How to Increase WhatsApp Status Video Length?[ALL POSIBILITIES]

How to Increase WhatsApp Status Video Length?

Ever tried to post more than 30-sec videos on Whatsapp status? tried but couldn’t right! WhatsApp is very essential as well as an interesting app for all of us. From age 8 to 80, it’s a very famous chat app to all. It has an interesting feature on which status. Although the status part has two types of video status and text status. Now, there is a condition over video status length. WhatsApp doesn’t allow people to post a video over 30 seconds. But sometimes, it’s important to post a video over 30-sec length. Let’s see how is it possible!

For WhatsApp status videos you would like to update the latest WhatsApp app version on your Android smartphone from the Google Play store. Within the latest WhatsApp app, you’ll update your WhatsApp status which can be a text-based image or a 30 seconds video. If you are trying to upload a full video as a standing in WhatsApp then the system automatically cut this video for the first 30 seconds. Here we are getting to increase this default deadline on WhatsApp status.

A Case Study:

WhatsApp only allows users to line only 30 seconds of video on their timeline. But in many cases, users want to line quite 30 seconds video on their WhatsApp Status timeline. So generally they have a tool that helps to update their WhatsApp video status for quite 30 seconds or they only want to delete 30 seconds video limit on their Android Smartphone. Here we share a step by step guide with all possibilities.

We share quite a method to extend the WhatsApp deadline on Status.

Here we share both ways for rooted devices and also share a simple way for non rooted (without root) devices.

How to Increase WhatsApp Status Video Length?

Here two methods available for Posting Long Whatsapp Status Videos on our smartphone. Let’s have a quick look. This guide instruction works on all Android versions.

1. Post-Long Whatsapp Status Videos with Root (Root Required):

If your device is rooted, then you’ll easily increase WhatsApp stats video time through the assistance of a 3rd party app called WA Tweaks. WA Tweak is an app which provides various additional services which are useful in WhatsApp day to day usages. So, first of all, you would like to download the WA Tweak app on your Android smartphone to confirm your device is rooted.

If you don’t have root permissions then this Tweak App won’t run on your device. So first, Root your Android mobile then download this app from the below link and install it on your device. confirm you permit Unknown sources to function during app installation.

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Whatsapp status video length increasing -WA Tweaks

Once you download this App then please install it on your device. Now follow the given steps to extend the WhatsApp status video limit.

⦿Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp app and minimize this window >> attend settings -> Installed Apps -> WhatsApp.

⦿Step 2: Force close WhatsApp app >> Now launch WA Tweaks App.

⦿Step 3: Now tap on Menu then choose Whatsapp Tweaks.

⦿Step 4: Here you see Bypass 45″ Video Limit for Status.

⦿Step 5: Now enable this feature and save. All set, Done.

Now you’re ready to post an extended video status on WhatsApp with none limit. WA Tweaks may be a very useful app to get rid of the Video status limit on WhatsApp. Read : Can Anyone See WhatsApp Status if Not in Contacts? 

How to Upload Videos on WhatsApp Status More Than 30 sec?

So, another way available to extend WhatsApp video size is to edit some system files of the WhatsApp app to increase/remove the video length limit. This is often a really complex task so we’d like to form a separate article for that. Soon we make a step by step guide for posting long video status on WhatsApp via editing some file on the file manager. So if you’re thinking we will remove the video length limit on WhatsApp via editing some files on file manager then you’re right. But we’d like to possess root access on our device to get rid of the Whatsapp video status limit.

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2. Post-Long Whatsapp Status Videos without Root (Root not Required):

If you don’t have root permissions on your device then don’t worry. you’ll still post an extended video on your WhatsApp status. during this way, you’ll easily update/post an extended status video on your WhatsApp timeline without having root access on your device. Here we share two possible ways to post an extended video status without root on your device.

Thorugh the assistance of an online video cutter

⦿Step 1: You’ll split your required video into separate 30-second parts. and upload all of them one by one on your WhatsApp status. like if your required video length has 01:25 duration then you would like to separate your video into 3 parts. first 00:00 to 00:30, second is 00:31 to 00:60, third is 01:00 to 01:25

⦿Step 2: Many online websites that give video cutting services. otherwise, you can download a video cutter app from the Google play store. Download any video cutter app and split your video. and post it on your Whatsapp status timeline.

⦿Step 3: Cut your WhatsApp videos from here also. or Download any app from the Play store.

Thorugh the assistance of an inbuilt split video cutter

⦿Step 1: If you don’t want to put in any third-party app on your Android device then you’ll you WhatsApp inbuilt split function. As you recognize once you attempt to upload a full video on WhatsApp then WhatsApp shows a timer on the screen where you select which era slot video you would like to upload a standing.

⦿Step 2: Here you would like to settle on the required time-frame. and then again upload an equivalent video and choose the next time-frame.

⦿Step 3: Through the assistance of this manner, you’ll upload a full video with none deadline.

⦿Step 4: These methods work on all devices regardless of which is Samsung mobile or Lenovo, Moto, Micromax, Huawei, etc, Sony, Xiaomi, Lava, Intex, cool pad, etc.

The Techypaw’s Guide:

WhatsApp status time duration can be increased the status video length to more than 30 sec. So that then you can set the long video on WhatsApp status. You can use WhatsApp status views increase apk, but it won’t help you. The WA-Tweaks app compresses video for WhatsApp status that can increase the length up to 45 seconds. I hope, this will be helpful to you all. Thank you!

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