How to Reactivate Facebook After Deactivating?[Step-by-step]

How to Reactivate Facebook After Deactivating? Open your favorite web browser and go to To get started, open any web browser you want to use and enter in the address bar. Enter your email address or phone number and your password to sign in to your account, as you normally would. If you still have time to reactivate your account, you’re normally signed in the Reactivate Facebook automatically. Use your Facebook account the same way before you deactivate it.

You will now be able to use the site just as you did before you deactivated your account. Your profile, posts, photos, friends, and information will all be displayed as they were before it was deactivated. This makes it easier for you to get back to Facebook since you don’t have to worry about setting your profile as new. When you deactivate your account, there may be a reason for doing so. If you’re concerned about privacy, security, or other concerns, we suggest changing your account settings to suit your personal preferences.

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How to Reactivate a Facebook Account that has been Disabled?

1. Go to and try signing in to your account.

2. You usually open the site when you are trying to use Facebook and enter what you think your email address and your password might be.

3. Try it a few times and see if you’re able to access your account. If you are not logged in, you will be presented with a message about account recovery.

4. Click Restore your account. Click Continue to send an account recovery code to your email address. Now on your screen, you should see a message that gives you the option to send a verification code to your email address, so you can recover your account.

5. If you still have access to the account listed below “Send code via email”, click to continue sending a code. If you no longer have access to that email address, click on the methods to verify your account to see what Facebook can offer you. Also, be sure to check your junk/spam folders if the email is incorrectly filtered from your original inbox. When you find the message in your inbox, open it, and note the code inside.

6. Then go back to Facebook, click on the box labeled “Write code” and type the code then click Continue.

7. Enter a new password for your account. Now that you have verified your account recovery with your sent-number code, you can type whatever you want with your new password. I will log out of other devices.

8. To make sure your account is secure, Facebook gives you the option to automatically log out of your account from any other signed-in device.

9. This will ensure that if someone hacks your account, they will no longer be able to use it. If you want to take advantage of this security feature, select Log out of other devices, then click Continue.

Get back using Facebook. Now you can go back to using your account but you can usually do that. Your profile, friends list, and all your posts should still be intact. If you have any problems, please contact Facebook Customer Support. All you have to do is get back on Facebook. Now that we’ve helped you, we have a few tips you might want to consider so you can help yourself in the future.

Note: To make it easier for you to get back into your account, here are some things you should do to restore or reactivate your Facebook account. To make it harder for someone to hack into your accounts, it’s best to come up with new, unique passwords for each account you use on every website you use. Consider using a password manager for a physical list of all the passwords you have for accounts.

After Deactivated my Facebook Account I Forgot my Password After that I Entered my Email also but not Open my Account

First, try to login using a mobile number. Before deactivating your account to do these steps.

1. Change your privacy settings instead of disabling. If you’re just worried about receiving your personal information, we suggest changing your Facebook account settings without deactivating your account.

2. Facebook gives you a lot of options about how well you are sharing your profile. In your calendar, set a time limit for reactivating your account.

3. To determine if you can no longer reactivate your account after the deadline you missed, create a note on your calendar or your cell phone to remember that 14 days after deactivating yourself, your account will be permanently deleted.

4. Click the down arrow at the top right, then select Settings from the menu.

5. Then, select Security and Login from the sections on the left. Under the “Setting up extra security” section, you’ll see an option labeled “Choose 3 to 5 friends to communicate with when locked out.” Next to this setting, click Edit.

6. Now, click Choose Friend. Enter the names of your trusted friends to help you get your account back; Click on each of them to select them from the list of suggested suggestions.

7. Once you’ve selected friends, click Confirm.

Now the friends you have selected will have the ability to help you get back into your Facebook account if you and later locked out of your account. This was a great security feature on Facebook. We hope in this way you can easily get your account back soon.

The Techypaw’s Line:

Tell Facebook which friends you trust to help you access your account when locked out. Despite your efforts to keep your account secure, if your account is hacked in any way, you can set up a feature where your trusted friends can help you get your account back if you don’t lose access to your account. To set up your trusted contacts, first, go to your Facebook settings. Hope you like this article. Thank you for choosing Techypaw.

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