Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

Ever tried to look closely and find out your name from your classmate’s name word cloud? Have you ever tried to use a shapes generator Or a word cloud with the names of all your family members? Maybe you had to just look at it for minutes, to find your name, it’s hidden somewhere that in a corner. Maybe you can find your name in the first instance only.

Yes, the largest of all with all the focus, you can easily find your name there. So, is that all about word clouds? Just to feel united in a group where you belong to? No, not at all! The articles below cover all the aspects of what a word cloud actually is, why was it made, what is its use, and many more.

A Case Study

I am a freelance content writer. I personally use word clouds a lot for SEO of my own blogs. They are very useful to stress out the most occurred words in a blog. This has helped me to understand if my blog is based on the exact keywords which my topic is all about

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What a Word Cloud is actually?

A Word Cloud is simply an image with a group of words from a particular text jumbled in somewhat fashion of a cloud. The size and frequency of each word in a word cloud determines its importance in the text. There are many online Word Cloud generators available to create Word Clouds easily based on the text you paste. These are powerful tools in various industries from art to science.

What determines the size of a word in a Word Cloud?

Well, the size of a word in your Word Cloud simply depends on the occurrence of that specific word in your text that you just pasted. The more often a particular word appears in your text, the bigger and bolder you will see it in your word cloud.

What is Word Cloud used for?

It is mostly beneficial to bloggers and copywriters for Search Engine Optimization i.e SEO. Even writers seem to use it much now. Every writer or blogger might have a few favorite words which they seem to you very often. Using those specific words too much might make your writing sound redundant.

How to know, if those simple words are overpowering your main character or your subject of the blog? Yes, Word Cloud is an optimum solution for this. You can identify your overused words with the help of a Word Cloud. The most frequently used words are the boldest and largest in size. Thus, it is easy to check if these big words are the words that you want to be used the most. The word cloud is here to make sure you are focusing on the right characters, themes, and plot points.

Word Cloud can be used for SEO

Although the algorithms for SEO search always go on changing with time, it is not a mystery anymore that the most important part of SEO is its keywords. You can try out your blog on a word cloud generator. You can see a complete big word cloud of your blog.

Now check out, are your keywords huge or tiny? Are your subject keywords bigger and bolder in your word cloud? Or you have accidentally turned some other words into your SEO keywords? From this, you can figure out exactly what edits you need to make to reach those high search engine rankings.

Here you can see a word cloud, of 20 possible words from the text that you have completed reading in this blog till now.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

As you can see, this word cloud has words like “cloud”, “words”, ”keywords” and “seo” as the SEO keywords for this blog. These can really help it to get a higher ranking on search engine results.

This is a word cloud for a piece of text about World War II. You can easily identify the keywords “war”, “Japan”, “Germany”, “Allies” and many more here. The keywords which are the subject of the text, are bigger and bolder in this way.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

A Word Cloud for the movie and television DC character Batman, can be visualized in this way. You can easily find out the most occurred keywords in this text. Thus, the biggest and boldest word in the word cloud is the theme of the whole blog.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

What are the Roles of Word Clouds in the Business Sectors?

There are several roles of world clouds in Business sectors. In daily life, the magazines are mostly published tricky generated images containing words in a cloud form.

➼  Collecting pain points from customers and opportunities to build good connections

While collecting customer feedback in text form, you can always generate a word cloud from it. This is how, you can see the most occurred words in the feedback, i.e. the most important feedback from customers and thus change in a better way.

 Getting employee feedback

You can collect anonymous feedback from your employees and convert it into a word cloud. Again you will be able to identify the major drawbacks in your company and work on it as required.

➼  Identifying potential SEO keywords

You can easily get your target SEO keywords from a word cloud based on your company’s content.

Best Word Cloud Generators available Online

The top 8 most popular Word Cloud Generators available online are given as;

1. can be termed as one of the best word cloud generators available for you. It is really aesthetic and easy to use. You can get various options for shapes to create a word cloud for you. Even you can upload an image and create your word cloud based on its shape. Choose your favorite shape and hit on Visualize! Here it is, your own created word cloud in your own chosen shape. Although you need to pay for high-quality word cloud images, standard quality images in png or jpeg format is always free.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools


It is a modern and easy to navigate platform with customizable options. It is one of the most user-friendly sites for generating word clouds. You enter your words one by one in a list format or can also copy-paste your whole blog.

A wide range of shapes and color options are available for you to choose from. However entering your words in a list format, you should copy your words yourself, to increase its occurrence in the word cloud. Here is a sample for your word cloud by

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

3. Wordle

Wordle is simple and customizable. It does not have additional features like various shapes and color options. But it surely sticks to its simplicity theme, with an always similar type of word cloud formation. One of the best features of Wordle is its ‘randomize’ button.

With this button, you can scramble the entire word cloud in a new form in just a click! However, a major drawback of Wordle is that it uses a technology named Java applets, which makes it tough to run on certain browsers. The recent versions of Chrome might support this site, however, Java applets are sure to work on Firefox Extended Service Release.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

4. Jason Davies’ Word Cloud generator

All the above Word Clouds that try to visualize your text data in the most beautiful way, Jason Davies’ Word Cloud generator, however, simply takes your data and presents it in the form of a random nest of words. This seems to be an exhibition of words or present all over the screen.

It gives much importance to the placement of every single word rather than the whole shape formation. Will you prefer an ‘Archimedean’ or ‘Rectangular’ spiral to your cloud? If the answer is yes, then Jason Davies’ Word Cloud generator is for you!

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools


It is one of the easiest sites for the word cloud generation. Seems to be a simplified version of, a kid-friendly interface, which is very easy to use. After sacrificing almost all the features of, it remains left with the most basic customizable options for creating a word cloud. It’s more like a toy. If is thought to a blank canvas, then ABCya can a coloring book.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools
6. TagCrowd

TagCrowd has some really unique features as well as limitations when comparing with other word cloud generators on this list. Here you can also paste the URL of any website and create a word cloud for the text from this website.

There’s also an additional feature about this Word Cloud generator, you can add numbers alongside each word which denotes the number of its occurrence in the whole blog. All these features make it more of an analysis tool than an artwork creator. It is recommended to use TagCrowd when a crisp measurement is more important than its aesthetics and variation.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools
7. WordItOut

The best thing about WordItOut is its emoji support. With this, you can expand wide possibilities for your creativity. You can include phrases using the ~ symbol. One more feature is that you can adjust the colors of individual words, frequency, rank, and many more. With all the three features included in WordItOut, it becomes the most flexible word cloud generator available for you!

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools

8. Taxedo

Taxedo is a great generator which requires Microsoft SilverLight to function. You will need to install this software, but even after installation, it might seem a bit tricky to navigate. But if you can overcome all those installations, then what you will find is a great word cloud generator. One of the best features of Taxedo is its History Section.

Best Free Online Word Cloud generator shapes Tools
If you were felt like looking back into your past word cloud designs, you can always switch into those designs from the history section. If you are a person to learn from trial and error, then this website is for you!

The Techypaws Line:

Although the benefits and uses of a word cloud are plenty, there lie some areas where using the word cloud always the optimum solution. When the context is not optimized, using a word cloud is not that good option. However, using a word cloud for SEO optimization is the most popular use of a word cloud today. So, go forth and generate as many word clouds as possible. If you like this article then give it a big thumbs up and share it with your friends. Thank you for visiting Techypaw.

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