches you to find, how many consecutive days in your Snapchat you have chatted with a friend of your Snapchat’s friend list. If you want to increase your Snapchat streak in a few hours, read this article thoroughly.

What Does This Mean By Snap Streak?

Snapchat streak is shortly called Snapstreak. When you send at least one snap to your friends and they respond to you, within the next 24 hours and this continuously occurs per day for several consecutive days when you will get a 🔥 Snapstreak emoji.

How do get different Snapstreak icons or emojis?

If you want to get different icons for snap streak score then go to Settings > click on manage (under additional service bar) >  friends emojis > scroll down.

How many Snapstreak emojis can I get?

Increase Snapchat Streak fast

Yes, if you maintain the process properly then, after five days will be getting five emojis and after a hundred days will be getting 100 🔥 emojis. The steps are given below just follow the steps, it’s that simple:
Step #1:
Open Snapchat from your smartphone.
Step #2:
Tap on the capture icon to capture a picture or hold for some seconds to record any video( by doing this you will be able to send pictures or videos, which you have recently clicked.)
Step #3:
After that for sending, tap on the Blue Arrow which is in the right lower corner of your screen.
Step #4:
Select any particular friend to whom you wanted to send this pic. (It’s better to choose somewhat who will respond within 24 hours). Now the thing is if you get ️ an emoji next to your friend’s name that will directly mean, you guys both send pictures within the past 24 hours to each other.
Step #5:
Now, simply tap on send, which will be in the right bottom corner of your screen. Your photo will be sent to a particular friend whom you have selected.
Step #6:
After sending your photo text them to send a snap within, next 24 hours.
    • Now if they will respond to your message and send you a snap within the next 24 hours then you will be getting an emoji, which will appear next to your friends’ name in your Snapchat contact list.
    • You and your friend both have to send at least one snap in one day, to continue the Snapstreak.
  • You have to repeat this process one time a day, to get a longer snap streak in Snapchat. After completing this process each time, you will be getting an emoji right next to your friend’s name.
 (By this 🔥 emoji will be able to know, from how much time you are connected with your, or your Snapstreak is going on)
1. If you miss sending snaps to your friend any day, you will be getting emoji, right next to your friend’s name (actually, the meaning of this emoji is your snap streak is at risk).
2. By chance, one day if you or your friend, forgot to respond to each other for sending snaps, then your Snapstreak will break down or ended and you have to start over it, from the beginning.
If you really need to be too long on your snap streak, you must send snaps to your friend daily.  If you miss it then your entire septic will be n date and you have to start over it from the beginning so it’s a very bad thing for you because, suppose from 30 days you and your friend fire sending snaps to each other and the Snapstreak has become very long, and one day you have forgotten to send snaps in the entire contribution will be broke down and you have to study from the first. So send snaps every day.
The Bottom Line:
So, this article teaches you how to increase your Snapchat streak. Just maintain consistency and follow this process. Thank you for choosing tech paw.

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