How to Track a Fake Facebook Account and Find it Out[2021]

Do you regularly chat with anyone on Facebook and have any doubts about whether this account is fake? In this article, I will show you how you can Track a Fake Facebook Account user and find out which person is a fake Facebook user and it will help you to identify the fake person on Facebook. I have personally experienced that whenever I suspect someone, there is no DP in this person’s profile or any mutual person who has commented on his picture as a friend.

How to find out Track a Fake Facebook Account ? 


Of course, there are some fake Facebook account checker tools but I will share the DIYs by applying them so that you will be able to find the fake account.

To identify a fake Facebook account, you simply go to that person’s Facebook profile and search for three important things: profile pictures, timeline staff, and personal information. If you see anything suspicious, you can find a fake profile.

It is not so easy to implement with a fakebook profile. However, if you want to know how to determine with these, read this guide at the end which I will share in this article.

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Signs that this is a fake Facebook account:

Spotting a fake Facebook account is not a difficult thing especially when you know how to implement it through profiles.

The ways we have identified the Facebook account here does not always mean that this method can be identified as a fake, you have a way of saying with confidence whether it is a real profile or not.


Check out her profile link:

You need to find the profile link and check if there is anything that will tell you the reality of that account. Usually, fake account holders in the back try to increase followers and if the account belongs to someone else, you will see the name in that profile link.

Sometimes the name looks like a cool name on Facebook that doesn’t reveal the real name behind it, so by looking at the profile link you will have a chance to find his name or surname.

If a person changes his profile link while creating that fake account, you can catch it from there, because you know that Facebook does not allow you to change the username of your profile link more than once and this is the advantage you can get to a profile. If there is a fake account on Facebook.


View uploaded profile picture:

Another thing you need to check is the profile picture. I have seen many times that fake account holders upload different kinds of pictures of different people in that profile.

But such a fool would not do that. She uploads a variety of images to her profile and tries to attract more followers. This should be your main purpose in order to become more followers on Facebook. The person behind the fake account always tries to attract followers to read the count for his own personal use.


Who knows who created the Facebook account?

If you’re confused about whether someone created a fake profile in your name, it’s easy to find out. If you are wondering if an IP address can be traced to a fake Facebook account, yes you can.


Let’s Google Image Search:

To find all of your fake accounts registered on different social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform you need to do a Google reverse image search.

  1. All you have to do is go to and from there click on the image-search icon.
  2. Before you do this: Have a few images that you’ve posted online on your Facebook or any other social media platform.
  3. Now search for images on Google using those images one by one and see the results displayed to you.
  4. This is your original image as you are using it for your search, and if any other link is found with such images, other links will also appear.
  5. If the person or someone has created a Facebook account, the images will initially be reflected in the search with the help of a link.
  6. This reverse search works on search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google and this method is helpful in finding fake profiles if it has been around for a long time.

Now another option you can choose from the Facebook login page.


Use Facebook login:

When you try to log in, sometimes you will need a profile picture to help Facebook identify your profile if you want to log in.

When you see multiple accounts in the search results when searching for the image, you’ll find a list of all the fake accounts associated with your original account in that search result.

This is the easiest option you can use to verify the current fake profile created for you.


Steps to Delete Fake Facebook Account:

If you find a fake account, you can take legal or technical action on that profile.

I can see that many famous people are taking action by complaining to the local authorities with the details of fake accounts registered in their name. However, it is only recommended in this case when the case is serious and goes to a stage where it is necessary to do something to complain.


Facebook support:

However, if you want to move towards a technical approach, you can only notify the host of the platform (such as if it is on Facebook), but you need to inform it on Facebook. This process takes time and hard work which definitely makes you achieve your goals by closing all the fake accounts by the Facebook team.

In my experience when I contacted the Facebook team to verify my account, they replied within 72 hours and asked for proof of legal documents (e.g. driving license, green card) and once they verified the original all my fake accounts with my personal name at my request Was disabled.

If you want to prevent someone from stealing a Facebook post or image here, you can set privacy to prevent such people from creating a fake account with your photos in the future.

If you want to use your Facebook account with your friends, you can set your privacy only to ‘friends’ or ‘specific friends’. This further protects your profile in a standard way by preventing your posts from appearing in friends’ timeline friends.


Can the police Track a Fake Facebook Account ?

Only from the local authorities can you get the IP address of the person you are using now or before the fake Facebook account. I mean the police.

Yes, Facebook shares details with local law authorities about where they are doing business. I think this is an extreme event that you can hardly try.

Once you get the IP address of that person, with the help of the ISP, the authorities will be able to find the person behind that fake Facebook account and then you can take whatever action you want according to the law.

If a person uses a third-party server or cannot access local authorities and does not share third-party service data, no one is able to locate him or her. Remember, however, that nothing is impossible if the case is extreme.


How can I identify or Track a Fake Facebook Account?

Of course, Facebook won’t tell you the IP address of the person who is using a fake profile in your name. There are many ways for you to identify and catch the errors that you made in that person’s work, but it does not reveal a person’s IP address.


The Techypaw’s Line:

So if you are looking for a fake account and for advice whether it is a fake account or not, this guide shows you all the steps and steps you need to take to find the person behind the fake ID on Facebook. Get knowledge by reading amazing articles on our blog.

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