[Reels] How to Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels?

There are hundreds of videos available on YouTube on “How to make money online?” One of the most popular ways being, uploading your own YouTube videos.  Facebook comes next as being a popular money earning social media site. But do you know, Instagram is not far away from being the next most popular app for Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels. The way Instagram is growing, it soon seems to overtake other money earning online apps. Since the last two years, Instagram is serving as platform for users to showcase their talent, make videos on them and get paid for it. Its not depends on either you are a kid or not actually anyone can make money through Instagram Reels.

My 400 hundred followers have completed what should I do and How Can I Earn Money?

There are multiple ways to earn money through Instagram, you can promote your business products or some other company products, and you can also act as a chain and help sell different company products and can Make Money as a Kid. All you need to do here is showcase their products and you get paid for connecting company and the customers here. But all these methods of earning money on Instagram, are mostly related to selling and purchasing. But, you can also showcase your own skills in videos of short durations and upload them. You can actually get paid for it.

How to Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels?

After the ban of Chinese app Tiktok, Instagram came up with its new feature, “Instagram reels”. Instagram Reels are an informal, content-centric, short video format for brands, influencers and fans to create, share and like.

“Reels invites you to create fun videos to share with your friends or anyone on Instagram. Record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. You can share reels with your followers on Feed, and, if you have a public account, make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new space in Explore.”

What you need to do here is uploading a short video of anything you like. Something which can be liked or saved by others, something will be useful to your followers or might entertain them for the time being, so that they should have a tendency to keep following you and always be updated with your latest posts.  You can post things like you’re your singing or dance videos, glimpses your own travel blogs, showcase your craft making skills and many more.

You need to market your own videos and also maintain a good follower base for your videos. The popular page Filter Copy earns a lot through its uploaded videos on different subjects and individuals which are liked by its millions of followers mostly because they find it relatable and a good source of entertainment. So the key point, which comes into play here is, that your videos should be useful, relatable and lie worthy for it to become popular. If you are able to reach such a point where your videos are getting good popularity, you will soon be approached by different companies to showcase their products in your videos to promote their products in your circle. This is called Paid Partnership with any company.

Strategies to Get Popularity through Instagram Reels:

Many big companies such as Netflix, Red Bull, Lois Vuitton make great use Instagram Reels to promote their work and maintain their fan base and hype all the type. The number of likes and shares and followers matter a lot in any kind of marketing. If your page has very less number of followers, however good your videos be, you would never be paid for your hard work.

This is because your work is not even reaching to a broader circle, where companies can use you to promote their products. Customer engagement is a crucial element of lifecycle marketing. Recent studies shows that 77% of the marketing companies are now prioritizing customer retention. This can multiply your revenue earnings by 5-19 times. Different companies have different ways of advertising their products. Each of them tries to be consistent with its signature style of promotional videos. So to Make Money as a Kid is not that easy, but the trick can help you.

It can be dark or thrilling, light or comedy, but most importantly, relatable to the viewers. It’s worth noting that so far Reels has no ad formats or sponsored content. The new feature of Instagram Reels released in 2020, is a deliberate move by Instagram, to build up an online community based on videos on reels. According to a quotation from Ad News newsletter,

“Reels allows for brands to flex their creativity by entertaining and delighting their followers. To be effective with Reels brands must understand the needs of their audience. What are they seeking from you on all of your social media channels? What are they seeking from you on Instagram and where does a Reels strategy meet your audience requirements?”

Most of the Instagram users are aged between 25-34, so its not much difficult to realize, why so many fashion brands choose Instagram to connect with their audience.

 Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels

Another brand Asos, has good command over Influencer Marketing. Their reels not only features Instagram celebrities, but also makes use of its signature hashtag, #StyleNotSize for its posts and videos. This is an effective way to boost views from interested customers.

 Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels

How to Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels?

1. Social Influencing

The most use of Instagram reels are done by Social Influencers. A social media influencer is a simple Instagram user who has established credibility in a specific field, and has access to a huge audience and can convince others to act based on their recommendations. Anyone can be a social influencers, right from a blogger to a celebrity, or an online entrepreneur, who is keen to sell his products. Through its images or short videos on reels, Instagram content is easily digested by a huge number of audience. Now a days most of the Instagram influencers are teenager and they “Make Money as a Kid”.

2. Product Strategy

These reels makes it easy for the views to understand about the product, irrespective of the views background. If your content and audience match is what they’re looking for to promote about their brands, then you might represent a solid marketing tool for them. Thus it is high chances that they will contact you, to promote their products on your reels. Partnering with an influencer, opens the business of a company to never- before explored avenues.

Top Social Media Influencers on Instagram Reels

Some great social media influencers you may find on Instagram includes

9. Daily Dose with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. The founder of this first and the biggest motivational account.

8. Tim Karsliyev has a spanning reach of 200 million followers, which is equal to quarter of total number of people using Instagram worldwide.

7. Huda Kattan, the world’s most influential beauty expert, who started as a blogger but now has an Instagram page having her makeup tutorials with 29 million followers.

 Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels

6. Cameroon Dallas, poet and musician with 21 million Instagram followers. His huge Instagram popularity, even landed him on a Netflix show, Chasing Cameron.

5. Kayla Itsines, a personal trainer and entrepreneur, with 10.5 million followers.

4. Cooking with Mima promoting healthy easy to cook recipes, presented in an aesthetically-pleasing way, has over 2.4 million followers. This page also contains travel videos for variation from the similar food content of posts.

3. Selena Gomez, the most followed person on Instagram with over 114 million followers for the last three years, until footballer Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed her.  Although it helps to become a social media influencer if you are already famous, but adding a personal touch to your posts is also necessary to keep your followers interested and relate to you, is what we learn from Gomez’s posts.

2. Just if you would like to make money through sponsored posts or reels on Instagram, you can make Kylie Jenner your inspiration. With over 118.5 million followers, Jenner makes one million dollars per sponsored posts. Jenner promotes her own products. She is the highest paid Instagram influencers.

 Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels

1. The Juventus Soccer Megastar and five-time Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 145.5 million followers tops the list. He makes $750,000 per sponsored posts. Posting often and keeping your fans committed to your content with latest happenings in your life, is what we learn from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram posts.

The Techypaw’s Line:

Finally we have seen “How to Make Money as a Kid through Instagram Reels?”. If you are keenly interested to earn through Instagram posts or reels, you need to set up your own brand. By brand here, we mean, having huge audience whom you can persuade to act according to your recommendations. You can choose any industry you want, and be the rising superstar in that field. Be it as a social media influencer or promoting and selling products from other companies, the most important thing you will be needing, is followers, a huge audience to showcase you.

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