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Hey, are you looking for “ Instagram Story Viewer, Anonymously View Instagram stories “? then you are in the right place. Don’t worry; we are here to resolve your curiosity. This article gonna help you surely. In this article, I have provided the best tricks by which you will be knowing How to view Instagram stories without letting them know? Yeah!! 

Instagram is a wonderful get in touch application through which users can able to connect with their followers or fans easily as some astonishing features are present which so many users friendly is. Inside Instagram, the Instagram story is one of the brightest parts to show your content’s trailer, through which your followers get to know about your coming modules or episodes.

A Case Study:

I have started using Instagram 3 yrs back. Well, when I was in the first year, an incident happened. I had a friend from college. She had a boyfriend and some issues were going on in their relationship. So, she wanted to see her bf’s Instagram stories.
But also didn’t want to let him know that she is viewing then I have given my phone any by some geeks, I have shown her the story by using Instagram Story Viewer. As you all know I am a blogger, So thought it would be a great opportunity if I can share these ideas with you guys so here, I am going to share my opinions with others so that, it will be helpful to you also.


Here, I am going to share the best tricks with you which are beneficial to you since of Instagram story viewer. Follow the walkaround one by one to understand the procedure completely.

Trick 1: Airplane Mode Trick 

Assuming that you simply have the Instagram application installed on your smartphone, then the foremost direct thanks to seeing Instagram stories without being seen is with Airplane mode. Whether you employ iPhone or Android phone, you’ve got Airplane mode.
Actually, it’s very simple. You only open Instagram and login to your account. Wait a couple of seconds for all the stories available to load on your phone. Then activate Airplane mode, and return to Instagram to look at the stories. 
Because all the stories are pre-loaded on your phone, you’ll view the stories without the web. Because Airplane mode is on, your view doesn’t count. 
If you would like to feature a bonus level of security, close the Instagram app once you’ve seen those stories. Don’t leave it even running within the background.

Trick 2: Online Instagram Stories Viewer 

If you don’t want to activate Airplane mode, you’ll use Online Instagram Stories Viewer to look at any stories without logging in to your Instagram account. Many free online tools will do such a thing. 
The Stories website is one among them. It enables you to ascertain Instagram stories without being seen. From this website, you’ll even prefer to download the Instagram story whether it’s a video or photo.
You just got to place the username you would like to spy on within the search box of Stories website. Instantly you’ll be ready to see all the stories that are published by this user within 24 hours. If you would like to look at stories that have been published way back, there’s another online tool, Instagram Stories Data. 
Things You May Not Like:
The only drawback of this method is that it only works with public accounts. If you would like to look at Instagram stories of a personal account without being seen, you’ve got to see other methods addressed during this article.

Trick 3: The Story Saver App for Android or iOS

If you would like to look at multiple Instagram stories anonymously, a fanatical app is worth having. For Android users, there’s a free application called Story Saver application. You’ll download it from Google Play Store and follow the steps below to look at Instagram stories.  
Within the app, you would like to enter your Instagram account to urge started. Once logged in, you’ll see an inventory with all the users you follow, who have stories active at the instant. If you discover the person you would like to spy on anonymously.
You only select it to look at all of his or her stories at the instant. you’ll also look for the user’s name to seek out a selected user quickly and you’ll see its history. 
As soon as you see the stories, you’ll have the choice to repost, save, or share them. There’s also an Eye-shape icon. Don’t tap thereon if you would like your views to be counted. Confine mind that, with this application, you’ll only see the stories of your friends that are active at that point.
If you’re using iOS
There’s also an identical app that works a bit like this. The app is named Story Reposter. Besides viewing others’ stories without being seen, it also allows you to repost it to your Instagram feed or reserve it on your device.

Trick 4: Web Brower Extension

IG stories for Instagram are an extension for Google Chrome browser that permits you to look at any Instagram stories without leaving traces. After installing it in your browser, you’ll access Instagram stories on your desktop easily, and more importantly, your view doesn’t count. The web extensions has Instagram Story Viewer  configarations itself.
If you employ Firefox, then you’ll use Stories Watcher. It’ll allow you to ascertain the stories without logging in, and most significantly, without being seen. The stories will still appear as unseen, albeit you’ve got seen all of them. In case you are doing not want to put in the extension, you’ll access it from its website also and download all the stories you would like on your computer.

Trick 5: View Instagram Stories with Siri Shortcuts

If you’re using iOS 13, you do not get to download any apps to try to so. The stock app, Shortcuts, can assist you to view Instagram stories anonymously and do many other things. If somehow, you can’t find the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll free download it from Appstore. 
Once you’ve got the Shortcuts app, open with Safari to urge the shortcut for viewing or downloading Instagram stories. Just run this shortcut then you’ll be prompted to enter the username or profile link. 
Then shortcuts will find all the available stories for this user and provides you a fast preview. you’ll also tap on the Share button to save lots of the Instagram story to your iPhone Camera Roll or iCloud.

Trick 6: Create Another Instagram Account

In case you’ve got not been convinced by any of the above options, we still have a further option for you. The old fashioned, which has been followed by many of us who don’t want to download apps or access websites: Open an anonymous Instagram account.
In this case, you’ll only need to open a further account, obviously disconnected from you, because the thought is to access content and stories without knowing that it’s you. 
If you decide on this feature, you’ll need to create a profile that you simply think may interest the person or people you would like to spy on. 
And, although the account is private, if the user allows you to follow him, you’ll see all his stories and publications without having to follow any additional steps.

Hottest Questions Have A Look

I know something is bothering inside you so feel free to ask. Although I have provided some frequently asked questions so that you may understand the topic more clearly.

⦿ What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer may be a free online web service that permits the watching of Instagram Stories without a trace. you’ll view all active Stories and Highlights of any public Instagram account.
Additional features: 
Store a Story to any device just in one click and download Story updates automatically. The above article deals with all this thins just give a read.

⦿ Why use an anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

Let’s say you’ve got an inventory of users that post Stories you’re wanting to see immediately. Now you do not get to create fake accounts. With the help of this web service, you easily and quickly and anonymously able to track all or any Instagram Stories of any public account.
Without revealing who you’re. You’ll see Stories of individuals who blocked you on Instagram. You will never appear within the viewer lists since you are doing not enter your data to realize access to the Stories.

⦿ How to see Instagram Stories?

Everything is straightforward, you can also see our other article where we have discussed how to do it. Though here you can go through the steps one by one.
 Write a username within the search bar;
 Click on the Search button;
 All the posts are now available to you.

The Techypaw’s Line:

In this article, we have seen how to Anonymously View Instagram Stories so-called “Instagram Story Viewer”. So, if you follow the steps one by one then you will be able to solve your issues. But always remember any third-party app can damage your profile because your Instagram data can be accessible by those third-party apps so be aware of these issues otherwise you can use all other methods we have discussed above.
Lastly, we can say that if you try these procedures then it will give you success. This article is contributed by Koustav Ghosh and Arpan Mukherjee. If you like this article then share it with your friends, Thank you for visiting Techypaw.

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