WORKING Ways To Save Instagram Stories Online in 2021

In August 2016, when Instagram launched its Stories feature, many were skeptical. The hugely successful Snapchat was entirely built on the Stories model and lots of thought Instagram’s version would tank. Instead, it’s only taken a year for the amount of Instagram Stories to surpass Snapchat messages. During a testament to how users seek to seek out everything in one place, Instagram Stories became a huge success story.

In January 2019, Instagram Stories grew to quite 500 million daily users compared to Snapchat which only has 173 million. That’s roughly half Instagram’s one billion total daily users. Additionally, half all businesses on Instagram produced a story within the last month. Instagram users under 25 boosted their average daily Instagram Story usage to 32 minutes while the Over 25s average 24 minutes per day (For more incredibly Instagram statistics, read here). No wonder CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Stories the last big game-changing feature from Facebook.

A Case Study:

Instagram Stories is that the place to be, whether you’re a private promoting your personal brand, or a business looking to convert users into clients. Many have learnt to use Instagram expertly, because it has become an integral a part of their social media marketing strategy. With this comes the necessity to sometimes save images and video from one’s own account, also as others’ accounts. While Instagram doesn’t allow users to save lots of stories from other accounts for privacy reasons, there are legitimate reasons for eager to do so which doesn’t necessarily involve a breach of privacy. as an example, you would possibly be included during a video posted to someone else’s story that you simply want to save lots of. Or, you would possibly want to reuse a colleague’s story for business purposes.

In this article, we’ll check out the various ways to save Instagram Stories, also as stories from other accounts on both iOS and Android devices, also as from your computer.

Ways To Save Instagram Stories Online

Saving your own Stories:

Up to 24 hours images and videos posted to your story remain live. then, they disappear. However, you’ll access them from your archive and even prefer to show select stories permanently as “highlights” on your profile page. Only you’ll see the stories saved in your archive after they disappear from your story. Remember that if you delete a photograph or video from your story before it disappears, it won’t be saved to your archive.

Steps to turn stories archive on or off:

Step 1: Go to your profile and tap on the 3 parallel lines.

WORKING Ways To Save Instagram Stories Online in 2021

Step 2: Tap Settings > Privacy and Security > Story Controls

WORKING Ways To Save Instagram Stories Online in 2021

Step 3: Next to save to archive

WORKING Ways To Save Instagram Stories Online in 2021

You can also save your stories to your phone’s photo library, either by saving each image or video independently or downloading the whole story as one video.

If you would like to save lots of a whole Instagram Story from the past 24 hours, here’s what you do:

    1. Open up your story by clicking the “Your Story” icon on the upper left-hand corner of your feed
    2. With your story open, tap the three little dots on the lower right-hand corner that say “More”
    3. Hit “Save” then press “Save Story”

Wait for the video to render. It should now be in your phone’s photo/camera roll folder. These instructions are applicable to both iOS and Android devices.

Saving stories to your phone is beneficial if you would like to share an equivalent content on another social media platform, like Twitter. (You also can share your stories directly from Instagram to Facebook, by the way. For this, your two accounts must be linked.) Alternatively, you’ve got the choice within the Story Settings menu to pick “Save to Camera Roll”. If you select this feature, Instagram automatically saves photos and videos to your camera roll once you add them to your story. Note that you simply won’t be ready to “tap through” the saved photo and video stories on your phone as you’d within the app, and can need to await them to progress automatically.

Saving Stories from other accounts:

For photos or still images, the simplest thanks to save a story (also your own) is by simply taking a screenshot. There are many guides for a way to require screenshots on iOS and Android, but you’ll probably skills to try to to this by now. Unlike Snapchat, users don’t get a notification once you screenshot stories they’ve shared to all or any of their followers (even if their profile is private).

The only trick with Instagram Stories is that you simply need to keep the story from ticking over long enough for you to require the screenshot. To try to this, hold the screen together with your finger to prevent it from progressing and to clear off interface elements that you simply don’t need to capture.

To save video stories from other accounts may be a little trickier and requires the utilization of a third-party app or software. There are several programs you’ll use for this, each with its own pros and cons. These include apps like Story Saver and Weynstag. For the aim of this text, we’ll check out the foremost suitable apps and programs that you simply can use to save lots of Instagram video stories on iOS and Android, also as desktop.

Android iOS
  • For Android, Story Saver is one among the foremost user-friendly apps to save lots of Instagram Stories with.


  • The app is out there for free of charge within the Google Play store and only uses 14M storage on your phone.


  • Download the app and log in together with your Instagram account to urge started. (You also can log in with Facebook to download Facebook Stories.)


  • Once you’re logged in, you’ll scroll through all the stories that the users you follow have posted on the most page.


  • You’ll also look for other users using the search bar. Simply select the video or image you would like and tap “Save”.


  • The photos are going to be saved within the Story Saver folder created on your phone.
  • When it involves iPhone, there also are many apps you’ll use to save lots of Instagram Stories but one among the foremost user-friendly is Story Reposter. The app is totally free within the App Store or if you’re serious about downloading stories, you’ll upgrade to the professional Package for just $3.99.


  • Story Reposter recently launched a replacement app with the potential to look and consider stories anonymously. this suggests you’ll watch stories on Instagram without being noticed, for whatever reason you’ll want to try to that. The app takes up about 23 M spaces for storing.


  • For downloading and saving purposes, the app is fairly easy to use and you don’t got to log into your own Instagram account. Just remember to permit it access to your iPhone’s photo library. you’ll do that within the Settings app on your phone.


  • To urge started, look for an Instagram username or handle. From the search page, select the profile. You’ll see an inventory of all the stories they’ve posted within the last 24 hours both photos and video.


  • Tap on a story you would like to download. Tap on the “Share” button and choose “Save Image” or “Save Video”. Note that the app only works for saving stories that are posted by profiles that are public.

The Techypaw’s Line:

Another very easy method to save lots of a live streaming video is to capture it because it plays on your device screen. There are many screen recording apps available, for both desktop and mobile users. For desktop Macs the new iOS 11 center comes with a built-in recording feature, so you don’t even have to install another app.

iPhone users can get iOS Screen Recorder for free of charge. For Android, one among the foremost powerful free apps is DU Recorder, a screen recorder and video editor with many useful features. DU Recorder is ad-supported, so it’s completely free, and it doesn’t require root access to figure. Now, you have any query, come up through the below comment-box without any hesitation.

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