How To View Instagram Notification History [ View Disappeared Notifications ]

Nowadays Instagram is a very popular and interesting application by which users can upload media (images, videos) and show their talents. Now I am going to share some tips about how to view “Instagram Notification History” and many more questions related to it.

in this article, I am going to tell you how you can view deleted Instagram notifications for disappeared Instagram notifications directly on Instagram without any hesitation. I know you guys are thinking about how it is possible?. Yes, I got you. if you are looking for how to do so then you are in the right place so without wasting time let’s jump into the tutorial.

A Case Study:

A few days back I started getting lots of notification on Instagram but as I do it job and I have to maintain my college also so so I couldn’t view all the notification which were coming daily. After 50+notifications, I also couldn’t view the notifications which were 2 to 3 minutes old as I was getting continuous notifications on my Instagram. I was like oh my God what is happening with my Instagram why I am getting so many notifications. But then I realize due to my posts are getting viral on Instagram so that’s why followers are following me and commenting on my posts that’s why I was getting a lot of notifications on my Instagram. But what about the older notifications?. A question arose on my mind at that time, that if I couldn’t see the old notifications then how to reply to comments, DMs, tags of my friend’s post on Instagram right?.

Then, I thought it would be a very great idea if one can view, the disappeared notifications on Instagram. And I started finding tricks. finally, I have got the idea of how to view disappeared Instagram notifications as well as all the notifications which continuously coming on your Instagram profile. And as you know I am a blogger and so I have got a new topic for my blog to give you guys such a great idea so that it will save your time on earlier Instagram Notification History.

How Can I See Notifications On Instagram?

There is a complete and compact list of tips that help a user to find “Instagram Notification History.” Just go through the steps one by one to understand it more deeply.

Step 1:

The Instagram app itself offers you a glimpse of your notifications on your mobile phone or tablet. For viewing them, you have to tap the “Heart” icon at the bottom of the screen, followed by the “News” tab. There you’ll find friend requests that have been made, as well as recent comments, likes, and mentions since the last time you used the app. You can also peruse older notifications. 

Step 2:

View Instagram notifications in real-time — and not just when you open the app — enable the app’s Push Notifications feature. You have to tap the “Profile” tab on the lower-right corner, followed by the gear icon, and then touch “Push Notifications Settings” to specify your desired “ Instagram notifications”. Then, configure your device to receive and display the notifications.

Step 3:

Posting a photo or video on Instagram inevitably leads to likes, comments, mentions, and friend requests. When your Instagram application notifies you of all these, alternative viewers are there that it is shown your notifications in a more organized, eye-catching, or informative way. It may be accessed these third-party Instagram viewers on the Web or download them as applications on your mobile device or computer.

Importance Of Viewing Notifications after like, comment, and share your post?

On Instagram, you can share your favorite photos and videos with your followers. From here, they can like, comment, and share your post to their friends in the DMs on their stories. When people like and comment on your post, you’ll receive an “Instagram notification” in the notification section under your post.

When you receive new followers – this can be because of your great posts, other people sharing your post, or people just deciding to follow you, this will come up in the notifications on your Instagram. In the notifications section, you’re only able to see a certain amount of notification until Instagram deletes the older notifications. This means that if you have too much activity coming to your profile, then Instagram will delete all the older notifications that you receive.


Older notifications vs Newest Notification

The older notifications are found push down to the bottom which means that the newest notifications remain at the top. The number of notifications you’re allowed to see is reported to be 100 and after that, the notification will be deleted for example and you won’t be able to see them again.

When notifications get deleted, it doesn’t mean that the certain action was delete. For example, if someone comments and this notification gets deleted, this doesn’t mean that the comment has been deleted from your post – the notification has just been deleted.

Depending on how much activity you get, your older notification will get pushed down until you can no longer see them If you upload a lot, whenever, you receive a ton of likes, Instagram groups this all into on notification until it’s broken up by a comment or follow – this is to stop your receiving notifications just about your likes.


How to See More Than 100 Notifications on Instagram?

I am going to mention two ways on how you can see very old or deleted notifications on Instagram. As we all know there is no direct method to view

Using Notification Saver Apps:

You can get a lot of notification saving apps on play store from their download any of them and then use those apps to view Instagram notifications. Those apps will let you know from which time which notification you have received and it is seen or unseen.once you Mark as reading then all the notifications will be marked as read otherwise they will not be marked as read.

You can easily customize those apps. when you will receive an Instagram notification, this app will automatically show notifications in your app drawer which can slide down, from the top of your screen. One of the special things which I would like to share that once you have downloaded any notification saving apps from Play Store after installing it you can select which apps notification you want to see on this app. So this is a very great feature because if you want to view Instagram notifications and you want other apps notification also then you can only select Instagram notification on this app and it will automatically show all the notifications of Instagram but will not show any other app’s notification inside it.

Those notifications will be stored on your storage device for a lifetime. So if you are using Instagram and after a hundred notifications you can’t see any other notifications, then you can use notification saving apps. It will store your notification continuously in real-time so that you can view it after anytime you want.

General way:

Unfortunately, there is no way to see older deleted notifications in the notification section – you can only see the most recent notifications for your profile. If you receive notifications through your email, you can check your emails by going into the social folder and checking for any notifications here. Besides that, Instagram won’t let you see notifications that are too old.

If you don’t clear the notifications section on your device, you can check for notifications here. Some notifications stay on your device which means that you can view the notification here even though it’s deleted from the notification section. Your “Instagram Notification History” found inside that particular section.

Infographic- How to View Old Instagram Notification

If you manually delete a notification, notifications that were deleted don’t come back just because one’s been deleted. If you delete a notification, the ones that were deleted from the bottom won’t appear.

Sometimes when I get an Instagram notification I open up Instagram and nothing shows. Why is that?

It depends on what type of notification it is. Here a few guides you can follow, understand why such conditions appear. Let’s jump into a quick solution.

For example, if I send you a follow request, you’ll get a notification, but if I then remove my follower request, you’ll still have the notification, but when you open the notification, there will be nothing there.  Obviously, it’s because of the action I took to give you that notification has been revoked.

How To Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working issue within 10 sec?

There are several ways to fix notifications, not working issues. I’ll be giving you the walkthrough, to fix within 2 minutes. Just go through it without skipping a single point.
  • Check the connection
  • Check Instagram’s notification setting
  • Check the app’s notifications
  • Check muted chats Clear cache (for Android users)
  • Update the Instagram app Log out from the app
  • Restart the device Enable background
  • Refresh Check Instagram notifications from another device
  • Disable low power mode Again install Instagram if you are an iOS user

The Techypaw’s Line:

Hope, You have got a better idea about how to “View Instagram Notification History” and many other question answer related to it. I hope, it will help you to solve your problem. If you have any idea then do comment. I shall be happy to hear from you. Thank you for visiting Techypaw. This article is Contributed by Arpan Mukherjee and Koustav Ghosh.

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