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Why Green Dot Is Not Seeing In Direct Messages After Updating The Phone?

If you consider yourself a social media introvert, for whom the ‘Activity Status’ especially the Green dot, is no less than a nightmare, and are afraid of unknown names popping up with a “Hello” message, then the best solution for you would be to simply turn off your ‘Activity Status’. This way you can be saved from being visible online to your followers. But sometimes the phone updates occur some issues with this.

You were able to check who was online and who was not, among the list of people in direct messages on Instagram, just from a bright green dot that used to appear on the bottom-right edge of any profile picture. But the green dot is no more visible at its place? Now, you are not able to keep an eye on people and check if they are online? If this is your concern, read the full article to get your answer!

A Case Study:

This Green dot feature on Instagram resembles what Facebook had done with its two platforms: Whatsapp’s “Available” status and that of Facebook Messenger which shows the same bright green dot on the bottom-right edge of any profile picture. However, unlike Facebook, Instagram has been built in such a way, so as to be able to disable this ‘Activity Status’ with the green dot feature, giving complete privacy and control over the user’s account and its visibility.

What Is Green Dot In Direct Messages Stands For?

This feature of a bright green dot, which was much before seen on Facebook messenger, was also introduced on Instagram, which denoted, if or not the users on your direct message list are online or not.

Back in January 2018, Instagram had introduced a new feature called ‘Activity Status’ that used to display when the user was last online. However, it also indicates whether or not the user is active at that given time.  Instagram also has another feature of a green dot appearing on the bottom-right edge of any profile picture on your direct message list, or while you are choosing friends to share a post from your Instagram feed.

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Green Dots In Direct Messages Not Visible On Instagram After Updating The Phone?

If you are turning off your ‘Activity Status’, then you should rightly not expect to track other’s activity timings. Thus, if you have turned off your Activity Status settings, then you will not be to see other’s active status or any green dot for that purpose.

You can turn on/off your active status from Instagram,

⦿ Step 1: Open Instagram >> go to your profile >> tap nav menu.

⦿ Step 2: Click on the Settings tab,

⦿ Step 2: Then Privacy and Security,

⦿ Step 3: Tap on Activity Status.

⦿ Step 4: Now you just need to tap the slider to on/off your online visibility.

So, this means, if green dots are not visible to you on the bottom-right edge of any profile picture, then, the only possible cause is, your ‘Activity Status’ is turned off.  Therefore, next time when you scroll through your direct message chat list, and no green dots are visible, make sure to turn on your Activity status first. Moreover, if this problem still persists, even though, your activity status is turned on, this might be a network issue or problem with the app’s technicality.

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Green Dots In Direct Messages Not Visible On Linkedin After Updating The Phone?

Well, features on LinkedIn are very similar to Instagram. We know, LinkedIn provides us the ability to hide our visibility while viewing someone’s profile. Those users won’t come across that it’s you who visited their profile, instead of the “LinkedIn User” will be displayed, as you will be in private mode while visiting all those profiles. But do you know, that LinkedIn also provides a feature to hide your ‘Activity Status’, and along with your profile viewing visibility, you can also hide if you are online or were some time along?

To on/off your activity status from your followers on Linkedin,

⦿ Step 1: You simply need to go to Settings under your profile,

⦿ Step 2: Then click on Visibility,

⦿ Step 3: Under Visibility of your LinkedIn activity,

⦿ Step 4: Click on Manage Active Status. Here you will have three options,

Your Connections Only,

All LinkedIn members,

No one. On, choosing No one, no LinkedIn member will be able to see when you are on LinkedIn, and you will not be able to see when others are active.

Henceforth, when you scroll through your message chat list, and no green dots are visible, make sure to turn on your Activity status first. Also to mention, even if your activity status is on, and still, you are facing the same problem, then, it might be a simple network issue or technical glitch.

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Green Dots In Direct Messages Not Visible On Facebook After Updating The Phone?

It should be noted, that this green dot is visible on profile pictures only for friends that follow you or people in your chat list with whom you have had conversations through direct messages. For anyone else, this green dot won’t appear. You won’t see green dots for any random user who follows you unless you have had a conversation with them through direct message. The same reason is applied to Facebook as well. It might be because your activity status is turned off or you might be facing some network issues.

To turn on/off your online visibility on Facebook,

⦿ Step 1: You can go to the Settings and Privacy,

⦿ Step 2: Then Settings.

⦿ Step 3: From the privacy tab, you can click on Active Status.

⦿ Step 4: Now you just need to tap the slider to on/off your online visibility.

This is how your online status can be turned off. Consequently, turning off your online status will prevent watching other’s activity status. You may also be facing this problem due to some network issues in your data connection.

What does Active Now Without Green Dot Mean On Instagram?

Green dots can only be shown when both the accounts will be active or online. If you are replying directly from toggle/swipe notifications of your phone’s screen then the other person won’t be able to view your green dots or active status after your profile.

Also if a direct message has been done between two accounts then the green dot will be showing beside the profile icon. Only followed accounts without any prior direct message won’t help to fix it. You need to text one another at least once to view the activity status. So, active now without a green dot on Instagram simply means the other person is replying directly through swipe notification from the screen or the other person unfollowed you although both you guys chatted before.

The Techypaw’s Guide:

We came across why sometimes we don’t see the Green dots or ‘Activity Status’ of our other people. One more thing that might also be a reason for your query, is, check whether you’re using from your mobile phones and if your apps are rightly updated with the latest versions or not. Many times, this can be a big reason as outdated apps may crash or not properly function in some cases. So, it’s better if you check all the three reasons for not showing the green dots on your direct messages next time!

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