12 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021[Security Update]


With quite 1.9 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is that the world’s favourite messaging app. Facebook’s assets of WhatsApp in 2014 left privacy experts and security-conscious users concerned. After all, Facebook and its 3rd party apps were involved in multiple security breaches, leading to thousands of users’ private information being leaked. However, WhatsApp has … Read more

How to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp or Uninstalled?

How to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp or Uninstalled

If you uninstall WhatsApp, you will still have a presence in all WhatsApp groups, but all phone media files will be cleared from your phone. However, when you delete your WhatsApp profile with a media file, your presence in all WhatsApp groups will be removed. Here are the ways to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp … Read more