Stop WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook ? [ step by step ]

stop from sharing data with Facebook

Are you feeling bothered or something bothering you because your WhatsApp information is being shared with Facebook? Don’t worry Arpan is here to sort it out. If you want to stop sharing your WhatsApp data with Facebook then you are in the right place.

At the present time, the privacy of the user is more important than anything. We can see the social crimes which are happening every other day. So data protection is necessary.

For your Facebook marketplace or WhatsApp business, if you want to get more targeted ads, traffic, and wanna make money through WhatsApp for your business purpose, then sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook is a good choice. But if you don’t want to share your personal information like numbers, the name then you can simply stop sharing data with Facebook.

WhatsApp which is globally the best app for social communication is owned by Facebook. At the very beginning, WhatsApp stopped sharing information with Facebook but as Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp so it’s against the guideline. So it changed its privacy policy, terms, and conditions which allows the users to share personal information with Facebook.


According to WhatsApp settings you can stop WhatsApp to share data with Facebook by navigating the arrows [applicable for WhatsApp business only] 1. Open your WhatsApp app >>2.settings>>3. account>>4.share my account info>>5. Don’t share.

What are the problems of sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook?

As WhatsApp provides end to end encryption for chat still, it’s clearly mentioned in the WhatsApp FAQ page that your WhatsApp number as well as your name including the time of last seen, will be shared to Facebook and as Facebook is a public social platform, so this data can be seen by anyone on the internet. If someone wants to harm you socially, they can, by taking your data which is continuously updated through WhatsApp.

The high-security as well as double verification and end to end encryption don’t allow Facebook to read your chat if Facebook reads your chat then it would be a very bad situation, thanks to end to end encryption which doesn’t allow you to do so.

Tricks to Stop WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook? [2020]

Let’s have a look at how you can remove yourself from this kind of situation. And can actually stop WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook.

Android users can follow the steps one by one.

Step 1:

Open WhatsApp business on your Android device.

Step 2:

Simply tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of your WhatsApp home screen.

Step 3:

From there tap on settings.

Step 4:

After that select account and tap on the checkbox beside Share my account info.

Step 5:

At last, you will get a pop-up option from there tap on Don’t share.

iOS users can follow these steps one by one:

Step 1:

Open WhatsApp from your iOS device.

Step 2:

Simply tap on settings that are in the right lower corner of your screen.

Step 3:

From there choose and tap on Account.

Step 4:

You will get a checkbox beside Share my account info.

Step 5:

Simply tap on Don’t save, to prevent WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook permanently.

Note: once you stop sharing your WhatsApp data with Facebook by tapping don’t share in future you won’t be able to see this option again and your WhatsApp data will be completely stopped sharing with Facebook forever, there is no option to get it back again.

Why does WhatsApp share data with Facebook?

Actually when you start a new business, at that time you are unknown to the industry. People wants to coordinate with you, now if you don’t provide contact information, then how will they connect with you and how your business will grow?

Considering these things in mind WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) shares data with Facebook. When you start a business, your contact number can help the other companies to reach you and deliver products to you. To keep maintaining distance from fake people blocking is not the final solution. For quality assurance and to be safe from spam or fake-users companies check the authority multiple times before dealing with them.

So your own contact information can make your business growing faster. Also targeted ads from your profile can make your post super viral.

Summing it up:

Stopping WhatsApp from sharing data on Facebook is applicable for those who don’t have a WhatsApp business account or don’t have any business perspective inside their mind. In this article, we have seen “How You Can Stop WhatsApp from Sharing Data with Facebook”. Privacy is a very sensitive part. Although, after doing the process your data won’t be shared with Facebook still the data which had already been shared can’t be controlled. I hope you like this article. Thank you.

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