How to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp or Uninstalled?

If you uninstall WhatsApp, you will still have a presence in all WhatsApp groups, but all phone media files will be cleared from your phone. However, when you delete your WhatsApp profile with a media file, your presence in all WhatsApp groups will be removed. Here are the ways to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp or Uninstalled.

Ways to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp or Uninstalled:

Check for new messages or calls


Contact list visibility


Previous WhatsApp messages


See the profile picture


Effects on media files


WhatsApp ‘last seen’ timestamp


WhatsApp Groups


Although you can rejoin any WhatsApp group, you’ll need to install Data Recovery for your Android to recover media files, including images, documents, and videos. You are looking for a quick backup tool that can even delete WhatsApp from your phone and save data.

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What Happens If You Uninstall WhatsApp or Delete a Profile?

Let’s describe those things in more detail one by one


1. Check For new messages or calls

Once you see the last chat does not change and the answer does not come, just send a new message to that person. When uninstalling WhatsApp, you’ll notice a single tick in sent messages. For more accuracy, just make a WhatsApp call, if the call mode does not change from ‘calling’ to ‘ringing’, you can say that the person has uninstalled his WhatsApp. However, the messages that you send now, WhatsApp will try to deliver them once that person has reinstalled WhatsApp.

2. Previous WhatsApp messages

If you are going to uninstall or delete WhatsApp from the phone, you will lose data if you do not back up. However, in case of deleting your WhatsApp profile completely, you will lose all data, which means chat and WhatsApp will no longer be displayed even if you have WhatsApp on your mobile. In addition, if someone deletes their profile or uninstalls WhatsApp, it does not affect your messages.

3. See the profile picture

To understand whether a contact has uninstalled WhatsApp or deleted his profile, looking at the profile works in an easy way. Just check if the profile picture is missing, this hints that the person may have disabled his WhatsApp profile. However, when uninstalled, the profile picture will still be visible. This can be applied to find out if this person has deleted his WhatsApp. However, if you know that the profile picture was never attached to anyone, look for other steps.

4. Contact list visibility

The next thing you need to observe is the presence of that person’s communication. Simply delete the chat from your WhatsApp and open your contact list and find that person. You need to open the contact and look for the WhatsApp tag in that contact. If you see the WhatsApp logo in that contact, you can tell that the person did not delete their WhatsApp profile, only the installed WhatsApp. However, if you don’t see any WhatsApp tags or logos in that contact, or you can’t create a new chat with that contact, make sure the account has been deleted. If you want to know what happens to blocked communications, they will remain unchanged.

5. Effects on media files

If you’ve been looking for various changes to the media file after deleting or uninstalling WhatsApp, here you go. You can still view media files after you uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile. However, on the contrary, if you delete your WhatsApp profile and keep the app on mobile, you will lose all your WhatsApp data from mobile. So, be sure to back up the file in all cases before you decide on your WhatsApp, it will protect you from total noise.

6. WhatsApp ‘last seen’ timestamp

If your friend’s chat is no longer active, only last seen. You got another sign to uninstall WhatsApp. If you are trying to contact that person, do not see him online and show the time of the last conversation, this hint tells the person that he has uninstalled his WhatsApp. Remember, you can’t change the chat until you re-install it and open the last chat you saw. Until then, make sure he is not using WhatsApp. Just read the next discussed point to apply this method more accurately.

7. WhatsApp Groups

If you are confused about what happens to a WhatsApp group, you should know that once you uninstall WhatsApp you will still be in that group. This means that if you uninstall WhatsApp, you will not be removed from the group. However, if you delete your WhatsApp profile, you will automatically remove it from all groups. Remember, when you uninstall WhatsApp, you may be added to a new WhatsApp group by the group administrator as soon as you register with WhatsApp. As soon as you reinstall WhatsApp you will see that the blocked contact list will remain the same as before.

Let’s take a look at the app that will help you back up and move on to the next instructions.

Backup for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Backup for WhatsApp application which you can get from Google Play Store. You can back up your WhatsApp messages, images, videos, etc. Once you have just backed up all the files and data. Now let’s read what happens in uninstalling to delete the WhatsApp profile.

Is it possible for us to know if someone uninstalls WhatsApp? When you see a one-tick in sent messages, you can assume that the person has deleted WhatsApp or uninstalled WhatsApp. Since it could similarly imply that the individual has blocked your WhatsApp and these results equivalent.

Now, let’s get to the point of understanding whether the person has deleted WhatsApp or uninstalled WhatsApp. We need to find ways to see if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp from their phone. For this, you need to understand a few things about what happens when you uninstall WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp.

We should make a single observation of each of the information and systems that can explain if the person did not really have WhatsApp installed. Additionally, you can find out the results of uninstalling WhatsApp from mobile and deleting WhatsApp profile. If you suspect that a friend of yours has stopped using WhatsApp, you are sending blank profile pictures, not sending calls, as well as some notifications in one-on-one messages. Now, this article is going to reveal the ways that make it clear what can happen if someone uninstalls WhatsApp or deletes WhatsApp.

Deleting WhatsApp Profile vs. Uninstalling WhatsApp

If you think these two things are the same, don’t get confused. If you delete or uninstall your WhatsApp, it’s true that no one else will see the same thing in your profile than the profile picture. However, if you don’t keep your backup, you can lose a lot of data like WhatsApp. So, if you delete WhatsApp from your mobile, the app is still there and your profile will not be available. However, if you uninstall WhatsApp, you may lose access to WhatsApp, but the profile will survive.

When uninstalling WhatsApp, a newcomer can easily find you on WhatsApp and send messages that can’t be found on WhatsApp by contact after deleting any WhatsApp. Keep in mind that messages sent during the uninstall will take time once you reinstall WhatsApp. Uninstalling WhatsApp only restricts access to WhatsApp, nothing more. It does not disable your profile when you uninstall WhatsApp. Just remember, if you think your previous messages are important, you need to back them up. Otherwise, all is well.

How Do We Know if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp?

If you want to verify that someone has uninstalled WhatsApp or doesn’t get confused, take a look at three things centrally from below. Most importantly, look at the profile picture. We understand that the uninstalled WhatsApp still does not affect the profile picture but rather explains that the person did not delete his WhatsApp. If you see the profile picture, you are on the right track.

Next, view the last seen timestamp to open the chat or simply from the profile. If you do not see any or very old timestamp there, it is an indication that the person has uninstalled WhatsApp or will not use it anymore. The final thing you will see is looking at the sent message. If you see a tick in sent messages for some time that does not lead to a double tick. Then, it shows that the person has uninstalled WhatsApp.

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