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[Working] How to View WhatsApp Status Without Being Seen?

It sounds awesome, right? Here this article contains the best methods, which will make you understand How to View WhatsApp Status Without Being Seen . At the time of checking the WhatsApp status of your friend and moreover you will be able to keep an eye on their  WhatsApp status to get updates.

A Case Study:

It’s a very common matter in today’s life that we all want to know our close person’s secret messages, status whatever it may be. Maybe the person is your girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone whom you just doesn’t want to let notified that you are viewing their status updates,

Maybe it is for fun or possessiveness or wants to know them or making yourself sure or just in casualty, seems like many reasons can be there. So, here the best methods of 2020 by which you can easily see someone’s WhatsApp Status without them knowing.

How To View WhatsApp Status Without Being Seen?


In the privacy settings of WhatsApp, there is an option called ‘Read Receipts’. Turn off this option (by tapping on the tick option.) This is a very simple and general method.

⦿Step 1: Open WhatsApp from your smartphone.
⦿Step 2: Click on the three dots. ( Upper right corner of your screen) >>Tap on settings.
⦿Step 3: Go to Account >> click on privacy.
⦿Step 4: Turn off read receipts.
⦿Step 5: View any status of your WhatsApp contact list. (Your friends won’t get any status seen notification)
Need to know:

By turning off ‘Read Receipts’ from WhatsApp settings, no one gets your status viewing notification. Therefore, you can “view WhatsApp Status without being seen”.

This feature is provided by WhatsApp itself. So no need to download any third-party application.
Your entire data will be safe and your data will not be able to hack by others, so you need not worry about it.
By enabling read receipts, no one will get any blue tick, next to their chats with you.
Problems you may face :

➼ The main problem of this feature is, you can see others WhatsApp status updates secretly, but at the same time, you won’t be able to see, who is viewing your own status updates too.

➼ You have to turn off the read receipts option up to 24 hours until the status gets disappeared.

➼ But this is really a good trick to view WhatsApp status without being seen. Officially WhatsApp itself provides this feature to the users for privacy purposes.

What Will Happen After Turning Off Read Receipts?

As you have turned off Read Receipts. You will not be able to know your chats are being seen by the other’s or not. Sounds like after sending messages on WhatsApp a double blue tick appears just next to the text.
By turning off Read Receipts you won’t be able to get any blue tick ☑️ beside your chats, therefore, you might get confused either your messages are being seen by that particular person or not until you have got any reply.
But, the problem can be solved by making your phone rooted and installing“Xposed Framework”.The application is available on Google Play or Apple App store. But after turning on read receipts all these problems will be e sorted.

Method 2: WhatsStatus App for WhatsApp

You will get this app from the Play Store or Apple store absolutely free. Whatsstatus or status saver for WhatsApp(size 9.13 MB). It’s a great application to view someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing. Your WhatsApp read receipts won’t be affected after using this application.
Just go through the steps one by one :

⦿Step 1:  Download the application.
⦿Step 2:  Open whats status application from your phone.
⦿Step 3:  Now, you can view all status updates in your contacts.
⦿Step 4:  You can also download status (videos, images, etc).

What’s useful?
You don’t need to worry about reading receipts function.As you are not turning off your read receipts from WhatsApp, by this application you can watch all the status updates, as well as the blue tick, will appear next to your chats, so that will helps you to understand the seen notification.
Major issues :

You have to open this application every time if you want to view WhatsApp Status without being seen.  Sometime you may feel awkward.

As you are downloading a third party application in your smartphone, so all the data of your WhatsApp will be stored on that application and if you are a privacy sick human then these applications are not for you.

As this application contains ads so you might get disappointed when ads will appear. This app store, the data of the status updates in your gallery, so your phone storage can be fulfilled if you continuously download or watch all that status updates of your friends.


This is also a great application(size 4.8 MB) for viewing someone’s WhatsApp status without letting them know. You can view WhatsApp status without being seen by any file explorer, all you need to access the hidden files: ES FILE EXPLORER have such options absolutely free for the users. (Paid versions also available in Play Store).
All you have to do is :

⦿Step 1:Download ES FILE EXPLORER
⦿Step 2:Open the application from your phone.
⦿Step 3: Turn on the “show hidden file”.>>Then go to file manager.
⦿Step 4:Open WhatsApp >> open WhatsApp media >>simply tap on “.statuses” folder.
⦿Step 5: Now, open the WhatsApp status of others from  ES Image Browser. 

Now, you can view the status of any particular person of your WhatsApp contact list. The person will not be able to know that you have viewed their WhatsApp status updates. It’s not is so cool?
  • Like the above app, this is also a third-party app. So, your data can be stored in their server.
Though there are some complexities and problems in this method this problem can overcome by making your phone rooted and installing the “Xposed Framework”.

Method 4:Vidmate App to view WhatsApp Status

Vidmate is a great android application (size 13.0 MB) that not only helps you “how to see WhatsApp status even if hidden” but also gives the opportunity to download and directly send those to others or to your own status updates.

⦿Step 1:  Download the latest version of the VIDMATE application.
⦿Step 2: Open VIDMATE.
⦿Step 3: Tap on WhatsApp (middle of the screen.)
⦿Step 4: Now, you will get all the WhatsApp status from all the contacts.
⦿Step 5:  Simply tap on statuses. You can view status or can download as well as send to your own WhatsApp status from the options.

Most of the time it may happen that statuses are not updated in vidmate application in real-time, so you may not be able to get all the WhatsApp status updates in your VIDMATE application.

Method 5: Xposed Module WhatsApp Extension

Simply follow the steps one by one:

⦿Step 5: Download the application.
⦿Step 5: Activate the Xposed module.
⦿Step 5: Then reboot your phone.
⦿Step 5: Open Xposed module >> In the Privacy preference, turn on the “turn off read receipts” option.
⦿Step 5: View “WhatsApp status without letting them know” and also “see who viewed your status updates”.

Which we like:
This application contains advertisements so like the previous third party applications at the time of using advertisement appears that’s very awkward.

Method 6: Using WhatsApp Web

This is another process by which you can View WhatsApp Status Without Being Seen. Basically in offline mode, WhatsApp keeps the data of the status updates viewers list, once you reconnect to the internet, the status viewers list will automatically get updated and it sync data with the server. So, “how to see WhatsApp status without them knowing on iPhone” in offline mode, as that person will get notified when they will be online?
That’s why WhatsApp web with the incognito mode is the best option for you to view WhatsApp status without an internet connection.

⦿Step 1: Open Web WhatsApp >> Turn on incognito mode.
⦿Step 2:Scan QR >> open WhatsApp on the computer.
⦿Step 3: Open status bar >> Disconnect the internet of your PC >> view the status of that particular person.
⦿Step 4: After viewing status, close the window (which opened in incognito mode).
⦿Step 5: You are done! Now you can reconnect your computer on the internet.

Alternate Method:[Without Incognito]

⦿Step 1: Open the WhatsApp web from your browser.
⦿Step 2:Scan QR code >> Open WhatsApp.
⦿Step 3:Go to the status bar >> Disconnect the internet from your laptop or desktop.
⦿Step 4:View the WhatsApp status of your contact list whom you will prefer to see.
⦿Step 5:Clear the session data from the browser settings.

The Best Part:
From your phone, you can’t do this process. A computer must need for this process. As you are scanning QR to open the WhatsApp web, so it is a little time-consuming process.
As in incognito mode, all the data are deleted, after each time you close the window. So when you will view someone’s WhatsApp status on WhatsApp web, incognito mode, after closing the incognito window before you connect your device with the internet.
This works such a way that all the data of your viewing activity which will store your device will be deleted permanently after closing the incognito window. In this way, the syncing operation with the WhatsApp server will be failed, and you will be able How to See Hidden Status on Whatsapp.

Method 7: From.Statuses folder

Generally, in Android phones, WhatsApp itself downloads and Stores the WhatsApp status updates of your contact list. You can view WhatsApp status through. Statuses folder without directly opening WhatsApp status form WhatsApp.

How To See Whatsapp Status Without Saving Number?

Here is the procedure by which you can view someone’s WhatsApp status but you don’t have to save their numbers.

⦿Step 1:Open WhatsApp from your smartphone >> go to status tab >> stay there for some time.

⦿Step 2:Use any file explorer >> turn on for showing hidden files (go to menu >> tap on “Show Hidden Files”).

⦿Step 3: Open File manager >> tap on  Internal storage >> then WhatsApp >> WhatsApp media >> .Statuses folder.

⦿Step 4: Copy all the images and paste in different locations of your phone.



Method 8: Unseen app – No last seen

This process is also suitable If you are looking for How to View Someone’s Whatsapp Status Without Them Knowing iPhone?

⦿Step 1: Download Unseen apk.

⦿Step 2:Open the app >> Do setup >> allow permission >> make applicable for WhatsAap. (You can allow this app for all social networking apps, for anonymous interaction).

⦿Step 3:  Don’t open WhatsApp.

⦿Step 4: Now, view WhatsApp status of your contact list.

The best part:

Method 9: GB WHATSAPP –Ultimate solution

Technically the modded version of any application provides you some special features which really help GB WhatsApp is such Mod APK which not only helps you to view WhatsApp status secretly but also contains the customizable options, which allows you to stop delivery notifications, blue tick notification, online, last seen notification and many more, which normal WhatsApp application can’t provide.

⦿Step 1: Download GB WHATSAPP from reliable sources.

⦿Step 2: Install >> set up GB WHATSAPP into your smartphone. (past WhatsApp application will be replaced by GB WHATSAPP.)

⦿Step 3: Now, copy the old what’s app directory and paste it to GB WHATSAPP directory >> Open GB WHATSAPP >> Run backup >> Data will be restored.

⦿Step 4: On the main chat page of GB WHATSAPP, tap on “menu” >> tap on Privacy >> Activate “Hide view status.

Best part:
Major issues:
There are no such drawbacks of this method except the above. But, as this is a third party application, so in case of privacy matters, we can’t trust blindly on GB WHATSAPP.

The Techypaw’s Line:

Here, in this article, we have seen How to View Whatsapp Status Without Being Seen. Nine workarounds are here, you can choose the suitable one, among them.  Xposed Module WhatsApp Extension is the best method to view WhatsApp status privately. I hope you like this article. Thank you.
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