200+ Ways To Increase Instagram Followers | Instagram Algorithm 2021

This is one of the hot topics which is trending right now, is how to “Increase Instagram Followers“? I hope you are also searching for the tricks, You are in the right place here. I’ll describe 200+ ways to increase Instagram followers instantly with a step by step guide.
Nowadays Instagram is a very popular and interesting application by which users can upload media in Instagram-news feeds, which can be edited with filters and organized with tags and locations. Here posts can be shared in two modes one is the public mode and the other is pre-approved followers mode. Users can visit other users’ contents by tags and locations and also can view trending contents. Instagram-story is another wonderful feature by which users can make a good connection with their followers.
Article index:
  • Introduction
  • A case study
  • Here’s how
  • Difference between fake and real followers 
    • Fake Instagram followers tend to
    • Have no ROI
    • little to no Buz
    • Make your Instagram followers happy
  • How to Increase/boost Instagram followers
    • Target your audience
    • Have a thoughtful Instagram strategy
    • The artistry of great bio and profile
    • Promoting on other social networks
    • Create a consistent and artistic brand story
    • Use relevant hashtags
    • Aim for the explore tab
    • Share your account in other communications
    • Use name tag
    • Tag your location
    • Social listening
    • Follow other relevant users
    • Maintain chain rule
    • Aim to get featured
    • Tag relevant uses
    • Ask your followers to tag their friends
    • Experiment with different filters
    • Try to upload a post on different dimensions
    • Use Instagram analytics
    • Consistency in posting
    • Post at the proper time
    • Schedule your post
    • Work with micro-influencers
    • Share more selfies
    • Consider Instagram advertising
    • Write compelling captions
    • Run contest
    • Cross post your Instagram content to Facebook and Twitter and other social media
    • Look at what your competitors are doing
    • Create an IGTV series
    • Get promoted on BuzzFeed
    • Use Instagram posts in a blog post to build followers
    • Follow people who like computing Instagram pages
    • Look for your audience
    • Housekeeper ways to build Instagram followers
    • Use Instagram stories and explore its interactive features
    • Try Instagram live collaboration
    • Communication is a key
    • Use the right filters on Instagram
    • Steal your competitor’s followers on Instagram
    • Organize your stories into highlights
    • Use story highlights
    • Tag relevant and proper uses to get follow back
    • Use free Instagram templates
    • Write engaging and cheerful captions
    • Clever or witty comments
    • Calls to action
    • Use relevant emojis
    • Use hashtags in a proper way
    • Apply for a verification badge
    • Get the conversation started
    • Appear on the Instagram Search Top Results:
  • Let’s see a quick summary
  • The Final Lines

A case study:

Recently Instagram has brought a lot of features inside it so grabbing organic followers it’s not so tough. Recently Instagram has reels stories boomerang, college tags lots of features inside it. At the mid of 2019, I was searching for some tricks by which I can grab a lot of new followers and then I realize the main way to get followers is to give some uniqueness in the Instagram.Beside this I have also discovered some tricks by which anyone can rapidly grab a lot of Instagram followers and through them, they can easily be popular. So below I am giving the tricks to increase Instagram followers rapidly in 2020.
Here’s How:
The entire procedures on how you can increase or boost your Instagram followers rapidly by following the simple steps one by one here I have described the entire procedures into small parts. Which can be understood very easily. You have to read the steps one by one to understand how to increase your followers don’t skip in point because the most important and crucial points are given below. So, without wasting time let’s move into the procedures.
Table of Contents
6. 200+ Ways To Increase Instagram Followers [Boosting Algorithm]

Difference between fake and real followers on Instagram?

Real followers and fake followers actually Instagram followers but the basic difference between those, are mentioned below.

Fake followers behavior towards you:

Fix followers to give you constant likes and comments to your post.you may have a lot of followers like 10,000 followers on Instagram but all are non-active followers so they don’t have any contribution to your posts. So Instagram will get nothing from them. As a result, your post will not be e spreads among the other users.

Buying follow is not an option:

Buying followers is a very easy method but they will not be in your real followers. Maybe they can follow you for some time but after code changes in sight, Instagram for that application you are using the followers will be automatically unfollowed you. as this is a computer-generated bot system so that algorithm changes from time to time.

Authority of Engagement:

If you have 20k followers on Instagram but they don’t give you in like or comment then how you would get the engagement on your post on Instagram.
But 100 active users can give you constant likes and comments that will be more beneficial rather than having 20k inactive followers. Every post has some readable Times. After uploading a post on Instagram if your followers with on your post and view it then the Instagram algorithm thinks your post is absolutely ok and by this process, your post gets spread.

Try to make your followers happy so that they want to unfollow you:

Try to make your followers happy if they happy day I will not unfollow try to live their comment to like their post try to try to like their comment to like their post try to share their post to text with them behave friendly with them always be honest with your followers. This quality will give them a good impact on you.

200+ Ways To Increase Instagram Followers [Boosting Algorithm]

At about 200+ tips I will mention by which users can increase followers:

Target your Audience:

Firstly you have to choose your audience. So to target your audience you have to know the following points-
  • The age range of your target audience.
  • Work-field of them.
  • For which reason they use Instagram.
  • When most of them use Instagram.
  • Their location.
  • Their challenging parts

Always remember one thing if you have a proper target to heat then you can heat without any target you can heat the proper goal isn’t it?. So always be friendly of the audiences, whom you want to target actually.

Have a thoughtful Instagram strategy:

Since you are reading this blog, your aim is to get more followers. This is a fine goal to start with. The more needful thing is to be a part of a larger strategy connecting to your overall business strategy. Using any social networking site without a clear plan leads to wasted resources and a low return on investment. So you should have a thoughtful and intellectual concept about it.
Thought full strategy not only e helps you to grow up in social media but also helps you to make a good impact on others. If you are sharing your post having proper manner proper data proper caption proper style proper quality then the other person will definitely think something good and classy about you. Which will definitely give them a good impact and they will surely follow you.

The artistry of a great bio and profile:

The main backbone of the presence on Instagram is your profile and a well-crafted profile is a key to grow your audience. Half part of Instagram’s business profile visitors is from non-followers. You should convince the non-followers users through your profile presentation so that they won’t stop themselves to hit the follow button. They won’t follow if your profile is unclear, sketchy, or unappealing. You should include in your profile your name, username, website, bio.
You have seen a lot of guys does it bother about their bio. A proper bio not only helps the other users to know about you but also helps to understand what kind of person you are. You can get a lot of biomarker tools on the internet. Especially on Play Store, you will get some genuine bio makers where you just have to put your necessary information and then this application will automatically generate suitable bio and not only one, multiple bio’s, which will be generated. From there you can choose one, according to your choice, and after that paste it on the edit bio section of Instagram.

Promoting on other social networks:

To get more Instagram followers, you have to spread your Instagram profile on other social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, on any website, YouTube, etc. Thus more people will be able to know your existence on Instagram then they may follow you.
Let’s take a very common example when you want to sell your product among a large number of people when not only you, we all want some promotion because your information should SBI e reached to the others only through promotions though it may be social or it may be virtual or phone or anything else.
Proper promotion of your Instagram page can boost organic followers to your profile in a rapid manner. Make a good habit like when you are uploading a post on Instagram, do share the post on other social media too. First of all, it will help you to grab the audience from different social media platforms. And secondly, people who are visiting your profile, on their friend list, the other people will also be able to see you as a suggestion, that can surely help you to get new followers.

Create a consistent and aesthetic brand story:

An authentic brand story can give you more benefits to grab audiences. So you have to accustom with the following points
  • Make sure to maintain a consistent brand personality.
  • Maintain a good Visual look.
  • The aesthetic sense in your story.
  • Your posts should be easily recognizable and relatable at a glance.
  • Share catch up content:
Everything that you post must be so interesting to your target audience. Your goal is to engage and entertain them with content. Great content gets people to like, share, and comment on the post that helps you to enhance your followers.

Use relevant hashtags:

Hashtags help to make a post discoverable to the audience searching for content related to the products. You should know the dos and don’ts of using hashtags on Instagram before using it to get more followers.
There are a lot of websites from where you can copy the proper hashtags related to your content. Simply go to that website and copy the related hashtags and paste it along with your content which you will upload on Instagram.
Suppose you have installed Instagram recently and you don’t have any followers at this moment then proper hashtag can give you a lot of likes instantly in every post. And if your post is good then you will be followed by a lot of foreign users they use the hashtags for instant messaging or instant following for instant likes. And the best parties hashtags appear in search suggestions because every day and lots of users search for relevant hashtags and if you provide hashtags inside your post then your post will be viewed by other users in the search suggestions of this relevant tag.

Aim for the Explore tab:

At about, more than 200 million people visit the Explore tab every day. That is a huge opportunity for brands looking to grow their audience. There is a lot of exploration opportunities are present like posts, Stories, and IGTV.  According to Instagram, you can grab a lot of opportunities to find new connections.
Any marketers or digital marketers like Business giants use Instagram to grow their business. Not only Instagram but every social media at present is using the strategy to grab audiences. So there is a huge chance of exploration tab you can view the Adarsh sports and do some comment likes so that they will be notified and your profile will get some extra chance to appear in site search suggestions.

Share your account in other communications:

Both online and offline allow accessing people to your Instagram account. You should be sure you have shared your Instagram account on your website in your email signature, in your online newsletters. A good and compact post can give you some solid followers after shearing it with others.
You can share your Instagram account with others so that they will be able to view what kind of post you have uploaded on Instagram if your processed have that much amount of positivity then they will definitely like your post and through this, they will be converted as your Instagram follower so try to share as much as you can so that people around you can know you are using Instagram and you are walking to grow.

Use Instagram “Name-Tag” :

Your nametag on Instagram is also a great way to get new followers in real-time at conferences. People who connect with in-person can scan the code to follow you without typing your handle.
A proper name tag not only helps you to appear inside search suggestions but also helps the people to search your profile more quickly. Just imagine if someone is searching for your profile and your name is so long so they might not be able to find you in the first chance. So let me tell you they will never try to search for you again if you do not decide them because most of the peoples are really lazy they don’t want to search multiple Times if they don’t have any profit by searching you right.so use proper name tag so that they can find you by one search only.

Tag your location:

It’s one more easy way to find your content on Instagram. If your business has a perfect location, you should be sure about to tag it. Users can click on that location and see all the photos and stories from your office. This can help to expose your Instagram account to more people.
When you are taking the location to suppose someone visited this location before and Instagram check their location before whenever you put your location on Instagram then Instagram will match the previous location with this new location and in future if someone again tags the same location then they will definitely view your post which you have posted earlier mentioning the location. So to get information about this place there may ask you for DM you through which you both will become friends and you will get one follower surely.

Follow other relevant users:

When you follow a user on Instagram there is a good chance they will check out your feed. If it is meaningful and relevant to them, then they likely to return the favor. If you are a beginner and you want to grab a lot of audiences then following relevant users is a very positive option. At the very beginning don’t try to follow search users I will definitely not follow you back. Try to follow local users who are similar to you so that when you follow someone they will give you a follow back for sure. I’ll recommend following search users who don’t have many followers so that they will have the strategy to increase followers and you are also following the same strategy to increase followers. So the strategy between you guys is the same. So why not the other person will follow you back? Am I clear?

Strategy on Social Listening:

It is a great way to find conversations relevant to your brand.  And from there you can easily get ideas and you also can identify influencers to follow. It is a great idea to follow those top users’ followers too.
Smart work is always better than going randomly. So so if your aim is to build a brand for yourself then the Instagram users who are are relevant to your brand should be followed by you. So that a proper brand strategy can be established from the very beginning. Suppose you are a fashion model so you should follow other fashion models so that people can understand your affection model and your following a brand strategy by following other fashion models you can interact with other peoples like top fashion models by emailing them so that it good communication can be established and from there you will get a very good idea on how to increase the business chain.

Maintain Chain-rule:

If you maintain this idea then you will get more followers very easily. In this technique, you have to follow an algorithm
  • Step 1: You have to choose good and unique content.
  • Step 2: Then you have to post them both in feed and story.
  • Step 3: As it is good content so most of the users of Instagram may follow it.
  • Step 4: If you see that more likes in this type of post then you have to post more contents like that.
  • Step 5: When users will see your uniqueness then they will follow you and will share your posts.
  • Step 6: After more sharing, many of your follower’s followers will follow you and they will also share your posts. Thus a chain will form.

Aim to get featured:

In this case, you have to do hashtag research. Feature accounts are that type of Instagram account that makes curiosity to other users and the content re-sharing rate is very high. Some of these accounts have a huge following and having them share one of your posts can send a new stream of followers your way.
You should always forecast how to get featured because somehow to get featured on Instagram then all the doors will be opened for you you will be visited by numerous amount of people inside and trust me Instagram is a huge community you can’t imagine million dollars invested insight Instagram. So always try to get featured on Instagram.
now you are thinking that how to get featured right there is a lot of options by which you can easily get featured just use YouTube to find how to get featured you will get all the options. You can also so get free chat after reading the process which I am going to share.
  • Use proper theme inside Instagram.
  • Follow relevant uses.
  • Be consistent.
  • Update daily posts on Instagram.
  • Update post regarding recent topics.
  • Be active on Instagram daily basis.
  • Try to shoot photos like a pro.
  • Try to be e a part of Instagram contests which are being organized by some other heavy users.
  • And be a good influencer.

Always Tag Relevant Users: 

 Adding relevant users can give you extra benefits. Every time you upload a post you should very carefully that, inside photo tag, only those users will be there who have a very good amount of followers and tag some other users who are related to your post.
When you are taking stop users then your photo will appear on the search suggestions as you have tagged heavy users. Suppose you have attacked “The Rock” on Instagram on your post, so as Rock has 100 + million followers on Instagram so his account is really heavy. Now as you are taking him inside your post so you will appear on the search suggestion on others when they will search “Rock”.

Ask your followers to tag their friends:

If every once in a while, try encouraging your followers to tag their friends in the comment section, it can help expose your Instagram account to a larger network of people. Save this as your most compelling content. Users should feel like they are doing their friends a favor by tagging them.
After a few days when you have at least a hundred followers on Instagram, then ask them to tag you inside their post, so that their friends will see you inside your friends’ posts and if they like his post then they will visit and like your post too. So it’s a plus point for you. Don’t think everyone will tag you but make some connections so that your friends will tag you inside their post.

Experiment with Different Filters & Dimensions: 

Just because you’re a business doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with filters and use different dimensions. On the contrary, you should use filters on your content. The more creative, original, interesting, and captivating your photos are, the more likely people are to share and follow your account.
Instagram by default allow 1:1 and 4:5 post. I am talking about the ratio. So whenever you post on Instagram try to make the ratio of your post 4:5. So that your post can be viewed by others largely. and I think you know the large photo will get more impressive compared to the small photo.
Instagram by default has a lot of filters. Lycos lo Paris Jakarta Abu Dhabi and many more. You should try different filters inside your post so that people can understand you are really passionate about Instagram.

Use Instagram analytics:

With an Instagram business account (which is free), you’ll have access to analytics that show when your audience is most active. Use that data to optimize your posting schedule. There are several analytics websites, tools that are present on the internet. Some of them are given below.
  • Sprout Social
  • Iconosquare
  • Keyhole
  • Curalate
  • Socialbakers
Those tools not only give you about the follower’s count but also give you the detailed analytics of the users who followed you and who doesn’t follow you back. How many followers you have gained last month last weeks, which post gets viral, which most people are liking the most, and many more.

Consistency in posting:

Your existing followers want to see your content from you. So you have to be consistent with your posts. You have to post your content regularly, regular posting can hold your followers.
Not on Instagram, every social media has an algorithm that runs on consistency. More you will be consistent your post will be viewed by others. So post daily on Instagram at the same time.

Post at the proper time:

Instagram has an algorithm. It doesn’t work in chronological fields. You should try to upload a post at a particular time when most of your users are online so that your post can be reached to a huge amount of people.
  • Start testing for various times for a few weeks.
  • Make an average of your results.
  • You can plot a graph to analyze your results.
  • Choose the peak point of your plot.
  • Follow that time and post your content.
In this way, your followers will also be active to see your events. Mostly the best time to upload any post on Instagram is 9 to 10 am in the morning, 12 to 1 p.m. at noon, and 3 to 5 p.m. in the evening and 9pm to 11pm at night.

Schedule your posts:

Scheduling your post is a very good option so that you wouldn’t have to bother about what time you would update your post. It will automatically detect the time and post accordingly. Select a schedule for your post. Suppose you are busy and you don’t have time to check when you have posted content yesterday. Scheduling posts can automatically up to date at the right time at which you have posted your content yesterday…

Work with Micro-influencers:

You can work with small influencers to gain followers. You will be amazed to know that more than 3.21% of Instagram, engagement rates of influencers are present among the 1.5% user across the globe. With an average 3.21% engagement rate compared to 1.5% across all social networks, having a strong influencer campaign strategy is a real asset to brands looking to grow on Instagram.
Instagram is a have for influencers you will get a lot of influences on Instagram who have uploaded posts daily. Their aim is to entertain us. But all the influences are not having millions of followers. The influencers who have a small number of followers You Can follow them and interact with them so that they will give you a reply and by working with them after a few months we will also become a mini influencer and you will start getting followers.

Share More Selfies (Yes, Really):

From the very beginning, Instagram is the most friendly and acting social media platform.
There’s no denying that Instagram is still a very social place. And people want to follow accounts that they can relate to, regardless of whether that is a brand, influencer, or person they went to high school with. So Instagram is really required nowadays if you want to get brands or want to promote your brands.
if you are a selfieholic person then growing on Instagram is very easy for you. Nowadays selfie becomes one of the most popular photography tricks. When was capturing a selfie try to capture it on wide-angle and after clicking a selfie edit it on lightroom, snapseed like applications

Consider Instagram advertising: 

If you see your posts are viewed by lots of people like 500 people per day then Instagram will automatically e notify you to boost Your post by promoting itself. You can promote your post according to region according to pin code by paying a small amount of money.
The campaign starts from 80 Indian rupees and it has no limit but the maximum you can pay 75000. So it’s a very great opportunity for the users to promote their posts on Instagram that will surely help you to get quite a good amount of followers at a time.

Write some compelling captions:

A proper compelling caption can give your followers and extra benefit. It is one of the highlighted portions of your post. Whenever you going to upload a post on Instagram make sure you have provided a good caption so that people when going to your post they will have a good idea of your thoughts.
  • You can follow some strategy which definitely helps you to give a better caption.
  • Use proper words.
  • Try to make your caption within 1 to 2 lines.
  • Use hashtags inside the caption.
  • Tiny captions can grab the audience’s attention.
  • Different fonts and emojis can give you the proper value of captions.

Strategy To Run Contests:

Instagram users who have lots of followers they a run contest inside their Instagram account through stories. Normal users participate in the contests to get the price and to win the contest. You should always participate in such contest so that if you win this contest then your name including Instagram profile link will be uploaded to their stories. As they have a lot of followers so I will get a quite good amount of followers through their shearings.

Upload same post in multiple social media like Cross-Post:

Sharing the same post in multiple social media can drive a lot of audiences from different social media into Instagram
Try to post a post at the same time on every social media. Suppose you have uploaded a photo on Instagram at the same time we should upload this photo on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn on Pinterest on WhatsApp.so that the people will understand you are pretty active in all the social media and the users who followed you on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media as except Instagram they will come to your Instagram profile and it will definitely follow you.so it is a really very good strategy to increase Instagram followers rapidly.

Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing:

Most of the Instagram influencers and good users used to follow their competitors so that every time they get updated about what others are doing
Competition is all around you should research about your competitor’s work if they have a good amount of followers and they are uploading Post with the related topic then you should also upload your post on the same topic so that he will always get updated on Instagram is SEO.

Create an IG TV Series:

Due to the popularity of Instagram, it has launched. This is also one of a very popular place like YouTube you can upload videos. But not for a long time. Usually, if you upload a post which is better than one minute then it will be automatically uploaded on it.
Nowadays it becomes one of the most popular India to upload short videos. Inside YouTube, there is no time limit of making a video but on IGTV if your video is more than 1 minute then it will automatically e uploaded inside it. It consists of a lot of features. You can post your content on IGTV. Try to make a series so that people who believe in your post will be curious to know what’s happening next. Through this, the engagement of your Instagram profile will be increased.

Try to Get promoted on every Instagram Buzz feed: 

Through Buzzfeed, you can get a lot of followers. all you have to be active. Try to get promoted. So that others can see your profile.
Not only but spit there is a lot of fit promoting companies are there who you actually play a digital marketing role.they have a good amount of followers in their account and they generally take money from you and post your videos including your profile link on the profile so that the followers on their profile will visit their post and automatically redirected to your Instagram profile.

Write Instagram posts like a blog:

If you have your own personal or business blog, you can add your Instagram pictures into your blog posts. Over time, more people will see your blogs and inside your blogs, after seeing posts they will come to know about your Instagram profile. Thus more people will visit your profile.
Inside Instagram caption, there is a lot more space where you can write the entire blog related to this post. Usually, we use some hashtags and one caption for posting content on Instagram but it is not a good way to post on Instagram. If you really want to increase your followers then a blog post can build a lot of followers. Before uploading any post on Instagram check these three things.
  • Proper caption
  • A blog about this post.
  • Who helped you you are from home you get inspired to mention their name.
  • Tag related users you have uploaded contents on the same topic which you will be going to post.
  • Provide alt text inside your picture.

Try to follow your competitors Instagram pages:

There are several Instagram pages are present which you can follow. Try to visit search pages with your competitors are following. That would be very helpful for you so that he will get notified whatever some brands for Instagram pages are doing. If you have a good potential inside you then you can showcase your talent to them and from that page, you will get a good amount of money e if they want to promote you and through this, you will get a lot of followers after they promote you.

Give a look on your audience:

You have to create a compact list of some brands so that you can follow them constantly and continuously collecting data from their activities.
To do this you have to search their profile and inside their post do one or two comments and also try to follow they are followers so that they will get notified that you are also interested in their followers.

Try to run giveaways to impress followers:

Try to run giveaways to impress followers: Now one in all the foremost important things is hosting a giveaway session. To arrange a giveaway session in should have proper money because without money you cannot organize a conversation because you will not get anything to accept followers soo only e do giveaways after you have sufficient money you spend on your followers.

Give the taste of the Instagram story to your followers:

Instagram stories have a lot of features it can be described will in one blog. Starting from poles’ birthday celebrations creations gif’s location tags mentions sounds multiple options are there through which you can entertain your followers.

Always try to upload one story per day so that your followers get entertained and engaged inside your profile.

Come Live On Instagram and Try To Do Live Collaboration:

Every time you open your Instagram you can see a lot of people are doing live videos to entertain their followers. Now it is one of the most positive ways to grab the attention of your audience. If you can do to and interactive sessions with your followers then it would be more beneficial for you. Because they will interact with you in real-time and all the followers who will be watching this life they will also try to comment on your life and from there the engagement will increase. Another way is to try to come live on Instagram with an Instagram user who has quote more followers when you so that when will be on life then you and your friend will be interacting with each other and your followers plus your friend’s followers both will be interacting and commenting on your and your friends live. So there will be a huge engagement inside your life. As the Instagram algorithm views the engagement so the Goan you guys do life collaboration then the engagement will be at the peak point.

Communication is the key:

Do you know that you see only 1/3rd of the content of people who you follow? So don’t follow more people than you are following.
Your posts are also competing with each other. This way, the post, which got more engagement, shows first than the one with the least engagement. and don’t delete your live video because the people who will not be available on that moment when you will be doing the life videos, they can do it whenever they want between 24 hours from the time of your live video on Instagram.

Give a magical filter on Instagram:

If you scroll right from your Instagram screen your homepage then the camera will be opened and there you will get a lot of customizable options. If you want to create something then you can just tap on create. Otherwise, go to the story then slide on the left side and you will get a lot of filters. Hair I am giving the name of the field task which you should use in your Instagram story.
  1. Normal (No Filter)
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Ludwig
  6. Gingham
  7. Valencia
  8. X-Pro II
  9. Lo-fi
  10. Amaro

Try to gain competitor’s followers on Instagram (Growing up strategy):

I personally don’t recommend doing any illegal things but you can steal your competitor’s followers on Instagram by simply following them.it is not clear right ok so let’s understand how we can do it.
  • First, go to your competitor’s profile.
  • Second from their open their follower’s list.
  • Like a photo
  • Comment on a photo
  • After that open its follower’s profile and see how many followers they have if they have a small number of followers then just simply give a follow to them and they will surely follow you back.

This way we will gain competitors followers on your Instagram, this is a very good strategy to increase your followers.

Add your stories into highlights:

Whenever a potential follower lands on your profile, you have a short period to convince them to follow you. The highlight is one of the most important features inside your Instagram profile. When people come to your profile if they see a proper highlight then they will be curious to see what you have uploaded inside your highlights. After that, they will have a pretty good idea of what kind of people you are what kind of things you do and what is your lifestyle.
Try to arrange your highlight in such a way that it looks like a pro. You will get a lot of applications on Play Store which provides you the thumbnail of the Highlights. You should add a proper cover picture of thumbnail on your highlights so that it looks pretty.
Usually, stories are used to give information about what you are doing every day. But they have a lifespan of 24 hours.but if you move your stories into highlights then it will stay on Instagram for a lifetime. So you should always add the special stories into highlights.

Use Story Highlights to:

  • You can create a trailer for yourself so that the people when land on your Instagram profile they will be getting the compact idea on who are you and what you do actually.
  • Convert stories to a perfect theme.
  • Explain your products through pictures and videos
  • Promote your products using swipe-up links (you need at least 10K followers and an Instagram Business account to do this with your Stories)

Tag relevant users:

In the earlier context, I have discussed how important tagging is. Now let’s have a quick look at how you can tag someone on your post. Just simply after writing a caption put @ sign and then write the name (eg. @its_ariyanth).
Tagging improves the functionality of your post as well as the engagement of your post though.when you tag someone they will definitely give you thanks for the Ken take a screenshot of your tagging post screenshot to their stories. In this way, you will get a lot of followers.

Always Use Free Instagram Templates:

There are a huge number of Instagram templates you can follow.on Play Store you will get different themes to arrange your posts. You can use,
  • 9 cut for Instagram.
  • Instagram grid.
  • Instagram cut.

Search apps provide you a proper theme. Following these themes, you can upload your post on Instagram. It helps you in two ways. First of all your Instagram profile will be e looking like a pro. And people who will reach onto your profile after viewing your posts will have a good impression on you.

Engaging, shareable captions will give extra cheese to your post:

Follow the given points to make your captions so much interesting and compact
  • Clever or Witty Comments
  • Calls to Action
  • Relevant Emojis
  • Hashtags

Show Some Clever or Witty Comments:

My friend Ashutosh, says that he loves Netflix’s account and sub-accounts, particularly because of the post captions: “They have such a clear brand voice, and you laugh along with them. They’re in on the joke, just like one of your friends.”
Here’s one example he gave where Netflix makes a pun out of the term “ghosting”:
In the post above, the caption cleverly connects a newly commonly used phrase to an older film that’s streaming on the platform.

Calls to Action can give you Engagement:

you know what inside Instagram stories there is a create option where you can create polls questions mentions birthday reminders for your followers.try to ask them about giving some reviews to any particular product or what they think about you.
You can get a lot of answers from your users and after completing their answers you can repost the answers by giving your thoughts of thanks on your story mentioning them so that they will again view your story and through it, the engagement increases quickly.

Use Relevant Emojis to express feelings:

The recent digital marketing says if you add relevant emojis to your post then it will give you the meaning of your personality. Try to comment using emojis so that your feelings will understand by the others.
Inside your keyboard, you will get a lot of emojis, especially on the phone. Try cool emoji-like
So that the line which you are writing can be understandable by some feelings.

The syntax of Adding Hashtags:

You can quickly copy hashtags and add just below to your captions. The syntax will be like.
Try to maintain this syntax and upload as much as hashtags up to 30 on your Instagram posts to grab instant likes and comments.

Apply for a verification badge to get verified on Instagram:

Verification badge is actually a blue tick that will be showing just beside your username on Instagram. This batch has a special meaning. It will only be achieved by Instagram. If you have done something school and you have marked as an icon then you will be getting a verification badge from Instagram for sure.
All there is something interesting news about you is being published on any news article then you can also get a verification badge by applying directly to Instagram through the mail. Once you get a verification badge then you will be verified on Instagram and trust me your journey to get a lot of followers will automatically start. You don’t have to worry about your followers they will definitely follow you.

Get the Conversation Started:

As you are a new beginning on Instagram so the conversation can give you are a very good impact to gain followers. Try to respond as much as you can. When peoples are sending you a direct message so definitely they want to talk to you. You should reply to them as soon as possible so that they can be your friend and they like all of your posts. You can do likes and comments on their post also this is strategy can help you to get new customers and followers and it will definitely improve the customer for your relationships.Trust me more than 45% of people at this time believes social media customer care. That includes email live chat location tag customer reviews and many more. So always try to respond if someone wants to talk to you on Instagram message.

Appear on the Instagram Search Top Results:

You can grab a lot of followers and active users when your post will be on the Instagram top search results. Instagram doesn’t provide the algorithm on how they can select 9 photos for particular hashtags but you can try I using current hashtags to try to upload a post on current topics so that your post will be get updated on the Instagram database. 
The main point of going top for surgery is your post should have at least that much amount of engagement within one to two hours from the time of uploading.

Let’s see a quick summary:

– Post at the time when more of your followers are online.
– Prepare a high-quality image, which will fit your niche. Well, that’s actually what you should always do on your account.
– Pick the hashtags relevant to your niche. They shouldn’t be too popular. The more popular it is, the harder it is to get to the top of your account isn’t big yet.
– It’s good to have a relationship with the bigger accounts. If you don’t have any, start interacting with them.
Also, two of your posts may get to the top, but then they will compete with each other.
It seems complicated, and you won’t get to the top every time, but if you do it right, there is a big chance to get there quite often.

The Final Lines:

In this article, we have seen how to “200+ Ways to Increase Instagram Followers” rapidly. By going through the above tips, think you will get success to enhance your followers. All the tips are given above if I missed anything then do let me know just do it comment it and I’ll be uploading your thoughts inside the list for sure. All the best from my side.Hope you like this article. Thank you for visiting Techypaw.

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