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How to Play YouTube Videos In The Background? [2020]

Can’t Play YouTube In The Background of your smartphone or your phone doesn’t support multitasking? Wait, this is the best place where we will get to know how you can do so.

YouTube is the best place to watch any kind of educational, social, entertaining, news, music, movies, stories, tutorial videos absolutely free, although the premium version is available we prefer to watch everything without any cost. So, YouTube is our entertainment hub.

YouTube does not support background play, that’s why you will be facing problems at the time of listening to songs on YouTube and doing any other task at the same time. The phones which support multitasking, there we can solve the problem, but in smartphones, you will not get that feature to turn on background play. Although on PC you can play YouTube in the background, this article is especially for Android and IOS smartphones.

A Case Study:

Sometimes I really want to play YouTube videos especially songs in the background while doing some other tasks but due to not supporting background play I can’t listen to songs on YouTube in the background while opening any other apps on my phone. That’s why I find some cool tricks by which not only me you can also play YouTube videos in the background while doing any other tasks on your smartphone.

Here’s How

You can navigate the arrows to play YouTube videos in background on any smartphone ” 1. Open web browser >> 2.  Open YouTube >> 3.  Play videos >> 4. Come to home screen >> 5. Pull-down notification bar >> 6. Tap on the play button to play YouTube.”                                                       

How to play YouTube videos in the background on smartphones?

There are a couple of steps after following that will be able to Play YouTube Videos in The Background. Go through them one by one. This includes iOS as well as Android. Let’s know them in detail.

Step 1:

Open any browser from your smartphone.

Step 2:

Open ( Don’t allow the app to open YouTube )

Step 3:

Play any kind of videos according to your choice. And simply press phone’s home button to return to the home screen.

Step 4:

After that, scroll down the notification bar from the home screen and tap on the play button of the opened YouTube page.

Step 5:

Now do any other task, the YouTube video which is playing in the background, won’t stop.

This is all,l after following this process you will be able to play videos background and can enjoy hassle-free listening on YouTube.

The Techypaw’s Line:

The this article we have seen how we can play “YouTube videos in the background”. This article will surely help you out to solve your problem. You can also use YouTube music to listen to songs. Rather, following a complex process, playing YouTube through the browser and turning on the play button from the notification bar, cancel solved the actual issue. I hope you like this article. Thank you. Please do comment and share with your friend so that everyone can understand how to fix the issue.

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