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How to Make Money through WhatsApp Status?

Earn Money through WhatsApp Status: In today’s era, WhatsApp has become the most commonly used social networking platform for us. Facebook brought Instagram as well as WhatsApp only for its popularity. But could you think, if we can earn money through WhatsApp status, which we have uploaded or watch daily on WhatsApp, then wouldn’t it be so interesting?
We all aware about the tricks, tips, uses of WhatsApp. As it is the most common social media application, nowadays. But I am gonna tell you, “how to earn money through WhatsApp status? “
I will describe two procedures by which one can earn money by uploading WhatsApp status. Here is the process of ” how to earn money e through WhatsApp status?”

Procedure #1: Make Money from WhatsApp Status

If you are a writer or content creator, if you use WhatsApp and you have the potential to create new content also want money through it, then is the best option for you. )
What you like:

How to earn money through WhatsApp status?

Step #1:
Open from the browser.
Step #2:
On the top right corner click on “submit status”.(it will help you to open the “signup page” automatically).
Step #3:
Step #4:
Just click on the ” sign me up” option.
Step #5:
After all, these now click on “verification link”.(now your sign up process is completed)
#1. What is
The largest community of WhatsApp status is Here each day hundreds of new WhatsApp status are uploaded. So, using you can “earn money through WhatsApp status”. The authority has the potential of unique writers and new statuses. So, if you are searching for truly the best WhatsApp statuses, then this will be the best site for you, where the community is adding the huge number of new WhatsApp statuses daily.
#2. How works?
So you can understand in whats some content creators or writers have more than thousands of statuses so if they get rupees 2 per each status, then can you imagine how much amount they “earn money through WhatsApp status”.
Which you won’t like:
The website contains lots of statuses. So its quite tough to find your own status and the procedure of making your own account is quite difficult for the first time. The website could have been more professional in looking.

Procedure #2: Earn money using WhatsAd

What you like:

How to earn money through WhatsAd?

Step #1:
Go to
Step #2:
Open your account by providing the necessary details.
Step #3:
Select your preferences either join ad programs.
Step #4:
After that, if you choose to join ad programs then take the image of these ads and share it on WhatsApp status leave it for 24 hours.
If you select, create ads, then open the ads page creat your ad then upload it on WhatsApp status and leave it for 24 hours.
Step #5:
After 24 hours click the screenshot of your status along with how much people have seen.
Upload it to the dashboard.
#1. How does WhatsAd pay you Money?
WhatsAd pay GHS0.50 to each marketer or advertiser per one advertisement. The entire thing depends upon your posts, if you post more then you will get more money, which is proportional in relation.
#2. What are the requirements for using WhatsAd?
As a content creator of the market, you need to have at least 50 views per ad (status) to get paid, at the time of posting ads. After uploading status to your WhatsApp, take a screenshot of it and upload it to your dashboard. Only, after doing all this process your balance will be credited.
You can withdraw money after collecting GHS5 or more balance on your WhatsAd wallet. It will need to take approval from the authority getting approval your money will be sent to your bank account.
Major drawbacks:
Making money is not a big deal but you have to be satisfied what you have earned you can’t earn huge amount of money at the beginning but you don’t have to lose your hope you should try and try continuously until you get your final success so making money online is a very easy thing you just need to focus what you are doing at this present condition WhatsApp is one of the major leading social media tool for communication purpose where WhatsApp status plays a great role you can easily earn if you do continuous work on making money hope this article will definitely help you out to sort it.
The Bottom line:
So, here we have seen “how to earn money through WhatsApp status”, using website and WhatsAd application. But, in case of earning money whatsstatus.con is easier than WhatsAd application.
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